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Ressentiment 45


+ posted by Laika as translation on Sep 2, 2009 02:27 | Go to Ressentiment

-> RTS Page for Ressentiment 45


Ressentiment 45

Page 151
Chapter 45: Promise

Page 152
The Ninth Empire has attacked Fantasia?

That's correct.
Those bastards have finally made their move.

Currently, their troops are advancing into the demilitarized zone, the field of attachment.
On Fantasia's side, they're creating an allied army in order to to hold them back, with the Astonia kingdom at it's center.

Though they have the advantage by numbers alone,
regretfully, there are actually way too many guilds so they're not capable of systematic combat.
Some small skirmishes have been occuring but they've lost all of them to the Ninth Empire.

Page 153
Lord Reinhart,

I've come as a represenative of the Astonia kingdom. We wish to borrow your strength.

We must combine the strength of the RPG guilds and the Gal-game guilds,
and defeat the fuhrer of the Ninth Empire, Ehara. Ehara only desires destruction...

Under your lead as a magic user
who has experieced the two great wars, we will be able to rally our cause!
Fight with us, Lord Reinheart!

What's going on? Are you going somewhere?

King of Astonia,
my stance on this matter has already been decided.

Page 154
This is the only world I have.
For the sake of this world, and for the sake of these girls, I shall stake my life.

Lord Reinhart Wolf Gang Schnaufer, by order of the king of Astonia, you are now the head commander of the Fantasia allied army.

Karen, if you join me in this battle, you might die once again... Knowing that, can you still join me?

Of course.

Even if I lose my memory, will I still be able to live with you?

Payment Due
Notice of Rent
From the Landlord

Of course... We'll be together forever, Karen.

It's all that God damn Takuro's fault. I can't have sex cause I dont have my body suit!

Page 155
Jeez~ I finally got in.
I ended up getting off the bus midway and walking the rest~

How many people are we at so far?
About half.

Hey, the news is on.

Oh, this news caster is pretty cute.
It's all CG.

Computer graphics. I guess it's good enough for news casters.
The areas where the restoration of the traffic lights are delayed are...

Her face is changing.
Must be some technical difficulties. This is the first time I've seen _her_... she's pretty cute.

This is a special announcement. Authorities have come to the conclusion that the sudden suspension of all traffic lights in the metropolitan area was an act of terrorism.
The criminal responsible currently appears to be hiding within city limits.

Page 156
The suspect, a Sakamoto Takuro is currently wanted for questioning.
Sakamoto Takuro was formerly a member of a guerrilla organization in the Middle East...
... For those who can provided us with important information leading to the apprehension of this criminal,
NO WAY!! [For real!? I can't believe it!!]

the government is willing to pay a cash prize of 1 billion yen.
1 billion!?

We hope that you'll all cooperate.

L-Let's just run away!!

Why do you still have your computer with you!? Get rid of it!
But it'd be such a waste...


Page 157
N-not the hair, please!!
*Shaka Shaka Shaka

Ku Ku Ku... You're not gonna get anywhere taking your time like this. Let's just nuke 'em.
No! There's no reason to kill people who've got nothing to do with this.

All we need to do is capture him. Takuro's DNA is the only thing I want.

If that's all we need, the special reality work squad of our army has already procured the garbage bags from the Sakamoto household. And wouldn't you know, they've found some jizz tissues in 'em. So we've already secured his DNA.

So now you can launch the nukes without worrying your little head too much, right?

If Takuro's still alive in the real world, then the one over here has to be a fake.
You need to make the unreal world, the real thing.

Page 158

Why am I, wanted for questioning?
*Shaka Shaka Shaka
How the hell should I know!? Why don't you try asking that bitch!?

More importantly, have we lost those vacuum cleaners!?
S-Some how. But they made off with a huge chunk of my hair...
You're a man, aren't you!? Stop crying about it!!

Nagao-san, do you want to switch?
I'm fine!!

I've already decided~
That I wasn't going to hold back anymore~
*haa haa haa [pant]

Page 159

I'll protect you even if it kills me! [I'll definitely protect you]

*Fuga Fuga
You think I'm just gonna~

roll over dead and give up~
the man I like to someone else~?

Hey, are you even listening!?
I-I'm listening~

Got it?


Page 160

Don't leave me by myself!



Hey, doesn't that look like the dude who's wanted for questioning?
Nagao-san are you all right?
Eh? You can find fatties like him all over the place.

Is the computer all right?

I-I'll pedal.

Page 161
I said it was fine. You've got to hold onto the computer, right?
*Haa Haa [Pant]

*Fu- Fu- Fu-

Get the fuck outta here-!! [Fly away-!!]

Enough already!! Just ride behind me!!


... What's that?

*Gashon gashon

Page 162
*Shaka Shaka
d-don't grab hold of my nipples.
But they're the only thing I can hold onto.

Wait, it's me!
Takuro-san, it's Tsukiko!

I-it's sort of anti-climactic, isn't it? [There's no feeling of tension]
'Cause it's ended up being so slow...
W-where should we run, Nagao-san?

Hey, call me by my name. [Call me Maria]

Drop the -san!!

Page 163




Takuro-san, wait!
Hey! Stop picking up the garbage!
*Poi Poi

Page 164
T-There's never a dull moment with you.

*haa haa haa

*Buhi- Buhi- Buhi-


*Kacha Kacha



Page 165


Takuro-san is,

getting further away...

Page 166
I'm all alone...

Whatcha gonna do, "Moon?"

can rot in hell. [Everyone can go die]


What the heck are they doing in the middle of the afternoon?

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