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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Juushin Enbu 6

Darkness Over There

+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Dec 12, 2008 04:23 | Go to Juushin Enbu

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Juushin Enbu Chapter 6

Page 93

Title - Darkness Over There

Page 94

Page 95


Page 96

-I hope you won't be angry, because I found a new purpose.
-...I'm going with Taitou's group.
-To Rakushou...

Page 97

Page 98

-The preparations for the troops to leave are complete, Your Majesty.
-Uh huh.
-Please wait a moment, Your Majesty.
-What need is there to send the soldiers out?

Page 99

-Haven't we witnessed disturbing trends in the lands of Goken?
-Yes, Your Majesty.
-Were you not aware of that? Toukaku
-Your Majesty...
-Since Your Majesty has been wearing the crown,
-You should consult me whenever you need to decide to order soldiers to move.
-Well...that is...
-His Majesty was simply being thoughtful by not troubling Shogun Toukaku with
trivialities like this.
-Do you not understand that?
-Hold your tongue! His Majesty and I are speaking to one another!
-A maid of honour like yourself should not open her mouth!!

Page 100

-You vixen...

Page 101

-Heading off to do battle again.
-Taki-sama, you'll get your hands dirty.

Page 102

-Do not forget thy duty.
-...Yes, Father.
-This path was what Kouei-sama told us in her letter.
-(small text from laila)-Thanks for that
-If we go in through this way then nobody from the city will be able to see us entering.
-And also...

Page 103

-That is the capital of the Tei Empire.
-It's good we've made it here.
-The Kenkaranpu, Kouei-san's foe, they're all here.
-Your Majesty.

Page 104

-Those flowers are for?
-Yes. I picked them from the garden at my mansion so that I could give them to Your Majesty in order to brighten up the room.
-Is that so, thank you.
-I'm sorry, Taki.
-What is the matter
-Because your father is good at fighting, I had to send him out to do battle.
-Your Majesty is the Emperor of the Ken Empire. I don't mind what you have to do.
-Taki speaks the truth, Your Majesty.

Page 105

-Your Majesty is the only one who has the blood of Kanbutei, the founder of the Empire running through his veins.
-There is nobody in the Empire who can go against that precious bloodline.
-...So it is the bloodline in the end, huh.

Page 106

-So that Kanbutei used the Kenkaranpu as well?
-The name Ken for the Ken Empire came from the Kenkaranpu in the first place.
-According to Master Sonnei only a true hero would be able to draw the Kenkaranpu.
-Kanbutei was selected by the sword, because he was a true hero in order to found a single large country called the Ken Empire.
-Selected by the sword.
-...A true hero...

Page 107

-The Kenkaranpu will only allow the one hero it has admitted to pull it out, all others are not forgiven.
-That sword sounds kind of bossy!
-But why was that enormous sword in the Rentsuuji Temple?
-That's obvious, because I was chosen by heaven to be the Emperor.
-There's no way.
-Staying up isn't good for your health, Your Majesty.

Page 108

-Can you not sleep?
-Yes...something is...
-Making me feel uneasy.

Page 109

-Although it looks kind of like a mansion, is this really the city?
-Damn, looks like a dump.

Page 110

-Coming out from this place, who on earth are you?
-If you don't answer honestly I may have to punish you.
-I don't know you are talking...

Page 111

-Wh, wh, wh,
-What the hell!?

Page 112

-You're not half bad.
-You too.
-What's going on?

Page 113

-Welcome back, Ryuukou
-I've returned, Rinmei.
-I am the head priest of Touyuuji Temple, Ryuushou Moukan.
-I welcome you after your long journey.
-I'm Housei Neitou.
-And, this is Shoukou.
-I'm Seiryuutou's Taitou Shirei.

Page 114

-I am his younger sister, Laila Seirei.
-It's been a long time, almost 12 years. You two have grown tall.
-I don't remember you though.
-I'm terribly sorry Ryuushou-san! It's because my brother is an idiot!!
-Haa haa haa, it's okay. Which reminds me, are Master Sonnei and Souei doing well?
-Ah, they're fit as ever.
-Your welcome.
-Ryuushou-sama, I should head out to buy dinner?
-Huh? Isn't is still a bit too early?
-Because we have welcomed the customers shouldn't we show them a bit of luxury.
-Hmm...That's right, growing children need to eat.

