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Bokke-san 3

Proof of Existence

+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Jan 3, 2009 02:24 | Go to Bokke-san

-> RTS Page for Bokke-san 3

Bokke-san Chapter 3

Anyone is free to use this for scanlation, but please wait until Hitsugaara has released his version before you upload yours.

Translator's Note- You'll notice that in this chapter I refer to what Hino is as a Nekogami, while in the previous chapter I called it a Cat God. This is because it is a new series I am still trying to figure out what I should leave in the Japanese and what I should translate fully into english. I'll be referring to the Cat God as a Nekogami from now on. Sorry for any confusion that this causes.

Page 1

-(sidetext)Able to learn the truth
-I'm a...god...?
-New Series 3rd Chapter "Bokke-san"
-Hahahan, I see now...
-I understand / the reason you came into this library.
-To find
-Your own identity
-Boy, you came

Page 2

-to find out about "Nekogami"... (TN-Nekogami = Cat God)
-(Title) Chapter 3 Proof of Existence
-If you read the Bokke Book / "Those strong feet allow them to leap over valleys from the mountain tops"
-"Their sharp claws can tear rock, a very tough half-beast"
-That's totally right!!

Page 3

-Easy there.
-I surrender, half-beast-san.
-Hino...? What's wrong? / Ah
-"Could it be"
-"That I'm not human?"
-A lucky guess...?
-Is that what are you thinking? That's what kind of being you are? Hahaha.
-We are the same type of being?
-Hold on! Are you implying that he's some kind of montser like you!?
-Don't talk like such an amateur...!!

Page 4

-Hey, Hino..
-A half-beast...that's right
-That's why...these ears and hands...how they form...I can understand / A "Bokke" is...
-Carrying an strange power...a being...it's not
-human...it's another existence.
-But, but
-It's strange...!! This kind of thing today / Impossible
-But in front of my eyes / he transformed / I did too
-An unknown / creature
-I am
-A Bokke is

Page 5

-Borrowing the name of god / But is actually an unknown "Monster"
-Ahe~m / Hino-sama, God-sama Nekogami-sama, thankyou~~
-Ah / Well~~~ / It's good right~~ God-sama~!! With this money I'll have good luck at school, I'm glad!
-Here you are Hino, your offering

Page 6

-Okay, Hino-kun, bend this spoon
-by using your supernatural power.
-"Come on, hurry up"
-"Hurry and do it, you monster"
-That's dangerous

Page 7

-Wh... / wh-wh-wh-why wasn't I just cut then? (small text below) You cut my hair
-He was able to make a cut like that even while making sure she stayed safe...
-Besides, if there is something that you don't like then say it with your mouth instead.
-Oy, Look here cat, can you hear me, hello, hell~~o
-You know...
-...you are
-Wait up dammit!!

Page 8

-Leave him be. / He's a beginner Bokke, so it's going to be difficult for him.
-And besides / When men are troubled
-They prefer to be lonely
-Basically, men prefer the freedom of rock,
-Bye, bye, Aberu
-What!? So this means Hino isn't a human!?
-Grr, I can't think straight.
-What's going on~~ So many different things have happened in the past two days. / Thanks to that I have so many things that I need to do now.

Page 9

-Where are you!?
-Hino is the one who has made me think about all these extra things
-Sayu-chan, I'm home~~
-Obaa-chan, big news, big news.
-It's about Hino
-He's in the middle of a television appearance~~
-I missed seeing that, your Hino-kun that is.
-He's not mine.
-Oh my, this is this Ferris Wheel that you fell from.
-Yeah / It's an on site investigation!!

Page 10

-The decisive picture
-was taken in this area.
-It always makes happy when I see that photo.
-(handwritten) Thank you
-I wonder when we will see Hino
-So then...after this
-Will we / be witness to another "miracle"!?
-Ah, it's Hino!!
-Oh, amazing!!
-Eh, Hino-kun
-He's sweating a lot...

Page 11

-On the "Science vs Supernatural power" special...
-We have the Science Representative "Professor Tameki"
-The highlight was to be using telekinesis to bend a metal spoon...
-However... / 20 minutes have already passed without anything happening.
-Only 5 more minutes until we finish broadcasting...the audience is completely focused.
-That's no good Hino~~
-He was doing well 3 days ago.
-Professor Tameki is trembling...!?
-You can't even bend the spoon one time...!!
-Supernatural power!!?
-Instead at the place where he bent it, he was just playing a role!!

Page 13

-Or rather I should say...playing evil!!!
-Has everyone forgotten!?
-What happened when those with "supernatural powers" got mad.
-All those numerous loathesome accidents!!
-Listen Hino-kun, / You are the same as those people.
-Can you even see your dream?
-You aren't a hero.
-You are an enemy to society.

Page 13

-I'm a "Monster"
-Hey you!
-I'm such an idiot

Page 14

-If I had just listened to Sayu and went to eat frozen ice with her
-I wouldn't have found out anything
-By accident...!!
-It would have been better if I was "Air" after all
-(partly obscured) Bokke Boy
-(partly obscured) Am I human
-I want to forget everything
-(SFX) Bazuu
-(partly obscured) Can you see your dream
-Yeah, a dream

Page 15

-Bokke don't exist?
-But, everything that has happened in the past two days
-Hasn't been a dream

Page 16

-(SFX)*Uuuun / Garara* (TN-All sound effects of the fan)
-(SFX)*Uuuun / Garara*

Page 17

-You ran too far.
-...Or rather
-What is...this place?
-It's in the corner of the alley of the stationary shop so,
-There should be a short cut to come out just in front of the station.
-Eh...? It's not there...?
-Hang on...!! / The street disappeared!!

Page 18

-There's no exit / What is a shopping mall doing in a place like this!?
-Hey, Hino!!
-Are you listening?
-(SFX)*step* / *step* / *step*

Page 19

-Haa / haa
-Hey / hey
-(SFX)*Ka / shink*

Page 20

-Is this a dream?
-No, It's not
-Stay there!

Page 21

-This guy is a Bokke...!!

Page 22


Page 23

-Ahe, ahe
-Uuh... / Hino...you okay?
-...Sayu... / you...?
-...Hehe...Ouch...you talked...
-Yeah...somehow I okay...
-He's not coming after us.
-This is strange. / Perhaps he thought we died...
-(SFX)*rub rub*
-What's wrong?

Page 24


Page 25

-(SFX)*rub rub*

Page 26

-...Ma, Matsuroba...is
-"A town of the Gods"

Page 27

-"A Town of the Bokke"
-I had an amazing dream...Hino.
-...Oh that seal...
-I am
-This town's
-(SFX)*zzz zzz*
-You look like you've just seen a dream..ahaha...
-(sidetext)Everything is reality. The seal has been signed. Starting from today he takes his first step as a Bokke.

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#1. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Jan 3, 2009
#2. by Hitsugaara ()
Posted on Jan 3, 2009
Thanks, I'm on it. Maybe tomorrow will be released.
I'll try my best.
Thanks again lingwe.

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