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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Defense Devil 15

Judgment 4 Mysterious Woman 1

+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Jul 29, 2009 12:31 | Go to Defense Devil

-> RTS Page for Defense Devil 15

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Defense Devil Chapter 15

Page 1

-(middle top) A demon who protects humans. A girl who hunts demons.
-(middle) They have not yet met. Their origins are...
-(title) Judgment 4 Mysterious Woman 1

Page 2

-The Human World.
-Father, this is no place for children to be playing is it?
-Why on earth do we have to depend on these sorts of guys, I have no idea what the higher ups are thinking...
-(out of bubble) A new story starts!!
-An exorcism is required to investigate the cause of the accident.
-She is a Sister.
-There have been more than 10 seperate traffic accidents of unknown cause at this particular location.
-When there is no logical explanation to be found it only makes sence to attempt an illogical way of thinking approach.
-Detective-san, please do not worry...
-Idamaria was the highest achieving disciple in the whole of the Vatican.

Page 3

-Exorcism is a forbidden deed for Catholics.
-Actually, she was excommunicated from the Vatican.
-Wait, do we really want that woman...
-I will begin.

Page 4

-This was your work indeed.
-Foul demon.
-However your evil deeds end today. / I have already obtained your name.

Page 5

-She's smashing the glass even further... / Father, what the hell is she playing around...
-AAH, what the feck have ya done!!

Page 6

-You damn human!
-Ya didn' hurt me bitch!!
-That is my line.
-You damn demon!

Page 7

-What the feck!?

Page 8

-Whaddis thaas!?
-It's a rosary used by Saint Peter.
-I will prevent you from escaping further.
-By the grace of Lord God...
-We shall fear no-one.
-By the light of Lord God...
-Will shall fear nothing.

Page 9


Page 10

-I wouldn't have believed what just happened if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.
-I thought this was the type of stuff that only occured in movies. / Well thanks for saving us anyway.
-Thanks to you Sister we won't have any more problems here...
-It's three hundred thousand dollars.
-The exorcism fee.

Page 10

-Weren't you asking a bit too much with the three hundred thousand, / Idamaria.
-Hey, did you hear me?
-Ridding Dark Matter from demons requires expensive tools.
-You do know just how expensive this Rosary was don't you?
-If you keep on thinking like that then we'll never make enough money.
-...You really are planning on doing it.
-Demon Hunting.
-Don't look at me!

Page 12

-I don't want to have to keep saying it.
-For what they have done to me...
-I will continue until I have hunted all demons from this world.
-Fighting alongside Lord Jesus.

Page 13

-Event Horizon
-Alright, it's done, it's done!
-This will solidify my reputation as a demon!
-This could even challenge the human record in the Guiness Book of...
-Aah! What the hell are you doing!?
-You've been doing this all day instead of your parttime job! / Are you going to stop procrastinating on such useless crap!?

Page 14

-It's not useless Bichula...if only you would read the Guiness Book of Records. / Humans are able to understand me much better.
-You might think humans are pathetic at first glance, but I can see their value in times when they are challenged.
-You should try doing it with me. / Next we need to see how many farts we can make...
-I told you to get working!
-Oh, the Guiness Book...of Records?
-Heh~~this looks interesting.
-Do you want to try and enter a challenge together, Kucabara?
-How about trying to see how long we can hold a kiss for?

Page 15

-You seem awfully busy with something todya Elimona?
-I'm concerned with how you have been going.
-But nevermind that, I was able to make something new for you from your battle with Shugarl... / A Litmus Card!
-And also here are the magazines from the human world you wanted.
-Ouh! It's the newest issue of Shocking World!
-Uwah!? Really!?
-A cat got a dog pregnant? / Heh!
-Say, Kucabara...

Page 16

-What would you give as your full name?
-You're a member of the royal family so it would be Mephisto Bart Kucabara or something like that?
-...Nah. Everyone in the royal family has a middle name as well.
-My full name is "Mephisto Barto Dertor..." / "Reffert Lark Kucabara".
-That's too long...
-But why did you want to know my name?
-Can I give you a little lecture?
-Due to my circumstances living in the demon world does not agree with me,
-And do I live here in Event Horizon...
-But you are different to me me. / You are a demon, and a member of the royal family at that.

Page 17

-By your very nature,
-You are an enemy of humans.
-Do you understand the meaning of what I am saying? You may develop deep bonds with humans, but in the end the one who will be hurt, / is you.
-Okay, lecture is over.
-See you Kucabara.
-Doesn't concern me.

Page 18

-I know about it Elimona.
-It's my fault that something happened in the demon world.
-I promised that person.
-That I wouldn't get scared of anything any more.
-We have received new information from the demon world.

Page 19

-Our target this time, / Seems like quite a big fish.
-Who on earth did you recieve that information from?
-Father Salma.
-I cannot tell you.
-A big shot huh...I will do whatever is needed to get one step closer to my goal.
-I will definitely destroy this next one.
-Mephisto Barto...
-(side) Next time, Kucabara and the Sister meet. The premonition of a storm!!

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#1. by devilsadvocate101 ()
Posted on Jul 29, 2009
hey page five is it supposed to be "feck" due to accent or soemthing or in actuality is it supposed to be "fuck"

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