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Kagamigami 6

Joining Up

+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Oct 17, 2015 08:18 | Go to Kagamigami

-> RTS Page for Kagamigami 6

Kagamigami chapter 6

Page 1

-File 1 - Joining up!


-For real?

-Does this mean




Page 2


-Nice job!

Page 3

-File 6 - Joining Up!

Page 4


-Nod too sabby...

-I compwetewy wost dis time

-But I won't wose da next!

-When Hewl and Hweaven opwen der gate

-I'll show you my gweatest masterpweace.



-He completely melted.


Page 5

-Just one hit!


-Thank you very much Karasuma-san.

-I went all out.

Page 6

-So innocent...

-Such a difference.

-Kukuku, Kagami-kun.


-How interesting.

-You're that...

-Aren't you...

-A destroyer!


-What do you mean by that!?

-Your nickname.


-"Kagami - the Shikigami destroyer".

-It sounds pretty cool hey?

-It's cool Kyousuke!

-No, I'm fine.
Please don't call me that.

Page 7

-SFX* driving


Page 8



Page 9

-SFX* clatter

-Are you okay?

-Don't bother me.

-I see.

-This way he avoids leaving any evidence behind.


-You said you were called Kagami Kyousuke right.

Page 10

-I'll remember that name.

-Y-You showing respect!

-Whaddid ya say!

-I guess it was little interesting...

-You see!

-Oh yeah, Kagami-kun.
I forgot but, this is for you.


-The badge of a Shikigami Association member.

-This contains the identification information about your status as a public servant within the Shikigami Association.

-It can be linked with GHOST or you can carry it.

Page 11


-With this you're officially a member of the Shikigami Association.

-Welcome aboard.

-And try your best,


-I will!


Page 12

-Shido-san, you didn't think that we're done here do you?

-You can't get away with just an apology.

-The association squad will have to work to clean this place up.

-And don't think that Shikigami can be used to repair it as before.

-You can't mean this month's salary again...

-You're damn right it's being cut!
Isn't it about time you took the bill to the Shido clan?

-I don't think so...

-Don't worry, I'll make sure you get paid your reward Kagami-kun.

-Hm? Reward?


-Oh yeah!


Page 13


-Early this morning in front of a shopping mall a young (sexy) headband wearing girl,

-Was arrested by the gathered police officers for causing a disturbance claiming to be a detective. Will this be on TV?

-Mako-san's thoughts reaching Kyousuke (imaginary).


Page 14

I almost got a criminal record!

-Thank goodness you're safe, Mako-san.

-Are you okay too? Not hurt?

-I'm fine!

-It would have been fun if you did get one.

-Oh, thank god.

-Ah, good to see you got out, Princess Detective.

Page 15

-Hm? What're you doing here?


-Don't just eat my "Detective Pudding" which I bought with the last of my food money!

-Karasuma-san was the one able to get you out.

-I got the Deputy Director to speak with the police.

-It's because I'm trying to look out for Kagami-kun.
I did save you by the way, so thanks would nice.

-But that was my dinner...

-What kind of diet are you living on.

-It's a good thing that you didn't get a criminal record at least.

-Yes that's true...
Who the hell are you!?

-Why is everyone eating my Detective Pudding!?

Page 16

-Ah, please excuse me. I'm Shido.
Nice to meet you, please treat me well.

-I feel like I've heard that name somewhere before.

-It looks like Shido-san became a completely different person.

-His personality changes when he isn't fighting.

-I hope you don't mind if I sit down.

-Before you returned

-Kagami-kun and I spoke and reached this decision.

-The special reward from the Association of 250,000 yen,
T/N about $2,500.

-Will be paid to the Miyoshi Detective Agency rather than Kagami-kun.

Page 17


-I was able to solve this incident with your help Mako-san.

-Of course the fee should go to the Miyoshi Detective Agency.

-It'll be best if you take it.

-Kagami-kun won't accept it.

-No way...


-I'm this agency's assistant detective!

-I can't just allow you to let me live together with you.

-Besides, I don't even have a bank account, so I should let you take it anyway!

Page 18


-Okay, I understand.

-I'll hold onto it carefully.

-It'll be gone in no time.

-He's eating it all.

-I'm happy to finally be getting a salary for the first time!

-Huh, how old are you?

-I turn 16 this year.



Page 19

-So, which high school do you attend?

I don't go to one!

-I was just planning on working when I came to Tokyo.

-Well, there's no helping it is there.



-There's no way I'm letting that happen.


-It's annoying and sucks,
But it's better for you to go to school, Kagami-kun.

-H-He's right.

-You can't miss out on this part of your youth!


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