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Real Account 1


+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Feb 15, 2014 18:34 | Go to Real Account

-> RTS Page for Real Account 1

Reserved for Revolution Team!

Real Account ch 1


A new series set in the near future.

right text: Is this true love?
left text: Everyday life is collapsing...

upper blue strip contains news headlines
lower blue strip contains weather forecasts

box with girl: Wah, I'm too short...?

text: If you die here

text: you will die in the real world...


upper text: A new generation of death game starts, by connecting to a SNS (social network service)

yellow/white text: Scattered aspirations

orange bubble: Winning work of the 'brainy battle' competition!
for the next public competition, go to page 14!

Chapter 1 : Opening

pink text: My life


white title: Real Account

script: Okushou x artwork: Shizumu Watanabe
small text: 'Kono Kanojo wa Fiction desu.' 'CHIMES'
'Shishunki no Iron Maiden.' 'Kigurumi' [TN: these are previous and current works of the artist.]


pink text: Until today, I thought I was always connected.

text: The year 20xx, april 25 - 17:00

sfx: Pin-pon

girl: Pff, it's over!

teacher: Be careful on your way home!
sfx: chatter chatter

?: Oh, I got a text from my girlfriend.
girl1: There's a new game on re-aca. [TN: rearu acaunto is shortened to rea-aka, I went for re-aca, because in English 'real' has only one vowel sound.]
girl2: Eh, show me!

guy: About that...

guy: Ataru, are you not on re-aca?
sfx Ataru: surprise
Ataru: Eh?!
text: Kashwagi Ataru - 2nd year high school


Ataru: Ah... no, I don't use my phone that much...
guy: Seriously?

guy: Then what are you always doing with it?

Ataru: N-nothing special, really.
guy: Hmm?

??: Look, my re-aca has got more than 500 followers!
??: For real? That's awesome, I've got like 200.

??: Just a start, I've got 600!
??: Huh, really?
??: Amazing, how?

box: Everyone's obsessed by it.

left text: Please enjoy the colour pages! The death game that questions human bonds 'Real Account'!


box: Re-aca, or 'Real Account'.
bubbles: community, games, chat, blog, profile, messages
text mascot: official mascot character: Marble
box: The largest Social Network Service in the country.

in between text: A type of website that allows people to connect to each other with a supportive community-style. [TN: basically an explanation of a social network site]

box: It has integrated all previously existing social networks into one.
marble box: Marble: Thank you for over 50 million users!
box: Basically, through registration under your real name it provides an enhanced link to reality.


box: It received state support and registration rate is growing.
box: And now has become an essential need in modern life.

box (ataru): Of course I have one
but I hide it from everyone...

??: Hey, I'm hungry, let's go to a famires! [TN: short for Family Restaurant, a restaurant with a cheap variety of food - but not junkfood.]
??: Oh! There's a discount coupon on re-aka!
??: Cool, let's go!

Ataru: Ah, sorry, I've got other plans.
See ya!

??: Whaaat, he is so distant when it comes to this.
??: Hm, girlfriend, maybe?


Ataru: Well... actually I don't have any plans...

Ataru: I'm home, Yuri!

Yuri: Welcome back big bro!
text: Kashiwagi Yuri - 3rd year middle school
Yuri: Dinner's ready!


Ataru: Oh, the miso soup tastes good today!
Yuri: Thank you! I bought new miso paste.

Ataru: What.

Ataru: At which supermarket?
Yuri: Eh... at A-store... [TN: ooh, avoiding store names xD]
Ataru: What? B-store is much better! They do a weekly sale on Wednesdays during one hour starting from 16h and from 18h they have half-price discounts!
Yuri: S-sorry... w-why do you remember all that?

Yuri: By the way, big bro... you don't have to eat dinner at home all the time.
You can go eat out with friends or something...

Ataru: Nah, we don't have money for that...
But I won't tell anyone that we're poor...

Yuri: Huh? Really?
Ataru: Of course! It's too shameful to admit.


Yuri: You know
it sounds like you're bluffing...

Yuri: Maybe you don't have friends?

Yuri: I've never seen you hang out with them,
you're always alone, grinning while you're on your phone...
You don't have friends, do you?

