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Ressentiment 46


+ posted by Laika as translation on Sep 2, 2009 02:27 | Go to Ressentiment

-> RTS Page for Ressentiment 46


Ressentiment 46

Page 167
Chapter 46: Doctor

Page 168

Hey, hey, you two sure are lively this afternoon~

Looky looky,
If it isn't the terrorist who's wanted for questioning.

Must be my lucky day, here comes my 1 billion yen~

T-that was just a fake report. Do you really think someone with such a stupid face could be a terrorist?

Page 169
I know, I know. But if you're out here enjoying yourselves, you'll get spotted right away.

Come over here.
Do you know where my panties are?

Alrighty then.
Sit where ever you want.

Man, you really got yourself into a big mess... Takuro. How's Reinhart, Good?
Who are you?

Hey, come on. How could you forget such a handsome face?

Page 170

Oh, so you finally remember.

Who is this guy?
Umm, I met him in the game. Usually people change their faces, but he looked the same as he does in reality.

I just don't understand those people who change their own apperances and shape.
The guys who developed this system, some of them even changed their own personalities. If you go that far, aren't you a completely different person then? How sad it is.

Y-you're the creator of the game?
Well, I'm one of them. I got chased out of the company, and this is what I'm up to now.

What exactly is going on right now?
He was attacked by robots and almost died!

It's all "Moon's..."
Tsukiko's doing. [power]

Page 171
All the computers that are connected to a modern network,
make use of the Unreal Online System that we developed.
*Kacha kacha kacha

The game, as you know, extends to communication systems, financial institutions, and even military installations.
*ka ka ka ka ka ka

The entity that controls and manages those systems is the AI, "Noah." After it terminated the virtual version of "Kanzaki" it fell silent.
"Noah's" other self, "Moon" can also control all these systems.

The traffic jam that's happening now, the misbehavior of the robots, even these wild Aibos here, though they're fine now since I've modded them.
The TV jacks also happen to be part of it.

Then, what was the suspect's attitude when it came to work?
Well, to put it bluntly, he really wasn't much help.

It's pretty hard to believe that idiot is a terrorist. Though he does look like he'd rape someone. [It looks like he'd cause sex crimes]
That asshole...
A co-worker from the company that suspect, Sakamoto, worked at.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.
If she felt like it, she could even arm the nukes...
*ka ka ka ka ka ka

We're way ahead of ya!! [That's exactly right!!]

Page 172
So you've finally shown yourself, Furhur Ehara.
Are you the real one?

None other.
I've got "Moon" next to me too.

So you're the one pulling the strings behind the curtain. What exactly are you planning?

Oh ho! That's obvious. A world wide revolution! In order to the defeat the imperialism of America the Virtual world must...
Liar, you only desire destruction.

I guess I can't fool you, can I? [You saw through me? I guess so!]

Page 173
You got it.
What I'm after is the destruction of the human race.

What the hell is he talking about!?

Hey, if it isn't the ham-legged loser. I'm jealous.


Where is,

Huh-? I don't know!
Didn't you just say she was next to you? Get me Tsukiko-chan!!

Take a look.

Page 174
Right now, she's in the middle of concentrating so she can control all the nukes in the world.
She looks like she's having a little trouble with America, so hold on for a sec.
*Pachi Pai- Bi-


Page 175
Mrs. President! [or would it be Madam President?]

M-Mrs. President! We've got an emergency report from the department of Homeland Security. Please come with me immediately to the crisis center!
I understand, I'll be right there.

I'm getting bored of the cigars already, Bill.


Page 176
The ballistic missle defense systems of Russia, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia have all been,

knocked offline due to cyber terrorists. [made inoperable]

Furthermore, we've got a report that says the ballistic missles of those nations are all ready to fire!

Bump the Homeland Security Advisory System from yellow to red.
Lil' late on that one.
Ah, the third firewall has been penetrated. [3rd defense barrier]
That's fast!
You call this a hamburger? I told 'em to supersize me! And there aren't even any pickles.

It sure has become a real mess, Mrs. President.
Even though it was peaceful as usual 15 minutes ago.

At this rate, within the next 45 minutes we'll be entering the third world war. If the human race goes extinct then we won't be able to eat anymore hamburgers.

Page 177
Mrs. President, could I have a word?

Right now, we're all trying to defend against the hacking, but isn't that the least of our problems? [is it really okay]
If all we're doing is defending, we won't respond in time if another country launches a nuke.

But if the terrorists take over the system controls, then who knows what will happen.
We can leave the return fire on the other countries to our nuclear subs. Though if we do that the states will be wiped out.

I found out where they're attacking from! [Their means of entry]

Oh, where?
Let's take a look.

It's Japan

More percisely, it's coming from the Japanese game, "Unreal."
A game!?

Page 178
It's the virtual enemy state that defeated our army in the military simulation, the Ninth Empire.
We're in trouble now, even if we want to counter attack, that country doesn't even really exist.

Is our fate as humans,
to be exterminated by beings that don't even exist...?

Huh? The cyber attacks have stopped.

Eat this! I'm gonna infect them with my newest virus!! [Time for a counter attack]

Let's show 'em that the United States ain't no slouch when it comes to cyber technology!

Page 179

Page 180
Page 181
Draw your blades!!

Page 182
Come back here,
Ah damn,
She woke up.

Come back...

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