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Anjuu no Chi 2

Anjuu no Chi ch2

+ posted by Kyrie Eleison as translation on Aug 22, 2008 20:15 | Go to Anjuu no Chi

-> RTS Page for Anjuu no Chi 2

Reserved for Euthanasia.

<page 47>
Chapter 2 Realman

<page 48>

<page 49>
It hurts! It really fucking hurts!


<page 50>
We can't hold this anymore! Let's retreat.
What do you expect us to do with five man?
Stop spewing bullshit! We've been entrusted with "everyone's" fate!

<page 51>
But I can't see the "enemy" at all!

You idiot! "You can't see him because you are looking for him!" "Look with the eye of your heart!" {"kokorono mede miru" noda / any better idea for eye of heart?}

How do I look with "the eye of my heart"?
"As if you were looking for a girlfriend!"
Girlfriend, huh?

I can't see the enemy after all.

<page 52>

<page 57>
You had a nightmare?
I can't remember.


Oh well.
How cold.

Ah, you had a wet dream.

<page 58>
I'll clean it.
Are you half asleep?

I don't really mind that.

<page 59>
I feel better now.

<page 60>

<page 61>
Didn't this happen last night as well?
I've to do this from time to time.

Even though you're frigid?


<page 62>
Physically, yes,
thought it doesn't feel like my own body...

Put that aside and fuck me harder.

<page 63>


<page 64>

<page 65>
"The rain has the function of washing things away, while the snow has many more functions."

<page 66>
Phew the snow is sure thick.

It's because of the drift of snow. Did you forget?

And it was so warm yesterday...
The climate of this area deteriorates rapidly.

<page 67>
Does it always pile up so much?

Nah, the last time it snowed this much was about ten years ago, I think.
When I started as a watchman.

<page 69>
No fun. This is no fun.
Well, there's no helping.

<page 70>
I've a present.

He's "Realman." He's the most important person of this town.
You are the "dead person" from the other day...

<page 71>
It's pretty rare that rock kojac fell to the street.
I don't know if I should say fell or got "catapulted"...
I had a bad timing.

It's soft. It seems edible.

It's like potato chips and blue cheese.
It has an unusual taste...
It tastes like curry.

And, what business do you have here today, Realman?
Ah, right.

There's another "dead person" at the north.

<page 72>
Are you people from the U.N.?
Why you ask?

Because of this mark.

We're not from the U.N. neither we're milkmans. Realman bought it from the "kindness store." {国連職員でも牛乳屋でもないよ リアルマンが『親切屋』から買ったんだよ}
All the raw material of this town, clothes and food are from the "kindess store."

<page 73>
U.N. goods from illegal ways, huh.
Eh? Did you say something?

Why is he called "Realman"? What part of that guy who wanders like someone whose soul got extracted is Realman?
Dunno. That's just how he's called everywhere.

He's someone important who knows everything.
Unlike us, he's living alone on some big regions.

He created this town.

<page 75>
Are they the ones?

<page 76>
You sure managed to survive after being buried beneath that pile of snow .
Thanks for saving us. I thought we were going to die. I still can't believe it. We are so darn lucky to meet Japanese people in this country.

Are you two from "denpa shounen"?

Note: Denpa Shounen was a Japanese TV show where the participants had to do crazy stuff.

What's that?
When I was still in Japan, there was such a show running on TV.

We're from the next generation of that show. Our local broadcast station is short on hands and wasn't able to get any scoops so it's just the two of us now.

<page 77>
We weren't able to contact the station and the tape got cut, too. Just when we arrived at our destination a big snow storm started.

I wonder how Realman knew that these people had collapsed.
That shows how great he is. He knows everything about this town.

Won't you like to listen to our "interesting talk"?

We are "comedians."
That's what our journey is about.

<page 78>
Hello, I'm Ai.
I'm Makoto.

Together we are "Kajiwara Ikki"!

Note: Kajiwara Ikki was among others a manga writer better known for his work Ashita no Joe. Their names come from Kajiwara's manga Ai to Makoto.

Finally their show started.

Man it was sure cold today, wasn't it?
I thought I was going to die.

<page 79>
We have gone through many dangers before arriving here.
We have been stabbed by a shrimp.

Wasn't that rather a scorpion?

Silly, no shrimp.

When the missile dropped while we were camping, I thought we were a goner for good.
Ah, that bamboo grass.

Don't you rather mean "looked similiar to"?

When you say camping...

While we were camping some guys there tried to rape us.

Yeah, yeah, that was really dangerous.
Dangerous? You really got raped back then.

Ah, I wasn't supposed to say that?

But I'm glad they didn't kill us.
I somehow feel depressed now.
Me too...

<page 80>

Anyways, let's drink.
Are we really not funny?
No, no, seems like Realman really liked it.

<page 81>
Don't we have anything beside sterilized alcohol?
You can have from my alcohol.

It tastes horrible. No wonder you didn't hide it.
Is it okay?
Yeah, sure.

Our performance is much better than that porn show. I really thought I was going to die so it doesn't count as rape.
But you got raped.

This is...
like a mixer.

What's a mixer?
She's trying to say it's really fun.


<page 82>

That happens to him from time to time.
Can you elaborate?

Let's leave today's job to her.
Good luck, Ai-chan.
Yeah, let's leave it to her. {too long for bubble? just Yeah would do too}

<page 83>
Wait for me!

What are you writing?
My diary. I write in it every day.

It's okay, it's okay.

<page 84>
What's this town called?
It's called "New Tokyo."

*suck* *suck* *suck* *suck*

So that's how it's called.
Like a beer-hall.
It's former name was "Ariehen." This area was the capital in the 18th century. Thought it was already an obsolete place when we came.

<page 85>
"Ariehen" means in the ancient language "the sukiyaki of the next day."

Note: Sukiyaki is beef slices topped on vegetables.

Is there sukiyaki in this country?
Realman said so.
Sounds like a big lie.


<page 86>
Today I thought it was really the end.
When I came to myself wherever I looked there was snow! Snow! And snow again! Oh boy we were in a big pinch! I had the feeling we were really going to die.

And it was then when the local Japanese people appeared out of nowhere and saved us.
Where's Realman?
He went back.

Someone really liked our performance. I'm happy! So happy!

On top of that Ai-chan is experiencing the feeling called love with a local man. Maybe I'm a bit jealous. Oh boy, what am I saying? Just kidding.
I'm not that kind of a woman.

<page 87>

It's closer than before.

Will it come here?

Ah! Ah! Ah!
Ungh! Ungh!

Can we escape if it comes here?
It's pointless. It's the same whereever you escape.

<page 88>
I want to see it from closer. {uh -_-}
You will die.

Nishi-san, are you afraid of dying?
I wonder...

Anyways the morning has come, and Japan woke up. I've to work hard today. End.

<page 89>
Good morning.
Ah, we went ahead and helped ourselves. The curry flavor is pretty yummy.

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