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Kagamigami 6

FILE 6 - Admission!

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Mar 17, 2015 09:19 | Go to Kagamigami

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Kagamigami by Toshiaki IWASHIRO

Kagamigami - [ FILE 6 - Admission! ]

And caught up, will try to post new chapters translations every Sunday from now on.


Insert (left): Smashed!!
Hollow Rabbit thinking: Huh, // Really? // Did I actually // lose…? // Damn… // Them…!

Hollow Rabbit: Dat cand beeeee!!! (for PR: Hollow Rabbit slurs heavily in the following bubbles on p2 and p04 so I'll put the normal English text in brackets and green so you can see what he originally says and make minor modification to the slurring) (That can't beee!!!)
Hakutenmaru: Well done, guys!

Insert: Welcome to Miyoshi Detective Agency! We'll solve any and every case you bring us!
FILE 6 - Admission!
Author (right): Toshiaki IWASHIRO

Hollow Rabbit: Hah… Hah…! // Well bone… // Dis dime I loze… // Bud nexd dime I bon’t…! // Onze de gedes ob heaben and hel oben // I'll bace you with by greadest bork… (todo) (Well done… // This time I lose… // But next time I won't…! // Once the gates of Heaven and Hell open, // I'll face you with my greatest work…)
Hakutenmaru: What?! // Ah! // …He dissolved.
Karasuma: Kagami!

Karasuma thinking: He took him out in one punch…!!
Kagami: …Hmm… // Thank you very much, Mr. Karasuma. // I got to fight more than I thought!

Karasuma: (thinking) Such simplicity… // He's completely different from before! // Heh Heh Heh, Kagami.
Kagami: Yes?
Karasuma: That was interesting! // You're.. // Yeah… // You're a destroyer!!
Kagami: (thinking) A destroyer?! // Why do you say that?
Karasuma: It's a nickname.
Kagami: No waaay!!
Karasuma: Now you're "Kagami, the shikigami destroyer". // Pretty cool, ain't it?
Haku: It's so cool, Kyousuke!
Kagami: No, I'll pass. / You don't need to call me like that!!

Shikigami: Heh Heh.

Shikigami: Heh Heh Heh Heh.
Karasuma: Mr. Shido.

Sfx: Chk // Scrrr…
Karasuma: You alright?
Shido: Shut up. // I see. // So that was the ulterior motive for the cotton in his stomach; to not leave any evidence… // Hmph… // Your name's… // Kyousuke Kagami, yeah?

Shido: I'll… remember it!
Karasuma: H-How frank…!
Shido: Shut up!! // I admit, that was kinda interesting…
Karasamu: Right?! // Oh yeah, Kagami. // I forgot to give you this.
Kagami: Huh?
Karasuma: It's the Shikigami Association members' badge. // It contains your position information, that you're a government employee with a special status of the Shikigami Association. // You can either link it with your GHOST device or just carry it on you.

GHOST: Kyousuke Kagami
Karasuma: Kagami, // you've now been officially admitted in the Shikigami Association.
Shido: Don't disappoint me, // junior!
Karasuma: Give it your best, ok?
GHOST: Keiichi Shido // Takumi Karasuma
Kagami: Yes!!
Karasuma: …Now,

Karasuma: You didn't actually think the case would get closed just like that, right, Mr. Shido? // You won’t make it up by apologizing.
Shido: Urgh!
Karasuma: The association's cleaning squad will have to work their ass off to fix everything! // You're greatly mistaken if you think they'll fix everything by using shikigami!!
Shido: Don't tell me, this month my salary will once again…
Karasuma: Obviously, it'll be cut!! / Isn't it about time you brought the bill to the Shido clan?
Shido: That'd be bad…
Karasuma: Don't worry, you'll properly be rewarded Kagami!
Kagami: Sure…
Haku: …Hm? A reward? // Money?
Kagami: Ah, I forgot! // Mako!

Mako (thinking): Kyou-su-ke!! // Early this morning, in front of the shopping mall, a young (and sexy) woman that was wearing an alice band // was arrested by the Police officers that had gathered on site as she was causing a ruckus by shouting "I'm a detective" and other such things. You think they're going to tell that on TV? // (author note) Mako (imaginary) feeling that reached Kyousuke.
Kagami: Makoooooooo!

Mako: Kyousuke! / I was about to get a criminal record!
Kyousuke: I'm glad you're fine, Mako.
Mako: And what about you? Are you hurt?
Kyousuke: Not at all!
Mako: Really, that's good!
Haku: It'd been funny if you'd gotten one.
Karasuma: Oh! I'm glad you got out, detective girl.

Mako: Hm? // Why are you here? // Don't eat the pudding I bought with my last food expenses without asking me first!!!
Karasuma: Hah Hah Hah Hah
Pudding: Mako
Kagami: You got out thanks to Mr. Karasuma.
Karasuma: I talked over with the Vice-Director so that he could contact the Police. // Well, that's also because I'm supposed to make sure Kagami stays out of trouble. / I saved you so the least you could do is thank me!
Mako: That was supposed to be my dinner for tonight…
Karasuma: What exactly do you eat to live?
Shido: A-Anyway, it's a relief you didn't get a criminal record.
Mako: Ah, yes. That's right… Wait! / Who're you?!! // And why the heck is everyone eating my pudding?!!

Shido: I-I apoligize. I'm called Shido…! / Nice to meet you. I'll be in your care from now on.
Mako: I heard that name before…
Kagami: Mr. Shido feels like a completely different person.
Karasuma: He’s got a weak personality when he’s not fighting. // That aside, take a seat. // Before you came back, // Kagami and I talked and reached the following decision: // The special reward of two hundred and fifty thousand yen from the Association // will be paid to the Miyoshi Detective Agency and instead of Kagami!

Mako: No waaaaay!!
Kagami: Mako, we solved this case together. // This reward for succeeding should naturally go to the Miyoshi Detective Agency.
Karasuma: You should accept. // Kagami's been pretty stubborn saying he won't accept the money.
Mako: No way… // Kyousuke…
Kagami: I'm this office's assistant detective! // I can't just have you let me live here with you. // I don't even have a bank account anyway so I'll have you take care of it!

Mako: Uu… // Uuuh~ Got it~ // I'll properly hang on to it.
Karasuma (thinking): Bet she'll be broke in no time. // He's eating like crazy. - So dark.
Kagami: I'm glad my first ever salary could be that useful!
Karasuma: Hm? How old are you, Kagami?
Kagami: As of this year, 16!
Karasuma (thinking): 16…?!
Mako: Kyousuke…
Kagami: Yes?

Mako: What about school?
Kagami: Ah, / I don't go! // I planned on working once I got to Tokyo… // Well, it can't be helped… I guess. // Huh…? // …What is it?
Mako: I won't allow it…!!
Kagami: Eh?!
Karasuma: That's no good. It'll be pretty bothersome for you but / You'd be better off going to school, Kagami.
Shido: T-That's right, you should.
Mako: I won't allow you not knowing what's school like!!!
Kagami: Eh?!
Left: The case's been solved but a shadow of unrest still looms in the air… But for now, the main problem is Kyousuke's high school debut?!
Kagamigami …FILE 6 / End.
Next time, Kyousuke debuts high school?! What will he find there at the school of the city…?!

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#1. by dyron ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2015
Thaks for Kagami. Can you translate the c. 4 and 5 too?
#2. by vinceled ()
Posted on Apr 9, 2015
@dyron, sorry for the late reply, didn't see your comment >.> Well they are tled but are set to private.

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