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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 370

Inter-Style Fighting

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 31, 2010 14:32 | Go to History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

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*Note: 1000th translation!!

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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi #370

side: Tanaka Tsutomu - the traditional martial artist who pledges to seek revenge on "YAMI!!" After visiting Ryouzanpaku, it was decided by the elder that he would take part in a spar, but...
1: Hahaha, it's true that it would indeed be a waste to have come all the way to Ryouzanpaku and not have a chance to match my fists with anyone.
2: Therefore, for the sake of the future...
3: I would like to spar with one of your finest masters!

BATTLE 370 - Inter-Style Sparring
middle text: Well, who will it be?
1: I know you want to get revenge for your father on Kensei, Ichiei of the Nine Fists, but...d-don't overdo it!!

1: Fine by me!
2: However...
3: N-no way...t-the Elder is going to take this guy on himself?! Tanaka-san's really in for some trouble!!
[Last Time]
The man who dropped some bank robbers in front of Kenichi and Miu's eyes was discovered to be Tanaka Tsutomu, a traditional martial artist who also took part in D of D. As his stepfather and master was killed by "Kensei" Ogata Isshinsai, Tanaka, believing Kensei will moving during the "Eternal Sunset," has come to request assistance from Ryouzanpaku. However, the elder rejected his vengeful heart, and instead, requested a spar...

1: Right after you beat this disciple!!
2: Ehhhhhh!!?
3: After?!
4: This should be good!
5: I hope he can show us he's at least that strong.
6: I'm not exactly...free right now, anyway.
7: ...if that is...
8: ...your condition, then...
9: Yes, that is my one and only condition!!
10: Now, in a matter of seconds, I'm the one in big trouble!!

1: You fine...leaving your glasses on?
2: Yes. In addition to being near-sighted, I also have astigmatism.

1: Go ahead.
2: Hold on a minute! We're still in the middle of our meeting.
3: This is bad, this is baaaad!!
4: Why are you letting me fight when you know I have no chance of winning!?
5: Now, now, you won't know unless you give it a try.
6: But c'mon, this guy took out 4 armed bank robbers!!
7: You took out one though, didn't you?
8: That guy was just helping the main group! He's the one who had a full grasp on everything!!

1(2b): Yes, and also during D of D, even though he did abstain from joining until a certain point, he showed some unbelievable power by defeating the entire enemy team with one finger! Compared to us disciple classes...
2: Hmmm, but he did enter as a disciple himself, you know.
3: Excuse me, but how old are you?
4: I just turned 20.
5: I had a shotgun wedding when I was 18.
6: An early bloomer in every right...
7: But I loved my wife even then, so I have no regrets!!

1: So in other words, above disciple class, but still not a master...
2: That's where he is right now!!
3: Above disciple class!!?
4: Exactly! Even if he was to break through his shell, he still wouldn't immediately be called a "master"...
5: The next period waiting for him will be his widest, longest one -- the era of "expertise!"
6: He's still quite a master among that group, though.
7: Listen up, Ken-chan. If the day comes when you skillfully become a master without dying,
8: it will without a doubt mean passing through the state he's in right now.

1: Unstable...
2: In an extremely dangerous state.
3: Ahh!!
4: This is the most dangerous period.
5: Do you mean that I too...
6: Fuh, the elder said it himself, didn't he? From head to toe.
7: In your circumstance, just think of yourself as having become a bit of an advanced disciple.
8: Ohhhh! I'm still kinda happy, even just to hear that!!

1: Alriiight!!
2: I'm gonna try this!!
3: Just like strength doesn't always mean power,
4: The strong ones aren't always the ones who win!!
5: That's correct, isn't it, Master Koetsuji!!?
6(2b): Fuh, you bet.
7: Do your best, Kenichi-san!!
8: Stop waving your hands and keep your eyes in front of you!!

1: Still though, those eyes...
2: They're just like the eyes of the assassins from "YAMI"...
3: No...there is something different about them...what's that mysterious dimness?
4: Hey, old man, don't you think this match-up is a little dangerous?
5: Ho ho...just like you always say, Akisame-kun, martial arts is always the most dangerous when one first gets the hang of it...
6: That's exactly why I'm making these two fight!!!

1: Tenchimushin Style - Tanaka Tsutomu VS
2: Ryouzanpaku Shirahama Kenichi!!
3: Inter-style spar...
4: begin!!

1: Kazoe Nukite!! (*Counting overarm stroke)
2: Ohhh, no mercy from the get-go!
3: He's not intending to kill...but if someone takes that head-on, they'll be in for a world of pain!!
4: Ahhh!!

1: Shiraha Nagashi!! (*White-Blade Slide)
2: Ohhh!
3: Ahh, he got through the first attack!!
4: As expected from a Ryouzanpaku disciple, you've really got some surprising moves!!
5: Guh...

1: He couldn't block...it all.
2: What sharpness...it's not a chop, it's like an actual blade!
3: I aimed for on top of your garment, but since you were more skillful than I imagined, you actually ended up injuring yourself even more...
4: That's it! With a quick opponent, you need to get in close and keep them from getting first strike...you're doing it just like I taught you.
5: If you're charging in without hesitation even after taking that chop...
6: Heahh
7: just what kind of normal spars are you doing?!

1: Nnn!? He just dodged my entire attack!!

1: I see...this is one of those movements of extreme "Calm" I've heard about...
2: The Ryuusui Seikuuken!!

1: Regardless of your true ability, you certainly have a vast knowledge of techniques!
white: "Tanaka Tsutomu" feels Kenichi!! To where is this fighter's...heart heading--!?
2: Great! This is turning out to be better practice than I was expecting!!
3: I see, so the darkness and the mysterious dimness in your eyes is actually...
4: "doubt," isn't it?

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