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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 370

Interdisciplinary Sparring Match

+ posted by kuskun as translation on Feb 4, 2010 03:38 | Go to History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

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HSDK 370
** Only for use by Keishou Scans **

- Hahaha, you do have a point. If I came all the way out to Ryouzanpaku and left without a single match, that would be a waste.
- [b1] In that case, I'd like to make a request...
[b2] Please let me spar with one of the masters!
[side] Tanaka Tsutomu, the traditional martial artist who has vowed revenge against "Yami." After coming to Ryouzanpaku, he enters a sparring match after being encouraged by the elder but...

- Battle 370 - Interdisciplinary Sparring Match
[panel1] So, who will it be?
I know he's after Kensei of the One Shadow Nine Fists, but this is a bit overboard!

- [b1] Very well!
[b2] However...
- Don't tell me... is the elder going to fight him himself? Takana-san is in trouble!

- [b1] Wait until after you've defeated this disciple!!
[b2] Whaaaat?
[panel1] After you've defeated him?!
- [b1] Good idea!
[b2] Yeah, he should at least be able to do that much!
[b3] It's not like I have nothing to do, either...
- [b1] If that...
[b2] is the condition...
- [b1] Yes, it's the one and only condition.
[b2] Somehow I'm in trouble all of the sudden!!

- Your glasses are fine?
- Yes, I'm near-sighted and I have astigmatism.

- Come on.
- [b1] Hang on a sec. We're planning right now.
[b2] No good! This is no good!!
[b3] Why are you making me do this when you know I can't win!?
[b4] Hey now, you can't say that until you try.
- [b1] But that guy defeated 4 armed bank robbers!
[b2] You took down one too, right?
[b3] He was in charge, and I was just helping. He was the one in control!!

- [b1] Yeah, and despite the fact that he forfeited during DofD*, he managed to defeat all of his opponents with a single finger.
*Desperate fight of Disciples
[b2] There's no way that one of us disciples could...
- Hm, but he did enter himself in the disciple division.
- [b1] Excuse me but, how old are you now?
[b2] I turned 20 just recently.
- I had a shotgun wedding when I was 18.
- [b1] I loved my wife, so I have no regrets!!
[panel1] Rushes into everything...

- [b1] I'd say, above a disciple but below a master..
[b2] That's his current level!!
- Above a disciple!!?
- [b1] That's right! Even if you break out of being a disciple, that doesn't mean you're a master immediately.
[b2] What comes next is the longest period of all - the expert class!
- Within that level, he's very close to being a master.
- [b1] Listen up, Ken-chan. If someday you reach the level of master without dying first,
[b2] You'll undoubtedly pass through where he is now.

- [b1] It's an unstable,
[b2] and very dangerous position.
- [b1] *gasp!
[f1] Now is the most dangerous period
- Does that mean that I...
- Heh, the elder said it too, right? There's a huge range.
- [b1] In your case, let's just say that you've become a slightly better disciple.
[b2] Ohh, even that makes me a little happy!!

- [b1] All right!!
[b2] Let's do this!!
- [b1] Just as strength is not raw power,
[b2] The stronger one is not necessarily the winner!!
[b3] That's right, isn't it, Kouetsuji-shishou!!?
- [b1] Heh, that's right.
[b2] Kenichi-san, do your best!
- Stop waving, and please look in front of you!!

- But those eyes...
- They're almost the same eyes as a Killing Fist user from Yami
- No... but something's different. What is that strange darkness?
- [b1] Hey geezer, isn't this sparring match a little dangerous?
[b2] Haha, just as Akisame-kun said, martial arts are the most dangerous once you just start getting skilled...
- But that is exactly why we're making these two fight!!!

- Tenchimushinryuu, Tanaka Tsutomu, v.s.
- Ryouzanpaku, Shirahama Kenichi!!
- [b1] Interdisciplinary Sparring Match...
[b2] Begin!!

- Kazoe nukite!
- [b1] Oho, no mercy from the get-go, huh?
[b2] He has no killing intent, but a clean hit won't let you off easy!
[b3] Aaa!
- 4!

- Shiraha nagashi*!
* White-Blade Slide
- Oh!
Ahh, he stopped the first blow!!
- As I would expect from a Ryouzanpaku disciple, what a surprising move!!

- He didn't dodge it completely
- What a sharp attack.. this isn't a simple thrust, it's like a real blade!
- I was aiming for above your vest, but you've got some skill so I may end up hurting you more...
- Good, against a fast opponent you rush in and stop their opening moves.. He's fighting just like I taught him
- [b1] After taking that blow, he's rushing in without even flinching...
[b2] What kind of sparring does he do normally!?

- Huh, he dodged one perfectly just now!!

- [b1] I see, this is one of the Extreme Silence techniques I've heard rumors about...
[b2] Ryuusui Seikuuken*!!
* Flowing Water Air Mastery Sphere

- [b1] Ability aside, it seems he at least has strong knowledge of techniques.
[b2] I'm glad this is turning out to be better practice than I expected!!
[panel1] Kenichi has a leg up on Tanaka Tsutomu! What's the fate of their sparring match - and their hearts!?
- [b1] I see, the identity of that strange darkness in your eyes, different from Yami...
[b2] That's "uncertainty," isn't it?

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#1. by zambo92 ()
Posted on Feb 4, 2010
Thanks for the awesome TL dude!! :D

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