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Anjuu no Chi 1

Anjuu no Chi ch1

+ posted by Kyrie Eleison as translation on Aug 19, 2008 15:13 | Go to Anjuu no Chi

-> RTS Page for Anjuu no Chi 1

Reserved for Euthanasia.

<page 003>

<page 004>
Chapter 1 How to make rock konjac
Chapter 2 Real man
Chapter 3 Kindness store
Chapter 4 "Big Brewery Nishi"
Chapter 5 Convenience store

<page 005>
Chapter 1 How to make rock konjac

<page 010>
An "enemy"?

<page 011>

Ah, right. Hands up.
Are you an "enemy"?
What do you think? Most likely not, I guess.

I see.

Then it's okay.

<page 012>
Are you Japanese?
We've been talking in Japanese the whole time.

Are you always waiting for the enemy in that hole?
Nah, last night I was thinking about this new innovation and stumbled upon a fundamental defect of it.

It's much warmer than outside.
Damn warm.

Hey, meetings like this usually happen in movies, right?
Beats me.

<page 013>
Are the ones who live down there also Japanese?
Mostly. Though most of these houses are unoccupied.

It's kind of strange to see a Japanese street in this place.
You're pretty strange too for walking through the desert in that outfit.

Hey, show me your passport.
I lost it.

Where did you come from?
From over there.

<page 014>
Over there? Don't tell me...

sfx: Thump {falling sound}


<page 016>
I've been walking all the time. While doing so, I've been thinking about various things.
Why am I endlessly wandering? For how many days have I been walking? No matter how hard I think, I just can't remember.

<page 017>
Ah, are you awake?

<page 018>
Please don't misunderstand. I just wanted wipe the dust from your body.

I guess you have your own issues to deal with.
That stuff sticking to your thigh is blood, right?
Even though it has a different taste.{Original: "On top of that", but even tho flows bettar.}

Did you lick it?
Yeah. I licked it.

<page 019>
This is the guard house of west cliff. The west cliff's watchman isn't around right now.
I'm the east cliff's watchman. The west cliff's watchman asked me to get something to eat.


But you were going to starve to death, right?
As you can see, I'm alive.

Uh, well... Let's just kill you off. That's more convenient for you, too. {lets act as if you were dead < literal}
I found an umbrella.

<page 020>
This isn't my umbrella. The design is different.
What? Wasn't he going to go back? And... cats?

Oh right, my name is "Higashi" and his name is "Nishi."
Oh, come on.
No, for real.

[Note: "Higashi" means "east," and "nish" means "west."]

What's your name?
Since I came from the south, I'm Minami.
Oh, come on.

[Note: "Minami" means "south."]

Have you been the watchman all the time?
Well, it's my job after all.

<page 021>
Then you'll be the first to die when the enemy comes.
Indeed, but there's no "enemy" coming.

Actually, even if he did leave his post, he would be shot to death.
Well then Higashi, you'll be shot to death.
It's all cool as long no one finds out.

Is that some kind of punishment?
I guess so, yeah. There's no "enemy" coming anyway.

If you get caught by the "enemy," you're supposed to drink the hydrocyanic acid in this capsule and commit suicide.

Wow, that's cool.
You want it?
Hey, hey...

<page 022>
Damn you sure can drink.

Is there something on TV?
There's no TV station in this country anymore.

Here's your refill.
The alcohol is pretty good, but don't you have anything else to eat besides potato chips? They're all curry flavored.

This is the only thing they sell here.
Nishi, aren't you eating?
Nah. I don't eat those or else I'll vomit.

He can't eat meat, fish or fruits. He's sick, I'm telling you.
Leave me alone.

Then what do you eat to stay alive?

<page 023>
This is sashimi made from rock salt.
I made it real moist and sliced the rock salt into thin pieces.
You don't put shouyu on this salty thing.
I didn't put any shouyu on it.

[Note: Sashimi is sliced raw fish.]
[Note: Shouyu is a kind of Japanese soy sauce.]

