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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Juushin Enbu 8

Jaw of the Wolf

+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Apr 27, 2009 15:59 | Go to Juushin Enbu

-> RTS Page for Juushin Enbu 8

Page 1 (cover page)

Page 2 (contents)

-Chapter 8 "Jaw of the Wolf"
-Chapter 9 "Night of Gifts"
-Chapter 10 "The Lost People"
-Chapter 11 "Dark Dragon"

Page 3

-You lost sight of him!? / You idiots!! He must still be somewhere inside the grounds!!
-Find him!!
-You lot look on the north side!
-Make sure that the gate is closed!
-You saved me.

Page 4

-Come this way.
-Do you think we have time for you to stand around and consider this?
-(title) Chapter 8 "Jaw of the Wolf"
-There was a tunnel like this under the city?
-It is an escape route prepared if the Emperor ever needed to flee the castle. / We can't afford to be surprised.
-Hmmm (small) So that was it
-We've arrived.

Page 5

-The Touyuuji Temple is not too far away from here.
-Who on earth are you...?
-There is
-A piece of advice I would like to give you.

Page 6

-You are still not able to beat Shogun Keirou.
-Please take a look.

Page 7

-Even something of this strength was only done for some mere entertainment by Shogun Keirou. / The level of the Shogun's power is terrifying.
-If that's the case!!
-What can I do to make it better...
-Take your time
-And continue to increase your strength until you are ready.

Page 8

-If you don't want to die that is.
-My strength...

Page 9

-You lost track of him?
-I'm terribly / so
-I don't want to hear your excuses.
-However he wasn't to be found anywhere within the castle, he must have escaped to outside the castle somehow...
-You're good at using your tongue.
-Better than...

Page 10

-Those useless eyes? And ears?
-Or perhaps, your neck?
-P...please, I beg your forgiveness...
-Please / ...!?
-You're being quite the gentle one.

Page 11

-Show yourself, Shinmei!
-Bastard, where did you disappear up until now?
-Would it have better if I didn't? / And left that brat alone?
-That brat who carries the opposite star to Shogun Keirou...
-Correct answer.

Page 12

-In order to find him... / I'll let you use your Senrigan. (TN-Thousand Eye Sword)
-Too easy.

Page 13

-This is still not enough....

Page 14

-It's moving to see you training up until so late in the night.
-I need to have a little chat.
-Can you come with me
-Who was it that taught you Naiden?
-Hm? Ah, it was Kouei-san.
-I see...

Page 15

-Naiden was originally intended to be used to protect something.
-It's true power cannot be exercised by using it in anger.
-This is....

Page 16

-This is Ten-gi-in.
-The founding place of the Ken Empire.

Page 17

-Originally the Rikkashuu searched out for the Hokushin Tenkun, the North Star Celestials that appeared above the earth, it was a duty to see to the future.
-That is...
-Long ago
-In order to try to supress the wailing of a disturbed world one of the Hokushin Tenkun emerged.

Page 18

-The man of Hagun searched for and received the aid of the Rikkashuu.
-That man founded his single great empire at this place.
-So then, could it be...
-Uh huh
-The founder of the Ken Empire, The Kanbu Emperor
-Was the Hagun revealed four hundred years ago.
-The Hagun of...
-Four hundred years ago...?

Page 19

-The Kanbu Emperor carried the karma of a "champion", and following the destiny of Hagun he led the Goshin Toushi to found the Ken Empire.
-And now
-It's possible that Keirou has stolen the Kenkaranbu in order to destroy the Ken Empire that Hagun founded.
-Destroy the Empire?
-It is the same karma of a "champion" and hence they mutually try to destroy one another. / It is following the destiny of Hagun and Keiro.

Page 20

-Taitou, / You have to protect the empire.
-That is your destiny.

Page 21

-Really hate this empire.
-The people are all corrupt.
-The strong hold all the money and power
-I'm really disgusted...
-But you know...
-I'm trying to increase my strength so that I can keep a promise I made,
-With the Taiga Emperor
-Is that so...

Page 22

-...What!? You made a promise with His Majesty the Emperor!?
-Ah, this afternoon I kind of snuck into the emperor's palace.
-...Why does he have to be like this...
-Ryuushou-sama, it's terrible!!
-What's wrong, Rinmei.
-Yes, there is...
-The Genroutou at the Seimon Gate...

Page 23

-So what's their purpose here?
-That is...
-To arrest...
-Oh! Then in that case let them come in!!
-Stop that!
-Why Ryuushou-san!? You just said that Keirou it trying to destroy the empire!! If that's the case then why not!!
-Keirou's power is vast. / At the moment you are not capable of taking him on.
-It's useless, you'll just get killed.

Page 24

-We won't know that until we try
-Ahem, / He's exactly like Souei in his refusal to listen to reason.
-Take Taitou and leave this place.
-And try and find the other Goshintoushi as soon as you can!

Page 25

-We just came out of here this morning, do we really have to go back down it again?
-The temple has already been surrounded by the Genroutou. / If we are to leave safely then this is the only way.
-Rinmei, / Ryuukou
-Take these with you.
-These were from the last generation of Goshintoushi...
-Oh / The Rasenkon and Rinsenka.
-Since you are their masters you should have no problems using them.

Page 26

-Are you ready?
-This is the last thing I can do to help you.
-Go to the Rentsuuji Templre.
-If you talk to Master Sonnei then he should know something that you can do.
-Let's go, Rinmei.

Page 27

-Remain safe
-I leave the fate of the country to you
-Young masters.

Page 28

-Taitou / Have you come to?
-This is...
-The Genroutou!!
-What are you doing!
-The enemy will be coming after us any moment now!

Page 29

-Ryuukou! Where are the Genroutou!?
-In order to allow us to escape...
-Where's Ryuushou-san? Is he safe!?
-I...I don't know myself.
-The Imperial Army has him completely surrounded.
-He won't be able to get away safely.

Page 30

-If you knew that and yet you still ran away!!
-Stop it!
-Stop / please.
-We have no time.
-Let's hurry on ahead.

Page 31

-Laila-chan, are you alright?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
-I'm just a bit tired.
-Laila-dono, please stand up. / We don't have any time to rest.
-Ryuukou! Bastard, how can you be so uncaring!
-I do care but...
-Ryuukou / It will be dangerous travelling in the dark.
-Shouldn't it be alright if we wait until it is a little brighter?
-We'll wait until it gets a bit brighter. / Take a break until then.

Page 32

-I don't think you have the time for that.

Page 33

-I was waiting for you.
-Wh...what the...?
-That's a huge killing aura...
-There no way that's...

Page 34

-Keirou Hakuhou!!

Page 35

Page 36

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