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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Vinland Saga 56

Ketil Farm

+ posted by Laika as translation on Aug 7, 2009 07:49 | Go to Vinland Saga

-> RTS Page for Vinland Saga 56

Vinland Saga 56
This is not intended to be used in Scanlations and is just on a whim. This will not be a regular project and is only here for MH fans who don't can't read the raw and want to know what's going on and because Hox seems to be on break or something. If you want to use it, go ahead, but please touch up the language because I wasn't taking this very seriously.

the "Servants" I don't know exactly what would be the right class to call them. Maybe serfs or something, but AFAIK serfs can overlap with slaves and they're not considered "Free." Go find someone else with some more knowledge about these class structures. I was a damn EAS major. IDK!! ┐(´д`)┌

Page 2
Vinland Saga
Chapter 56: Ketil [Ketiru] Farm
The endless daily lives of the slaves begin.

Page 3
Thorfinn has become a slave and is on a farm.

From this day on you two are friends.

Come now, greet each other. You'll be doing the same job and will be working with each other.
Denmark, the southern part of the Jutland Peninsula
Ketil's farm.
Year 1015, the end of June

Page 4

Nice to meet you... Thorfinn.
He's tiny... A child? No, he has a beard after all

... Hello.

Hrm, let me explain your job to you.

This forest here is my property. All of this here,
I'll be lending to you two.

Page 5

... Lending?
I'll leave everything to you, you'll be cultivating, making use of this land, and harvesting its crops.
And I shall buy up those crops at a proper price.
If the money you receive exceeds your own value, you'll be able to buy yourself back.

... Free...
Does that mean... we'll be Free!?

Page 6

Hmm, that's right.
With your own power and the right procedures you'll be able to be free.
Depending on your efforts, it's possible that it could happen within 3 years.

You'll each get a half of the earnings, I'll wait on the rent 'till after the first harvest.


Ooh! Hrm, hahaha!

Page 7

From now on, if there's any trouble you have or if there's anything you want to ask, just ask Patel [Pate-ru] over here.

He's worked for me for many years, he knows much about the farm.

Nice to meet you.
I earned my freedom through the same ways. It might be rough being somewhere you're not used, but give it your all.

Y-YES!! I'LL GIVE IT MY ALL!! 110%!! [this is a bad t/l lol, slaves wouldn't know percentages :P Just replace it with "I PROMISE!!" or something to show his enthusiasm]

Hrm, well, for today just watch what Thorfinn does. You're tired from your long journey, aren't you?

Page 8

Thorfinn, get along with Einar, all right?

Yes... Master [or Lord, or w/e]

I'll do my best!

Hey, hey! The Master...

Page 9

Hey Thorfinn! Could the master just be a really nice person!?

So these sort of things happen too. Is this something that's just really natural in Denmark?
There were slaves back in my country as well but they were slaves for life. I thought I might end up like them too.

Oh, I was born in North England.
Where were you born?

... Iceland.

Wow-!! Iceland!
... Where's that?

Page 10


Page 11

Wow, you've already cut down most of them.
How much left?

All of them on this side.

This side?
There's a river over there, right?

All of them on this side of the river.

Page 12

So, then that means there's still a lot?

Page 13
Page 14

Huh? Hey. Oops.
I can't get it out.

Oh, uh.
There was another ax lying around so...

Didn't he tell you just to watch...
Yeah, but,

It doesn't feel right to just watch quietly when someone else is working. Besides,
I want to be free even if it's just one day sooner.

Page 15

Do another tree that's a bit further away. And cut them down so that they fall prependicular to the river.

(I See) These trees are carried down by the river.

Page 16

I'm starving!
What's the deal with lunch here? [Einar's best Seinfeld impression, uh obviously you'll want to edit this if you actually use this TL]

... There's lunch.

There is!? Great!
Shall I go and get it? Where is it?

No, the "servants" should be bringing it around now. [Alt: Employees]

What-!? Really!?
That's most gracious of them!

Page 17

No way!
Yeah, Really!

It's the food!
Right, Thorfinn?

I'm telling you, it really happened. You're the only one who didn't do it. [DENMARK BROSEPHS]
Ahhhh I didn't know- I guess I should try going over there tonight.

Page 18

Oh! Look here, if it isn't that new recruit.
Ah- Sure looks like it.
Hahaha, what a stupid looking face.

The face of a slave.

H-hello, nice to meet you, I'm...
Yeah, I know, the new slave, right?
I heard already.


? What is this...
Lunch, for you two.

Page 19

What!? That's all!?

... What? You complaining about it?

No... It's not a complaint... I mean... huh!?
This is... 2 persons worth? [For both of us?]

Hey, this the first time you've worked as a slave?
Eh? Um, yes...

Page 20

Then remember this.
On top of at least being able to eat, We free men [Furi: Karuru, guess this is his name or something] have come out all the way here delivering your lunch. Shouldn't you show some appreciation first?

These bastards...

Come on, let's hear it. Say, "Thank you very much."

What's with that look in your eyes!?

Page 21

Thank you very much for always being considerate of us. We humbly receive it. [Or whatever way to make him sound really subservient]

... Hmph

Thorfinn! Teach that other one some manners!

Page 22

Here, the horse. You better not get it hurt.
I understand.

They're off there taking naps.
Did they just come here to slack off!?

Page 23
Brazenly harassing us like that! It really makes me angry. Let's tell the master.

And you, even if you're just a slave, you ought to show some back bone. Don't just grovel before them.

Einer, you push from behind, I'll pull from the front.

Page 24
We'll carry them to the river and raft them. [This is a literal of the Japanese, Gonna assume he's tying them together and sending them down as rafts]
Hey, wouldn't it be better to cut this tree down a bit more? It'll be impossible with a horse that old.

The trees are the master's.

The pine trees are sold as building materials. We're not allowed to just cut them down on our own accord.

Isn't this... Their job? You wouldn't usually leave a slave with a horse would you?

I see! So that's why they brought a single sickly horse like this. So we wouldn't be able to ride it and get away...

All right already, I'm gonna start.

Page 25

NUAHHHHHH!! [Insert whatever yell you want]

Page 26

Shit... I'm starving and I feel awful...
Those bastards... Eating my lunch... I'm definitely gonna tell him about it. [actual order reversed]

Don't bother... It'll just make the harassment worse...

Page 27

Those, "Servants," they... don't have their own fields so they can only get by in the employ of the Master right? [I'm probably making Einer way too eloquent, care o meter: 0]
... Yeah

Then why!? Aren't they just like half slaves themselves!? They're just bullying us to tell themselves that they're not the ones at the bottom!

Right!? Thorfinn? Don't you think so too!?

Those things... Don't really matter [Reversed]

Page 28

Don't really matter!? We're property of the Master! There's no way that it'd be allowed for those servants to work us like that...

Einar! Thorfinn!

Master!... sama [Lol okay just... cut this to master...! the joke's not really workable here]

How was it Einar? What are your impressions after your first day?

I have a report to make, Master!
Today the ser... van...

Page 29
Page 30

? What's wrong Einar, what did you have to report.

You're such a strange person. If it's nothing then I'll be on my way.

Page 31

... Thorfinn

I think I like it here.

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#1. by Tassen ()
Posted on Aug 9, 2009
It has been scanlated bye Hox, it is out on mangatraders.
Ahhh almost forgot to say thanks, so thank you very much

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