And this is rock konjac.
"Konjac rock" is this areas specialty. We take these soft rocks and cook them at a high temperature for one week. After that, we disperse acid on it and wait three years till it crushes the rocks like we want them.
It's quite edible.
This way you don't have to worry about the hardness of the rock.
So you can live by just eating this.

And what about the alcohol?
This is alchohol for medicinal use. It's a mixture.

<page 024>
What?! 28 years old?! Your hair is all white.
I'm 19.
I've been through a lot of trouble.

Your hair turned white because you keep eating only these rocks.
If you eat that much...

Ah, sorry. I went ahead and ate it all by myself.
Nah, I don't mind.


<page 025>
It's here!
He gets always an erection after eating rock konjac.

Aaah! My blood vessels feel like they're going to explode!
This has an effect like that?
Nah, only for him. He's sick.

I see, so he's sick.
Hey, why don't you do it with him?

<page 026>
Usually I let him use my ass, but you're here today.

text in bg: Uoooooohhh

Fine. I don't really mind.

<page 027>
Ah, you bought those panties from the kindness store, didn't you?
The "kindness store" does trades even here?

<page 028>
Look, it's a pair.
Are you two perverts?
There were no other panties left.

Didn't he suddenly calm down just now?
Nope, I'm still shivering.

<page 029>
Don't you just want to do me?
Geez, no... My body is about to explode. I feel like I'm going to die.

<page 030>
Hey. I can't take something that long.
This isn't the right situation to say something like that!

<page 031>
Is it embarrassing to do it while someone is watching you?
It is embarrassing. So embarrassing that I want to die!

Yeah, and that's why you're so wet.

<page 032>


<page 033>
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Does it feel good?
I'm frigid.

Though you're all wet.
But I'm frigid.

So you're sick too...

<page 034>
Ugh. I'm cuming!

<page 035>
You still have a hard one?
I'm just getting started.

I'll cum a second time and a third time.


<page 036>
A light.

<page 037>
Did the war start again?
It's coming from the south.

It's been a while since war occured in this vicinity.

Ah, again.

<page 038>
What's going on in your head while you doze off like that?

Ah, there's a light again.
You're avoiding my question like that again.

If you say go and meet... Like the adventure that's about to begin.
I'm talking more of late education.

Unfortunately, I've to tell you that no adventure or whatnot is going to start. This time next week, you'll be in Tokyo.
Are you studying properly? There'll be a special program for students who live abroad. I think this will be easier for you too.

<page 039>
Are you really so worried about that light?

Don't worry. That light is coming from far away, from the shogunate army.
There's no way your dad would bring us to some dangerous country.

The air is dry which is why it seems so close to us, but in reality, the war is happening at the southern nation border.
You can't hear any guns or anything, can you?

<page 040>

<page 043>

Where's Higashi?
He went back before daybreak.

Is something wrong?

<page 044>
No! Please stop!
But if I don't do this, you'll be killed by your own feces.

You ate so many rocks, after all.


Does it feel good?

<page 045>
Just a bit more.

Oh, it's coming out.



<page 046>

So, basically, the reason why your poop doesn't get that hard is because Higashi does you anally?

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#1. by barbapapa ()
Posted on Aug 19, 2008
Wow, someone doing a Naoki Yamamoto manga? Awesome.
One of my all time favorite mangaka.

Never heard of this group called Euthanasia, though. Any info on them?
#2. by Kyrie Eleison ()
Posted on Aug 19, 2008
Euthanasia is basically me (as you know me from entropy), an editor from mahou and a proofreader from gg. The editor's life is a bit turbulent but he told me that he already started with editing.
Feel free to idle with me in the empty channel #Euthanasia @ irc.irchighway.net
#3. by kaya ()
Posted on Aug 20, 2008
Naoki Yamamoto is an amazing mangaka. I'm glad you're doing the translation. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see the scanlations soon. :tem

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