Ataru: H-hey now...

Ataru: I do have some
genuine 'friends'.


Yuri: Really! Sorry then.
Introduce me next time, ok?

Ataru: Thanks for the meal...
Yuri: Ignoring me now?

Ataru: Besides,

Ataru: didn't we decide to always have dinner together.?
Ever since mom and dad passed away in that accident...

Yuri: Yes...
that's true.

sfx: clatter clatter

left text: Are you really needed as a human? A modern-age death game starts on a social network site.


right text: Watanabe Shizumu's 'Shishunki no Iron Maiden' series is still running in Young GanGan.

Ataru: Pfff.

text: Yuri is right... I am bluffing.
I just can't trust people or open up to them.

text: On real account, I'm bluffing as well.
profile text: Profile: this is how your profile is displayed to other users.
name: Kashiwagi Ataru
sex: male
birthday: 08-12
place: not public
relationship status: in a relationship
following: 564 - followers
text: Like this I pile lies upon lies... I've never even had a girlfriend...

display text: Followers 1540

text: There are
my friends.


box: 'followers'
box: They are the users who take interest in me, Kashiwagi Ataru, and follow me.
The number of followers you have on re-aca gives you some sort of status.
(some names; the blonde guy : Sakuragi Yuu, the lady, Mori Riko and of course, Kashiwagi Yuri)

text: 1540 people
Ataru: I'm back! ^-^
reactions: welcome back! (in variations), Hey!!, You're back! Good to see you!
text: Even though I don't have any friends in real life, I have many in re-aca.
Here, I can at least open up a bit...


text: I do think that I should change in real life as well, but I'm not getting anywhere.
I wonder why... playing cool for no reason... I truly just want to have a normal life...

text: I'm grateful for re-aca since it distracts me from that loneliness.
screen: chat
Kashiwagi Ataru: My plans got cancelled, bored now! Someone, help! >_<
Sakuragi Yuu to Kashiwagi Ataru: Sure! Let's talk!!
Yamakawa Miki to Kashiwagi Ataru: What happened?
text: Here, a lot of 'followers' care about me...

sfx: taptaptap (typing sounds)


Ataru: I'll just play a bit before work starts.

screen: Congratulations! Your rank is - nationwide 4th place!
Ataru: Oh!

Ataru: I'm becoming like a game otaku huh...
always playing at school or work cause it's a free game...


sfx: taptaptap

??: And now...


??: it is complete.

??: The game


Yuri: Hm? Big bro, what's that game?
Ataru: This? It's called 'No Answer'... it's pretty fun.

Yuri: Eh?! Nationwide 4th place? How much do you play?
Ataru : Uh... hehehe

Ataru: You should try it, it's good.
Yuri: Hmm, it looks difficult...

Ataru: Huh?

Ataru: Wha...

screen: the game be
Ataru: H-hey, what the hell?


text: the game begins

Ataru: Uh..wa


Ataru: Wha... what just happened...?
It's... dark?! Hey... Yuri?!


text: Welcome
to the world of Real Account!


people: What...
what's going on?!

text: This... this looks familiar...
but... it can't be... it's...!

sfx bubble: pling!
sfx bubble2: blink

Marble: Did you notice already?

Marble: Hello! I'm the mascot character you all know, Marble!
Simply put, that is.


Marble: Everyone who is seriously into re-aca
now has their brains locked inside Real Account!

Ataru: What?

people: Huh?
The hell, like we'd believe that!
Let me out! Quick!
small bubbles: shocked
he's huge!


guy1: Impossible... must be a dream.
guy2: I guess I gamed too much
sfx: hahaha

sfx marble: grin

Marble: Alright then, let's try something.
So, today is the 25th, right?

Marble: Everyone, you should have a number on your arm.

Ataru: nr 410

Marble: The person with nr 25!
Horiuchi: Me?!

right text: The author, Okushou, is a university student and script-writer! The desperate game 'Real Account' displays his genius!


Marble: Now look at the screen.
sfx: blip

Marble: This is you in the real world.

