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Oyaji 1

Oyaji ch01

+ posted by Kyrie Eleison as translation on Sep 19, 2008 19:20 | Go to Oyaji

-> RTS Page for Oyaji 1

Manly manga. If you're going to credit me, credit me as "vallanhaamu"

Volume: 01
Chapter: 01
Translator: vallanhaamu

<page 04>

Chapter 1 Oyaji has returned
Chapter 2 Earthquake ・ Thunder ・ Fire ・ Oyaji
Chapter 3 I'll accept death
Chapter 4 The night peasant of Yakeno
Chapter 5 I won't let you lay a finger!!
Chapter 6 Rough Proof
Chapter 7 Best of the world
Chapter 8 A happy family reunion

<page 05>
Chapter 1
Oyaji has returned

<page 06>
Hey Mom, lend me 30000 Yen please.
What are you saying? We don't have that much money!

<page 07>
I took all my stuff and ran here.
I can't wait a single second!

Mom, if I run away he will kill me.
This all happened because you are profligate.

<page 08>
Should I kill him?

Hmph! What are you babbling you good for nothing!

Hey! Cut it out you two!

It's not much but I've 10.000 Yen.
Thanks Mom.


<page 09>
Don't get in my way!


<page 10>
Mother, help me...

<page 11>
Come here you bitch!
It hurts!
Hey wait a minute!

Please calm down.
She's not a bad girl.

Hehe... I know. It's just a little marital quarrel. Please don't mind us.
Marital quarrel my ass!

Come on, get moving!

<page 12>
Yousuke, stab him!


You useless bastard! Go and stab him!


<page 13>
What are you doing! Stab him!




<page 15>
W-Who the hell is this?!


<page 21>
W-Who the hell is this old man?!

He is...

...your father...

<page 22-23>

<page 24>
16 Years Ago...

Hey! Get the fuck out!

This house is now ours!

If you keep staying here,
we will get you out with force!

<page 25>
Fugyaaa! {uh replace this with usual crying voice}



<page 26>

<page 27>
Wh... What the fuck?!
A-Are you picking up a fight?!

<page 28>

<page 29>

<page 30>



<page 33>

Y-Yes! Right away...

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Spike Smeagol, Franzl

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#1. by carrotop (Registered User)
Posted on Dec 16, 2008
im looking for translators for general ecchi mangas, we want to revive a some dead and start some new ones.

i saw your work, and it looks nice.

give me a reply if your interested.
or we can talk more on what mangas you might want to do ^^
( sorry for posting here, but you dont take PMs or email msg)

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