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Aiki 59

Leave it to Joey the X, the Masked God of Death

+ posted by kuskun as translation on Feb 9, 2010 09:20 | Go to Aiki

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Aiki 59
Translated by kuskun
For use by Sugooi

- p1) Leave it to Joey The X, "The Masked God of Death"
p2 small) You sure it's not "The Masked Pervert?"

[side] Secrets won't work on this man! Fireworks mark the start of this intense battle!!
- b1) It's my first time firing a machine gun..
b2) But it's pretty easy to hit things with it.
b3) Well, it's probably because I'm a genius.

- b1) That was dangerous, you idiot!
b2) My ears are still ringing from it!
b3) Do you not have any common sense!?
b4) Common sense? You're the one trying to blow me up in the first place.
b5) I should have exploded it closer to those guys
small) Hurt his ears too
- b1) Hm? The girl there...
b2) I think I've seen her before...

- b1) Wha.. What are you doing?
b2) I saved your life by stopping the explosion.
b3) If you stopped them, there was no reason for you to blow it up, idiot!!
small) And so close to us, too!
b4) The building is safe, but all of the windows shattered.
- b1) Those guys are totally ignoring moi!!
b2) They're not taking us seriously at all
- b1) Anyways, I'll leave the rest to you
b2) Hey! Finish it up yourself!
b3) You're the one who started it...
- b1) I shot the machine gun just now, and my wounds opened up again
b2) Can you sew it back up?
b3) An Elementary School student can think things through better than this guy...

- b1) Jeez, what an unreliable master.
b2) Well, he's always been like that.
- b1) Well... I guess we'll just take out Balboa and Joukyuu's partner
b2) Want me to kill 'em?
- b1) Hm!?
- b1) Hey! You're Kujirai, aren't you!?
b2) What are you doing here!?

- b1) Hm... so you know my sister.
b2) I guess that's not surprising if you're Joukyuu's partner.
- b1) Sister?
b2) I didn't realize she had a twin
b3) No, we're actually 4 years apart.
- b1) But your face and hairstyle and eyepatch are all the same
b2) Are you blind?
- b1) My sister parts her hair and wears her patch on the other side. We're totally different.
b2) I don't think that's the point...
- b1) But you should remember...
b2) The biggest difference is in our level.

- b1) See, she's even using a gauntlet like her sister.
b2) Oh well, whatever.
- b1) It's an interesting coincidence.
b2) I'll do Joukyuu's partner.
b3) Joey, you take Balboa
b4) 'Kay~
- b1) Wait, I have to fight this perverted comic book villain?
b2) God, he looks like he's gonna start yelling in a high-pitched voice*
*referring to generic villains from Power Rangers, etc.
b3) Stop judging me based on my looks!
- b1) Moi's name is Joey the X!!
b2) I am the Masked God of Death!!
- b1) Hey, switch with me.
b2) Are you kidding!? No way! Gross!!
b3) Being shunned by my enemies, too!!?
- b1) You have totally pissed moi off!!
b2) After I defeat you, I'm going to rub your butts all over!!

- b1) Tou!
- b1) Rider Kick!!*
* Reference to Kamen Rider
- b1) The comic book villain using Rider Kick?
- b1) You'd better apologize to the original author!!

- b1) They're not normal shoes!?
- b1) Fufun~
b2) Exactly~
- b1) If Kujirai uses gauntlets, then I have iron boots!!
b2) So your style centers around kicks...

- b1) Well well...
b2) These gauntlets look even more evil than your sister's.
- b1) My sister probably received backlash when she cockily flung herself at Jyoukyuu...
b2) But I won't be that easy.

- b1) Just as you say, your sister didn't know her own ability, and was beaten to a pulp by my master
b2) She lost to me, too.
b3) I hope you have a little bit more to offer-.
- b1) See for yourself.
b2) You'd better block this!

- b1) You've got nimble legs.
b2) Fufu~n, I'm just getting started.
b3) Lookie!
- b1) Can you keep up with my moves?
- b1) Of course legs are going to be more powerful.
b2) Careful, breaking a sword like that is easy-peasy.

- b1) You think you can break it? Show me what you've got!

- b1) By catching the sword and spinning your entire body...
b2) You try to break the sword, or force me to drop it.
b3) A cheap trick.
- b1) You reacted instantly and spun your own body in the same way.
b2) You're not bad yourself.

- b1) I already have experience against gauntlets from fighting your sister.
b2) It's a weapon that doesn't give you any extra reach!
- b1) It's true that my reach doesn't change,
b2) But this does allow me to grab blades!

- b1) I've predicted that, too!
b2) So it's a detachable staff.
- b1) Hmph.
b2) But it's only a matter of time.
- b1) You carry around extra parts!?
- b1) She's a little bit harder to deal with than her sister.
b2) I wonder if she's using more expensive materials...

- b1) Whew,
b2) Finally finished sewing myself back up.
- b1) Aww, you still haven't finished?
b2) What a lazy bunch.
- b1) You're in my way. Move.
b2) Master!
- b1) What are you gonna do with both arms injured?
b2) Is he really at the same level as Houju?
- b1) Let's give it a look-see-

- b1) Hey hey, just because you don't want to use your arms...
b2) You think you can compete with my leg moves?
- b1) I would laugh, but you're just too pitiful!

- b1) You're right, I don't want to use my arms.
b2) For you, Pervert Mask, an instant of Raijin will be more than enough.

- b1) Ghee~
- b1) What was that bizarre midair movement?
b2) You're saying this is at a equal level as Houju?
- b1) You should keep it in mind.
- b1) In the past, he's been called many things in Japan and abroad.
b2) "Gravity Magician," "UFO Man," "Sorcerer," etc.
b3) "UFO Man" is ridiculous.

- b1) Go home and report to your companions.
b2) If they're picking a fight with someone as strong as Houju in his prime, you'd better be prepared for the consequences.
b3) Hey, stop deciding these things on your own.

- b1) Aw man, just a little bit more and I would've beat her.
b2) Kageyasu, you need to stop relying on that weapon.
- b1) It's not that I'm relying on it.
b2) I'm actually groping for new ideas all the time.
b3) Groping?
- b1) Who-whoa...
b2) Heavy..
b3) Miss Seline, please help us... We're in a lot of pain too...
b4) No way.
b5) It's be embarrassing if someone saw.
- b1) Ughhh, please don't forget me...
b2) ...I think what he means is "You'd better remember this."
side) Kunitoshi is definitely strong... He wins with uncontested strength!! His payback is pretty scary though...

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