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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Vagabond 252

Vagabond ch 252

+ posted by Kyrie Eleison as translation on Sep 4, 2008 13:24 | Go to Vagabond

-> RTS Page for Vagabond 252

Be warned, this chapter features annoying crying brat who still practices with his wooden sword.

Translation is reserved for Strays. Please only use this for reading purpose.

<page 01>
Don't be reckless.

<page 02-03>
#252 捕らわれの武蔵
#252 Musashi Captivated

<page 04>
I'll wrap this around your leg to keep it stable.

Dosen't it mean that...

...the heavens no longer want you to slay someone?

<page 05-06>
The Kyoto Shoshidai on the north.

Musashi was confined into a cell.

That sure surprised me.

To think that you were acquaintance with Musashi, Kouetsu-dono.

<page 07>
Kyoto Shoshidai, Itakura Katsushige

I've come to confirm it.
I heard that a friend of mine was captivated...

I'm sure you are aware of the struggle to death regarding the Yoshioka clan at the pine tree of Ichijouji...
There wasn't a letter of challenge or any witnesses.
In other words, it wasn't recognized as an official duel.
Thus I ordered the confinement of Musashi.

<page 08>
He have slain 70 men!
Seems like it's the fault of the Yoshioka clan.
Guess he had no choice but to kill them all when he had to fight against 70 men alone.

If he is plead guilty, it will be just because he's too strong.

Thou shalt not worry Kouetsu-dono. Nothing bad will happen.

You have my gratitude.

<page 09>
It's best for Musashi himself that he stays here imprisoned for a while, too...
If he stays in the capital, those who have connections with the relatives of the Yoshioka clan may come here.
Musashi is currently the number one target of the master martial artist that want to make a name.
It's best for him to stay here for a while to heal his wounds...

People started to talk about Musashi lately.
There are many inquiries from various domains about his status.

Invitations to serve as a samurai...
They want to meet him and stuff...

I too received a similar letter.
You too?
They must have heard the rumor that you are a friend of him.

<page 10>
This world is still away from obtaining a peaceful life...
I guess it's normal for a swordsman to keep a ferocious tiger close to him if he sees one.
Did you see the bodies of Ichijouji, Kouetsu-dono?

I have not.
From what I have seen, this wasn't done by a human...

It's even impossible for the Shogun's instructors, Yagyuu and Ono to do that.
Most of the bodies were slain with a single stroke.

<page 11>
Get some rest.

be grateful to the one who has cut you.

<page 12>
Because he saved you
from going to the dead end of the abyss where no light prevails.

<page 13>
The dead end
of the abyss where no light prevails?

The way I'm headed?


As if you were there!

<page 14>
Did you say something?

That was one of a heck scolding, huh, Otsuu?
Yeah, yeah {gumuu}
Ah, there! Master!


Why are you here?! {lit: why are you in such a jail}
Master! I didn't do anything bad!
Get off!
Cut it Joutarou. This time you won't get easily away with just a scolding!

<page 15>
It happened after you were taken in.

This is completely wrong!
Why is it Takeshi-yan's fault?!

That's right!
Give my Master back!
You wrongly arrested him!

No, it was a real pain.
He was lucky to get away with just a lecturing.

She grabbed a government official, after all.
Geez. Cut it out already Takuan-san.

<page 16>
Don't be so reckless.

Regardless of you being held imprisoned,
you are treated well.
And they allow us to talk to you, too.

We were in the middle of our talk...

Don't you think it's time for you to live a different life, Musashi?

<page 17-18>
For example together with Otsuu.

Say, Otsuu-san,
are you happy?

<page 19>
One of your wishes will be granted.

I'm sure master will live with you when he can no longer swing his sword.
That's great, isn't it?
Otsuu-san you hate the sword, after all.
Taro-chin what are you saying...

But what will happen to me?
Master won't hold a sword anymore.

I will...

<page 20>
I've lost my teacher!

Whereever I go...
Even if we are apart...
Master will be definitely practicing somewhere.
And then I'll swing my wooden sword!

That's for the best...

Because he promised...

<page 21>
That we'd become strong together!

That would have been for the best.
*Sniff* {ugutsu}
Even if we are apart...
He'll be always...

My master!
*Uuu* {retarded crying noise comes here}
*Aaaaaa* {same}

<page 22>


It says he wants to meet with Musashi-dono
and meet a sword instructor. {sword instructor? maybe fencing would suit better}

<page 23>
It's from an eminent person of Edo.

Just like the season change,
there's nothing that continues forever.

I wonder if your journey has come to an end, Musashi-san...

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#1. by kaya ()
Posted on Sep 4, 2008
This is so cool. So you're the new translator for Strays' Vagabond.

Thanks a lot and great job.
#2. by Kyrie Eleison ()
Posted on Sep 4, 2008
/me hi5s kaya-tan
#3. by CetLot ()
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
good job man! Are you greek ?
#4. by Kyrie Eleison ()
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
Quote by CetLot;1014409:
good job man! Are you greek ?

No, I'm not Greek.

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