Page 115

-Because it will probably be troublesome if Rinmei goes by herself would you also-
-Yes, yes, yes! I'll go! I'll help!
-Is it alright? A lot of hard work?
-At the Rentsuuji Temple I also helped out a lot.
-Hmph. Don't you just want to go out so that you can go sightseeing.
-If Laila-chan is going then I'll go too.
-Shopping is something that only girls are familiar with.
-Boys will just be a nuisance.
-Well then, thank you.

Page 116

-Have a good time.
-Let's go, Laila-chan!
-My oh my.
-She can be a terrible blockhead sometimes.

Page 117

-Jesus! I thought that he had finally returned home after such a long time.
-What kind of feelings did he think I was waiting for!!
-Rinmei-san, wait...
-Ryuukou you...
-Ryuukou you...
-Your reason for coming?

Page 118

-You didn't really come here just to do some sightseeing around the capital?
-What did you say!?
-...The Kenkaranpu...
-You don't heard anything about a man from the Genroutou named Shinmei do you?
-Hmm...I haven't been in contact with the Genroutou.
-I see...
-So then, where is the bastard called Keirou?
-He's the Shogun right?

Page 119

-What will you do if you know?
-I've decided! I'm going to reclaim the Kenkaranpu back!!
-Sorry but that's impossible.
-I won't lose no matter who it is I face!!
-That's not what I meant. He's left the city at the moment.
-He recently left so he won't be back today or tomorrow.
-That's why I want to know when he will! Is it the day after tomorrow, the day after that!?
-Chill out.
-He won't come back any faster.

Page 120

-But for what reason could the Shogun Keirou be seeking the Kenkaranpu...
-Could he know the identity of that sword?
-Actually there is one more thing about Shogun Keirou that we need to tell you about...

Page 121

-Your Grace Keirou!
-Our siege of Goken has been completed!
-Let's go, Kouchou.

Page 122

-Only those two went off again.
-Perhaps there is a way. With the strength of those two the bloodshed will be great.
-Wherever we went with them they never failed to break through.

Page 123

-That was two people!?
-Two people!?
-Keirou and Kouchou!!
-Repel their attack!!

Page 124 125

Page 126


Page 127

-A monster...

Page 128

-You say Shogun Keirou is Tonrou!?
-Most likely...there's no doubt about it.
-Who on earth told you about that?
-My Master.
-...Kouei Kuju?
-Master Rokuson knew even more about the destiny of the stars than Kouei. The
Goshintoushi gathering around Hagun is also the destiny of the stars...

Page 129

-But even so...
-That's right...Shogun Keirou is...
-It's okay, the remaining two Goshintoushi, we'll have to find them.
-So that is destiny after all.
-Hold on a moment Ryuukou-san.
-If you and I are only two of the Goshintoushi. So then where are the other three?
-Rinmei who was just here until a short while ago,
-Is the bearer of the Gomon star.

Page 130

-Eeh!? But Rinmei-san is just a girl...
-If you say that in front of her you'll get a terrible shock.
-Terrible shock...
-What's wrong? Rinmei-san
-I noticed someone saying something bad about me. I'll have to punish them later.
-Please refrain from saying anything that would make Rinmei angry.

Page 131

-We'll finish our talk here. I'll look into Shinmei on my end.
-Ah, I'm counting on you.
-While I'm checking on it you should enjoy yourselves.
-It would be a good idea for you to go and see the sights of the city.
-There are things to speak about with your master.

Page 132

-As expected from the heart of the empire.
-Even though it isn't a festival there are still so many things here.
-Even though I'm getting lost it's still fun.
-Tch. What's fun about wandering around with you.
-Aah. It would have been fun if Laila-chan was with us...
-You little thief!!
-You dirty refugee brat!!
-Oh yuck, a refugee.

Page 133

-Oy, stop already.
-That idiot!
-He did something that threw our schedule off again!
-(tiny text) What what
-He stole some important merchandise from out of my shop!
-It wasn't just a childish prank. Shouldn't you adults be ashamed for treating him that way?
-You think I should keel over to every refugee?
-Ah, that's true.
-So, How much?
-The price of the goods he stole.
-I'll pay for it so it will be okay, right? Housei!

Page 134

-Why do I have to...
-I don't have any money. Laila took my wallet.
-Hey, can you stand?
-What's with him.
-Ah..oy! Wait a minute!

Page 135

-Where are we?
-...I lost sight of him.
-Geez. What were you running after him for so long for anyway.
-No, I just kind of ran after him...
-...But more importantly...

Page 136

-What is this...

Page 137

-What's with...this place...?
-It's like there is no life here...
-The atmosphere is really heavy.
-It's terrible.
-I've been to many places in the empire where there are refugee camps.
-This is the worst.

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