Marble: And this is your re-aca profile.

profile: name: Horiuchi
sex: male
birthday: 11/12
occupation: university student
relationship status: in a relationship
follows: 226, followers 520
[TN: incomplete, but you get the idea:
self introduction: I like music very much, mainly non-mainstream, I started playing the guitar...]
Marble: Hm, 520 followers, quite a bit huh.

Horiuchi: What is your point?!

Marble: Well, actually


Horiuchi: Guaaaagh!!


sfx: z-wup
Marble: Oh?

bubbles: Whaaaa!
sfx: panic
Marble: Okay, okay, be quiet now.

Marble: Please observe...
just like this
If you die here, you will die in the real world as well...


Marble: Also
sfxes: blip

Marble: What do you think? You all get it now?

people: As if! What's going on?!
Right! Explain properly!

Marble: OKAY


Marble: When you die
your followers will die mysterious deaths with you!!


people: No...?!

Marble: From now on I'll have you play my game.

Marble: Only the person who 'clears' it completely
will be allowed to return to the real world.

Ataru: G-game? Clear...?
What is he talking about?!
It can't...

Marble: And
everything that happens here


text (marble): will be live broadcast
all over the country.

Yuri: Big brother...!

Marble: So, each and every move, everything you do
will be watched. Be careful!


people: What's the whole goal of this thing anyway?
Yeah! Answer us!

Marble: I have no obligation to tell you.

guy: I'm out of here! Waaah!
sfx: dash

sfx: bsha
guy: Guhe-

Marble: You cannot escape. On top of that, because of him
his 302 followers also died~
sfx: f-wup


text (marble): The 10.000 people here were gathered for a certain reason or goal.
I wonder who'll be able to clear the game?

text (ataru): A certain reason...or goal...
What...is going to happen here?

Marble: Wel, this concludes our opening ceremony.
Let's play an easy game! It's called...


text: True Follower Diagnosis

Marble: The rules are very simple
There's no need for all of you to do anything.


Marble: The ones playing are those who are watching this broadcast.
Now, dear audience, from now on these 10.000 people here will die one by one.

Marble: And you, their followers, will consequently die as well.
I'm sure you'd hate that.

Marble: That's why!

Marble: For only 3 minutes
you are allowed to un-follow people!


Marble: Now, go ahead and save yourself! As for the people in here

Marble: this means that your followers will break their bonds with you.

Marble: For those 'in a relationship',
do you believe your partner will stay with you?

Marble: Those who have their family members follow them, no worries!
I'm sure they're worried about you and keep following you!


Marble: Oh, before I forget. In your case,
if your follower count drops to 0,
unfortunately it's Game Over for you.

text (ataru): Huh... but then
I don't have a girlfriend, or family

text: Well, there's Yuri but... no, I don't want her to be in danger...
There's no guarantee I can clear this...
I need some to stay...


text (ataru): Otherwise
I'll die...

text: Is there someone you can truly reach out to?

Marble: By the way, just like the people in the real world you can check out your situation
on your mobile phone.

Marble: C'mon

text: Do you have someone's 'trust'?

Marble: Countdown


text (ataru): My online friends are always nice to me...
How many... will I have left...

guy: Hehe... I've got over 1500 followers so...
I'm safe...

guy: What the hell!
What's going on?!
screen text: followers

Marble: During this time only
you can freely call or message people in the real world.

guy: Oi, Kanako! Help me out...
Kanako: I'm sorry.


Kanako: I don't want to risk dying...
for you.

guy: Guaaaargh!!

text: Are you 'truly' loved?

guy: Oh, Satoko, I love you, ...
stx ataru's phone: bip
guy: Hey, don't leave me! I'll die!

Ataru: No...!


text: Is that 'love' for real?

Ataru: No way...
screen messages:1: I don't want to get involved, I'm out.
2: Miyajima to Kashiwagi Ataru: Dying? No thanks!
3: Mori Riko to Kashiwagi Ataru: Sorry, I'm out.
4: Yamakawa Miki to Kashiwagi Ataru: Goodbye! Do your best!
5: Sasami Takahiro to Kashiwagi Ataru: Sorry mate, I'm out.

Ataru: They were
my 'friends'.


box: The real world.

