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Bokke-san 4


+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Jan 28, 2009 10:31 | Go to Bokke-san

-> RTS Page for Bokke-san 4

Bokke-san Chapter 4

Reserved for ShinraTensei Scanlation

Woah hooray for late releases. It couldn't be helped though since I've been travelling around for the past month. Got to see Nagoya and catch up with a friend, Kyoto, Osaka, Wakayama, Kobe, Nara, Tokyo (for a day, had a bad hotel so I cancelled it after only one night and then went to) Hiroshima, Kurume where I caught up with my old Japanese assistant sensei and her family, Kumamoto, Nagasaki, and finally Matsuyama (tomorrow), and probably Takamatsu, and maybe Osaka again since this time I'll be able to blow all my money away on drinks since I won't have to budget anymore. Anyway, expect chapter 5 to come soon as well.

Page 1

-(sidetext)It's been one week since the day he protected Sayu and Mimi.
-(SFX)*Zawa* -wind blowing
-(SFX)*Zawa zawa*
-There's been multiple crimes!!
-Try and reduce the damage.
-You can't... / stop
-You can't ask... / for help

Page 2

-Mo-mo-money / If I give you money then spare my life...
-That's no good. Die.
-You'll die right away now.

Page 3

-Hey, old man!?
-(SFX)*Zawa zawa* -wind blowing
-Did he fall down?
-It was a criminal / once again.
-A murder...!!
-(title) Chapter 4 Tracker
-(sidetext) The tragedies don't stop...!

Page 4

-Another one...!!
-Nanmandabu Nanmandabu (TN- Buddhist chant)
-The criminal struck again, so fast...!!
-The criminal who did this wasn't...
-It's not the one responsible for the cut-in-half murder.
-In this town
-The growth of the Bokke is continuing

Page 5

-Ahh~~~I missed it, ohhh~~~
-Oh~~~ This game is so difficu-
-Wawawa~~ Hino, Hino~~~
-The scenes in at that part of the volume are so~~~
-Why, why
-Why didn't you say you were reading that earlier~~
-Time to clear the next stage.

Page 6

-(SFX)*press press*
-I thought that reading manga and playing games would calm my head down but
-....It's useless.
-My own identity

Page 7

-That is
-I'm not too sure exactly what...but
-It think that
-Myself and that monster are similar
-Hey / You're acting too upset.
-How come you act like this around me...
-Sayu, that's the kind of response you would give...
-I would too...
-4 days ago Matsuroba Police Department
-I can't meet with Mimi-chan!?
-Why, why!?

Page 8

-How to say this...
-She said it just / as you guys came.
-Mimi-chan remembered her mother.
-Her chest started having difficulties
-...Now that child has been sleeping for 20 hours a day.
-The shock of the accident has caused her to go into a nervous breakdown.
-The emotional trauma is immense.
-She is having nightmares at night while her eyes are closed.
-The figure of her dead mother keeps on appearing before her.

Page 9

-For her lifetime perhaps...
-Thats a heavy "Reality"
-I'm sure that that experience as well
-lead to an irreversible reality
-I am...a "Bokke"...but...
-How about a cake set?
-There was a murder in the shopping street!?
-Where, here!?
-What of it?
-Will I be able to use my special skills the next time I get involved?
-I'm fairly sure that's impossible. It's only an accident that I was able to use that

Page 10

-What if the next time they are aiming for
-Noo~~~ I don't want Matsuroba to turn into a scary place!!
-It's like in that basement under the ground!
-The sound of a shutter!? It sounded like it was extrodinarily close though...just my imagination...?
-It's no good~~Anyway, Can't we just stamp a seal and kick out all the criminals/ On the other hand, I don't even know where you are going and the more I think about it the scarier it becomes.
-... / Damn

Page 11

-A nuisance
-He's a nuisance
-He's annoying
-That guy
-What was that? Just now...

Page 12

-It's true that now...
-(SFX)*Gathank / Gathunk*
-There was a Bokke-san trying to use "Mimiyose" (TN-Mimyose is the super listening thing that Hino was doing a few pages back)
-Ah, I didn't notice the "Mimiyose" (secret talk)
-I wonder who
-It's fine either way.
-It's just northern trash anyway.
-Ushashasha, / That trash was able to deal with the others anyway!!

Page 13

-You idiot...you let your voice out.
-By 'others' you mean Nanba and Ringu right? That was unexpected.
-More importantly, was that person killed on schedule?
-Eeh ufufu
-(SFX)*Shruu shruu*
-I gave him an injection
-By borrowing his hat.
-With this it has become easier to move around...next is
-The one on the news
-"Mimi"...it was.

Page 14

-Next is
-The final stop
-The plan that we of the South District have requires that child.
-South Matsuroba
-South Matsuroba
-Tch...The nuisance around this time / is a trash from the Northern District. He is
-Protecting those two, Kingin ittoushou
-I wonder if it is a boy <3

Page 15

-The one Nanba met was an early awakened / Nekogami.
-...What... / ...Tch... / How troubling.
-Please don't forget anything.
-Don't worry...trouble is brewing, but in the foundation of the northern district, /
if we are careful in the future,
-Something like that will not happen again.

Page 16

-The North District is the den of the newcomer Bokke.
-Hopefully the newcomer can be crushed
-that will save us the trouble of having to move directly
-Hold on!!
-Why are you leaving so suddenly!?
-All the manga you forgot are really heavy~~
-The sound from before was certainly from over here, I need to make sure...!
-It's just...

Page 17

-Was the sound of the shutter larger
-OK~~ Look this way, you two.
-Having fun, Hino-kun and Sayu-san.
-You're from the Matsuroba High Photography Club
-Uh, what was it again, you're a famous pervert...
-That's cruel
-The same sound!! But...
-It's a smaller sound than before...
-I'm "Ame Ike" / you can call me "Meke"

Page 18

-Well then Meke-kun, go take your photo's somewhere else!! / Let's go Hino!!
-He's bad news, and hasn't changed...
-Rumours say that he was found peeking on the swimming club, like a "Viperous toad" but
-He was laughing like crazy...
-If it wasn't the sound of a camera, then could it be...!?
-Are you even listening to me?? (handwritten)Listen would you
-Damn...Hino / I'll touch her
-Sayu-chan is...

Page 19

-...Eh...!? What's this!!
-...A hand mark...!?
-That voice just now...
-Could it be that person...!!
-Wh...wh,wh,wh, what the hell!?
-He has the same "Bokke power" as me...!?
-(outside bubble) You are a "Bokke" as well...!?

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