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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Defense Devil 26

Judgment 6 - The Key to the Demon World 1

+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Nov 2, 2009 07:49 | Go to Defense Devil

-> RTS Page for Defense Devil 26

Reserved for IEatManga. Thanks to those guys for working on this every week.

Page 1

-(side right)-Sublimely and beautifully delivering a magical bouquet
-(side left)-Another...protagonist!?
-(bottom) Judgment 6 - The Key to the Demon World 1

Page 2

-Human World.
-The sublimely beautiful Sister Idamaria Returns!!

Page 3

Page 4

-Holy Gauntlet

Page 5

-I keep seeing you things night after night.
-It's like the whole of the demon world is coming through...
-But I'll wipe you all out until there isn't a single one left!!

Page 6

Page 7

-I'm finished, / Master!!
-Good, Bichula!!
-Then let's go!!
-Back to the demon world!!

Page 8

-Please wait for me!
-I will most certainly... / Avenge you!!
-But are you really sure this is alright master?
-The one who killed Funi-chan...
-Was most probably Legato-sama! / Master...your younger brother!!
-What's more, you've already given
-All of your power to him...

Page 9

-This is no time to worry! / We've collected a whole heap of Dark Matter!!
-I'm confident of myself / This time.
-The way he does things, / Is definitely wrong!!
-We can't leave him alone any longer. / We'll bring an end to this now!!

Page 10

-Alright! I'll open a space-time barrier, / between the demon world and Event Horizon.
-Ooooh! It opened.
-We can return to the demon world!!

Page 11

-Come on! / Fly straight into it Bichula!!
-We were repelled!?
-...What's going on!?
-That can't be it! Could it be... / We still don't have enough strength to return to the demon world?
-What should we do...
-No idea...

Page 12

-And so?
-I don't know why it happened...I'd even managed to open the barrier.
-So, you came to ask for my help...
-I've been lonely Kucabara. / Is that all you have to say?
-Ah, oh yeah...the Dark Matter... / I'm willing to pay of course...
-And? Do I need to ask again? Haven't you noticed anything?
-Eh!? ...Oh!! Yo, you got a new hairstyle!? It suits you really well!!
-Oh you, you're too much! Girls are so weak against flattery~~~ / It seems you've grown up a bit, Ku-chan!!
-No, no~~ You seriously are cute!!
-But, don't be mistaken. A ticket to the demon world is exceedingly expensive.
-...Uh, how much?

Page 13

-Don't worry about that.
-I'm going to give you a bonus this time.
-Human world.
-Maria! Idamaria!?
-What is the meaning of this Idamaria!?
-You can't control your Holy Power!?
-I don't understand the reason but recently, / When I'm using my power here...
-I feel like I am being swallowed up,
-By something strange deep inside me...

Page 14

-Father... / I've been thinking perhaps, whether even some one like a demon for example... could have a virtuous heart...
-Hm? What!? A virtuous demon...?
-No I mean...
-My faith in Lord Jesus is still not enough.
-What is going on with me...
-If I don't achieve more repentance then...
-Ever since I met him...
-I've been extremely agitated...
-In chapter 6 of the Gospels---
-"The Lord appears for children on the day of the sabbath"... / Get a bit of rest, Idamaria.

Page 15

-This item's name is "The door to hell". (TN- It's literally "the door to the demon world"...but it just works better this way)
-Th...this is a door...!?
-To be precise, this points out the way to the door, kind of like a compass.
-Kucabara, you couldn't return to the demon world, / because you were repelled by a strong barrier.
-As you are now you have the power to open the door, / But you don't have the power to enter it.
-...So, this thing can help to supplement it then...
-It works a little different but, I suppose you could put it that way.

Page 16

-Perhaps I could tempt you into, / a place where you can obtain power!
-...You know, I just can't believe... / That there could be such a convenient item...
-One look is better than hearing it a hundred times! / If you're a real man then hurry up and get it!
-Eeeh!? Wait isn't this the place you shower...!?
-Exactly <3 <3 <3
-Eh!? Don't push, don't push!!
-Impossible, I'm not going in!!

Page 17

-You guys will surely, / Be able to acquire that power.
-But doing so won't be quite so simple.
-Hey, hold on Elimona!!
-Where am I!?
-What is this stuff! / What is going on with it all...
-You said you wanted the power to go to the demon world, didn't you. <3
-Ah, Elimona!!
-Master~~ I can't see anything in front of me!

Page 18

-I found you Elimona!! / Cut out your stupid prank!!
-I'm really angry with you!!
-Do you think I have time to piss around like this...!!

Page 19-20

Page 21

-(side) Elimona who holds the secret!! Idamaria who holds the key to the door!! And Kucabara who holds the breasts!! Next time, Heaven or hell!?
-Try your best, Ku-chan.
-The adventure...
-Is just getting started.
-(bottom) Continued Issue 49

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#1. by Stupidvampire ()
Posted on Nov 3, 2009

-(side) Elimona who holds the secret!! Idamaria who holds the key to the door!! And Kucabara who holds the breats!! Next time, Heaven or hell!?

>>>> I just noticed a small misspelling (breats is supposed to be breasts). That's all, and thank you for the translations! :3
#2. by Lingwe ()
Posted on Nov 3, 2009
Ah yes of course, thanks Stupidvampire.

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