??: Is this for real?
??: Yeah man, I saw some die from involvement.
??: This is bad, bad!

guy1: If we unfollow him, he'll die right?
guy2: I guess so.

guy1: But... y'know

guy1: There will be someone left.


mom: Satoshi... oh, what should I do?
You'll be fine cause you've got dad...
screen: Unfollow this person? Yes - No

girl: No! I'll protect him!

guy: I don't wanna die for someone else...


[from right to left]
girl: I'm sorry!
I'm sorry, please forgive me! I'm sorry!

??: Please, you're the last one!
guy: So?

??: Mama is still there
so it's fine, right?

girl: Make sure you get back...
I'll stick with you...

guy1: We were only online friends, so it doesn't really matter.
guy2: Yeah, true.

man: He was a worthless son,
it's no big deal.

guys: We need to protect our Sayaka, our idol!

Marble: Oooooh, one after another is being cast aside by both lovers and family?!



guy: No...
no, no, noooo!

guy: Why...

screen: followers : 0

Marble: After all


Marble: that is what humans are like!
Only socialising for appearances!

Marble: Whether it's for money,
for looks,
for vanity,
humans are such shallow creatures!


Ataru: Ah Ah Ah

screen: followers: 1

text (ataru): This... one left...
it must be...
sfx: Aaaaaaaaaaaah

sfx: brrrrrrr

Ataru: Yuri! Are you alright?!
Yuri: What about you!?

Yuri: I'm perfectly fine...
big brother


Yuri: I won't unfollow you, ever!
You'll be fine, right big bro?

Ataru: Yuri...

Ataru: Ku...


Ataru: No...
Yuri, unfollow me.
sfx bubbles: piri
sfx: Aaaaaah

Yuri: What are you saying!
I've lost papa and mama,
I don't want to lose you too, big bro!!

Ataru: You've got no choice!
You can only unfollow me within this time limit!
I don't want you getting involved, I alone will...

Yuri: No! You can't!
You have to come back! I mean...


Yuri: You promised...
we would always eat dinner together!

Ataru: Ah...


Yuri: That's why... you must come back.
Promise me...

Yuri: Big brother?

Ataru: I can't have you involved after all...
I can't...!

Ataru: If you won't unfollow me...
Yuri: Huh?

Yuri: Big bro, what are you...
sfx: slide


screen: Kashiwagi Yuri
Do you want to block this user?
block - cancel

Yuri: No way!!

Yuri: No! Stop! Big brother!!
sfx: shiver

text: If I block her...
I'll be at 0...


Ataru: Father... Mother
sfx: big brother!!

screen: You bocked Kashiwagi Yuri.
Ataru: thanks for everything...

Marble: Time's up!
sfx: beeeeeep


Ataru: Goodbye

sfx: pling

Ataru: Huh?

text: It didn't go down?
Ataru: W-why...

Yuri: Big brother... why
why did you block me?!

text (Ataru): It's not yuri?
Someone else...


text (Ataru): Someone else...
saved my life??

Marble: Now then, from the initial 10.000, we are down to
4684 contestants!

Marble: In short


Marble: the amount followers you have left now


Marble: is the number of people who truly care about you more than they fear death.

Marble: Isn't that great.


Marble: About half of you over huh? Conversely, you could say that the 5316 others
were not needed by anyone at all!!

Marble: The result of your everyday behaviour
is this!!

Marble: But but, those who unfollowed are also crying...
even though they actually killed them! Fools!!

Ataru: Ch...
sfx: glare


Marble: Finally
those who got to 0 followers and died are in the way.

text (ataru): What...
have I been doing all the time up till now?

text (ataru): Deceiving myself... running from reality...
sfx (bubble): Nooo!

sfx: smear

text: But
sfx bubbles: dokun

text: As long as there's someone who needs me
I'll have to live.


text (ataru): For that,
I'll have to change.
Ataru: Hey...

Marble: Hm?

Ataru: I'll survive for sure
so I can knock you off your feet!


Marble: Oh...
try if you can.


Marble: Now... let's move on
to the main battle.


text (ataru): I'll definitely...
definitely return alive!

Marble: In our main battle
the first game is

-to be continued -

text: Next issue - clash!


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