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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Gamaran 35


+ posted by kuskun as translation on Feb 6, 2010 04:27 | Go to Gamaran

-> RTS Page for Gamaran 35

Gamaran Ch 35
Translated by Kuskun
For use by Keishou

- p1) Extra long 24 page chapter!
p2) Wha- what!? My right arm wont move...!
p3) Summary: The second round of the great Unabara Battle has become a fight over the feudal lord's successor's life. Gama fights while protecting Naoyoshi, who is targeted by the Gamagakushi School and the Kasanemaji School.
- p1) This... this is...?
- b1) Heh.. It's what people call a binding technique.
b2) Your right arm won't move anymore
- p1) What just happened?
- p1) This is
p2) The immobilizing binding technique

- p1) It won't move... If I try moving it by force I feel a surge of pain...
- b1) ...Damn
p1) What in the world... did he do?
- b1) Gama!
- p1) Crap!!


- p1) The Great Unabara Battle, First Round - The Newest Total Coverage Release!!
p2) Ultimate Battle Chronicle "Gamaran," vol. 4 - In stores Feb. 17th!!
b1) 2nd round qualifying group #2
Kasanemanji School

- b1) Damn... Individually, these guys aren't that strong, but
b2) Their number just doesn't seem to go down. There are still 7 of them.
- b1) It's not just that there are a lot of them. They're good at combination moves.
b2) If they come at us with this many, of course it's going to be a pain.

- b1) Heh... everything's going according to plan. Those guys are looking pretty tired.
b2) Let's finish them off now, and then go after Saizou-san.
- b1) All right... everyone close the distance. We'll attack together!!
b2) You got it.
- b1) ... They entered.
- b1) This is getting tiresome.
b2) Finish it with Sadanaga
- b1) Hmph!!

- b1) You don't have to tell me. I got it.
- p1) I'll show you
- p1) My Sadanaga
- b1) Wha.. what the hell..?
b2) That stupidly long sword...!?

- p1) Mysterious Blade
p2) Kutaragisadanaga *The legendary sword of great length [ugh, i can't think of anything that sounds nice -_-]
- b1) No way.. there's no way he can swing that
- p1) Even if he did swing it, a weapon that big... His speed will drop and it'll be easy to dodge his swings.
- b1) It's still such an inelegant
b2) And unattractive sword.
- b1) It's finally time for Zenmaru-sama to show off.

- p1) Giant Tortoise Style, 2nd Technique
p2) Burning Flame Stance

- p1) That stance... he's swinging sideways!?
- p1) And this distance...
- b1) Not good!
b2) Step back!
- p1) It's already too late-

012 013
- p1) Second Technique
p2) Crimson Lotus Swipe

- b1) Second Technique, Crimson Lotus Swipe
b2) Because the killing blow comes sideways, the giant sword becomes extremely difficult to restrain and it's easy to damage the blade as well.
b3) The basis of the move is identical to the 1st technique, Fire Pillar, but requires superhuman control and physical ability.
- b1) Pretty good, don't you think? Shin-san.
- b1) Hm...

- b1) Brawn over brains, as usual...
b2) That was definitely skill!
- b1) ...However
b2) Hey. Stop moving the story forward.
- b1) I guess that took care of everything
- b1) No, it seems we let one go...
b2) Huh?
- b1) ...Damn it, how could I let that happen?
b2) I won't... I won't forgive you, you dumb brute.

- b1) All right. Let's go, Zenmaru!! This way!!
b2) W-wait! If you alone you'll get lost-
b3) Hurry! I'm worry about Gama and Naoyoshi-sama
- p1) Yeah... that's right. I need to save Naoyoshi-sama myself.
p2) Failure is not an option!!
- b1) Damn it! Please still be alive!
smalltext) Shin-san, don't go ahead! You'll get lost!

- b1) Guh...
- b1) Gama! Are you all right!?
- b1) I.. I'm ok
b2) It's a shallow wound
- b1) I'm all right, so get out of here.
- b1) But...
- b1) Heheh, as one would expect. Good job dodging that one.
b2) You must have been pretty off-guard.

- p1) I need to calm down... This pain I feel when I try to move...
p2) It's nothing like an illusion.
- p1) He directly did something to my right arm!
- p1) But when?
p2) And what did he do!? Damn it...!!
- p1) Your arm still won't move, and you have no idea why...
p2) It makes you worried, doesn't it?
- b1) Kuh
p1) That state is definitely-

- p1) Lowering your perception and reaction time!
- b1) Damn! A low stance!
- p1) But this is unexpected.
- p1) Why did Naoyoshi stop running away? Is he worried about Gama?
p2) Isn't their relationship just a lord and retainer?

- p1) If Naoyoshi had run away, it would have been natural for Muraku to join the fight.
p2) That's because we would need to defeat Gama quickly, before Naoyoshi got away.
- p1) But the current situation is like this!
p2) A one-on-one fight between me and Gama.
- p1) Because Naoyoshi didn't run, there's no need to hurry.
p2) And Muraku is in a position where he can watch Gama and I whittle each other down.
- p1) Jeez...
p2) Things really don't go as you expect them to...
- p1) But, in that case,

- p1) I'll just finish him alone!
- p1) Shuriken again!
p2) Stop thinking about things so much.
- p1) If I'm afraid of what he'll do to me...

- p1) I just need to kill him first-

- p1) From that low!?
- p1) He's fast!!
- p1) That.. that is-
- p1) Were you distracted by other thoughts?
p2) You're already within my range.

- p1 upper right) Lightning Cloud Form, Second Technique
p2 lower left) Violet Lightning Flash
p3 middle) Taking advantage of a opening, he unleashes a special move!!!
p4 bottom) Next time! Ep. 36!! Will Gama's sword reach!!?

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#1. by zambo92 ()
Posted on Feb 6, 2010
dude you forgot to tag it saying its only for keishous use... :P

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