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Ressentiment 44

Declaration Of War

+ posted by Laika as translation on Sep 2, 2009 02:26 | Go to Ressentiment

-> RTS Page for Ressentiment 44


Ressentiment 44

Page 135
Chapter 44: Declaration Of War

Page 136

Hi-!!! [ACK!!!]


*Puhi- Puhi- Puhi [Hyper ventalating]

Takuro-san... where are you? I don't see you.
Why haven't you come home, Takuro-san?


Page 137

Jeez, and I...
was waiting for you with nothing on but an apron cause you like it so much.



Takuro-san, I'm not mad, so hurry up and come back home, okay? <3
Let's have lots of sex. I'll do whatever you want me to do.




Page 138
said he won't be coming back to you anymore~ What a shame~

Give me back,

No thanks.

Give him back,
you old hag.

Who the hell would give him back...
to a bitchy brat like you. [A brat that smells like piss... .-.]

Page 139
If you want him that much~
*meki meki meki meki

then come and get him!!!

... Yes?

What the hell was that just now!? Why was she on your cell phone!
*Giri Giri Giri
I-I don't know what's going on ei~ther, please stop pulling my hair~

What the hell were you doing back there. Why didn't you just break it off with her?

You piss me off so much!! Get out of here!

Page 140

*Uii-n Uii-n

Women are so scary...


Page 141
What are you going to do? She said to come and get him.
*Ku- ku- ku-
But you know that's impossible.

So all you have to do, is make one in this world.
A "Sakamoto Takuro."

I can do that?
It should be easy for you.

If you can get your hands on just a single hair on his head from the real world... then you'll be able to decode all of "Sakamoto Takuro's" genetic information and create virtual genes.
And I've got plenty of friends who can help us out in the real world.

All you have to do is inject his genes into a virtual egg, and then let him mature. Well, we can stop the process before he turns out like this chump over here.

his head will be completely empty like that. He won't have any memories.

Page 142
So all we have to do is install the memories of the time he spent together with you.
He doesn't need any other memories than that. He doesn't have any other memories worth saving anyways.

He'll only have memories of the time he spent with you.
He'll be a, "Sakamoto Takuro" just for you. [A Sakamoto Takuro just for you will be born]

for me.

That's right.
Just for you.

Page 143
And then,

if you delete the "Sakamoto Takuro" that exists in the real world. Then the newly made Sakamoto Takuro will become the real thing.

You should do as I say.
If you do, you'll get him back.

Or would you rather have him stolen away by that woman.

... I understand.

... Good girl.

Page 144


How many kilometers did I walk.
My muscles are so sore.

Page 145
*Pon Pon Pon

I don't even know what the situation is now... Did I get dumped by Nagao-san? If that's the case then I might as well get my computer back and make up with Tsukiko-chan...

No~! NO~!
I can't be that indecisive about it~!
*Bun Bun Bun

what the hell should I do?

... Jeez,
Why won't this light turn green...

*Kasha- Kasha- Kasha- Kasha-


Page 146
*Kasha- Kasha- Kasha- Kasha-

Wild Aibos!!?

Shit! I'm so pissed at Sakamoto~

Page 147

Why the hell is it so slow? What's going on!?

We now interrupt this program for an emergency traffic report.

Currently, all of the traffic lights in the city are red.

Please exercise caution while driving.
If there are any police officers present, please follow their directions...

No way, I can't believe it...

*Shaka Shaka

Page 148

Oh, my cellphone's ringing.

Good morning~

It's Tsukiko.
Oh, your make up doesn't look too great. It must suck getting older~

I'll be taking Takuro-san back.

Later. Bye bye!

That little bitch!!

Page 149
*Shaka Shaka Shaka
*Wan wan wan

New orders received! confirmed!
Now undoing the billboard!


Watch out, Sakamoto, move!!!
*Ga- Bakya-

Page 150

Ahh, fine!!



*Gya gya gya
*Pi- tan

What the hell are you doing!? Hurry up and get in!!
... O-okay...

Ah- They got away!!
What are we gonna do!?

... maybe,
it's time to bring out the nukes~

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