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Kagerou Days 1

Artificial Enemy - Part 1

+ posted by Lloydz as translation on Jul 24, 2012 08:40 | Go to Kagerou Days

-> RTS Page for Kagerou Days 1

Chapter 0 (the site just wouldn't take 0 as a chapter number)

I posted these on my tumblr account first, but this is probably a better place to keep them.

Reserved by Hello Scans

Artificial Enemy - Part 1

—-Page 1

Panel 1

August 15th

Left Words in White

New Series [Kagerou Days]

Panel 2/3

This is the summer story of when they woke.

—-Page 2

Red and White Text

Kagerou Days

Black Text Left of Shintaro

It’s an absolutely extraordinary summer story.

Black Text Around Ene

The vivid song becomes a comic!!

Burn the disaster into yours eyes!!

—-Page 4

Panel 1

You’re kidding! Computer freeze!

Panel 2

Seriously..? Hey…! Quit it already. If I can’t use my computer, I’ll die I’ll die I’ll die

I’ll die I’ll di…

Panel 3

*Cursor moves*

Panel 4

It moved….

Panel 5


Panel 7

Come to think of it, they aren’t here are they…

Panel 8

I have a feeling something bad’s going to happen. There’s no way they would leave.

Panel 9

That popular idol decided to star in her first drama.

Panel 10

On top of that, she’s releasing a cd…


Panel 11

There’s been recent talk of doomsday and meteor impacts among other things, but

the world is peaceful isn’t it…

—-Page 5

Panel 1

Meh, who cares about those things…!

I need to hurry up and get out of this NEET business.

**TN: Thank you MK for aid on the sentence directly above.

Panel 2

Backspace!!! (not actually sure about this one)

….come on!

Panel 3


Panel 5

This’ll sell!!!

Panel 6&7

I worked painstakingly using music software to create this original composition.

My goal is the Nico Nico Douga #1 ranking…

TN: popular Japanese video upload site that I would think readers of this comic would be familiar with

This song is on its way there….

And then it’ll become a hit album…

Not bad, huh?…

Panel 9

Huh!? LOUD!!

Panel 10


—-Page 6

Panel 1

You’ll disturb the neighbors! Stop that!

You’re alllllways shut up in this room. Have you gone crazy?!

Panel 2


I didn’t make that awful noise a second ago…

It was…

Panel 3

If it wasn’t you, then who made it?!!!

Panel 5

That was too unreasonable…

If only “they” didn’t exist.

Panel 6

Even though I’m smart enough to take care spending every day quietly.

Panel 7

That was all her fault!!


Panel 8

Are you alright, master?!

Panel 9

I feel like ripping my innards out, Ene….

ーーーPage 7

Panel 1

This girl exists in my computer screen.

Oh yeah! About that siren just now.

A certain country is at hazard level 4. In light of the emergency, I set off that alert.

Small Ene Talk

I boosted the frequency band to something master would probably extremely dislike.

Enough with that talk!

Give me a break, will ya?

What would happen to you if my PC died… Would you die too?

Panel 2

Ooooh…Master! You’re such a kind person to worry over someone like me.

No way!!!

Who would worry about you?!

Panel 3

The one dying would be me.

That’s right.

Panel 4

No matter how many meals I skip or how little sleep I get, I can stand that.

But not having a PC would be unbearable.

Panel 5

I’ve been a shut in since 2 years ago.

Around that time, I started clinging to the net. I became no good.

Panel 6

Even so….


Panel 7


I tried coming up with fabulous name changes for master’s love expectation folder.

Shintaro Text


Sign in roman characters


Pig’s Feet

Right sign

My Hidden Valley Graveyard

Who was that embarassing poem Master wrote inside it for!?

Panel 8

In the case of a bad answer, master’s treasured image collection will be uploaded to the

public net.



Panel 9

To explain how things came to be like this, we’ll have to go back one year.

—-Page 8

Panel 1

Hmm? What’s with this mail….

Attached data?

Bottom Box

1 Year Before

Panel 5

Nice to meet you!

Panel 6



What the heck are you…?

Panel 7

About that—- I don’t really know much about myself.

Let’s get along from now on, Master!!

Panel 8/9

If only, at that time, if I hadn’t opened that mail, my indoor life would have been fine sailing.

I wouldn’t have thought that this mysterious software inside my computer would be the end of

that life.

Hmm- Even so

Panel 10

Every day this is all you look at onscreen. You haven’t even finished a single creation yet.

My artist’s passion is overflowing. Even if I don’t have any cause, should I…?

Hey! Ene…

What are you planning?…

Panel 11

I’ve decided. I’ll do it—

—- Page 9

Panel 2

Wait a seeeec. You can’t be serious!!

TL; more directly it translates to something like don’t go through with this bad joke.

Panel 3

Will you save to disc?

Panel 4

If she presses that, the song I made will disa……———

Panel 5

No!!!! My song!!!!

—- Page 10

Panel 1

Ah…. AHHHHH!!!



Panel 4

N..N..N..No good…

Ahaaaa…. I can’t use any other keys…


Panel 5

The mouse!! Quickly, the mouse!!

Panel 6

Ah… that’s right!

Panel 7

Save at least one life, Shintaro!!

Panel 9

I’m begging you

Panel 10

Come baaaaaack!!!

—- Page 11

Panel 1

It’s over…

My right click won’t work…


Panel 2

t, r, o… Master, what’s with this tororo you typed!

Ah, wait a second. Totor…

Enough… nothing’s going to change…

Panel 4

Hey… Umm..


Panel 6

Huh… whats up…?

Panel 8

Could it be that she’s reflecting on that?

Panel 10


Panel 11

That was kind of a bad joke…

So well…

Panel 12

She even “has” the ability to reflect…?

—-Page 12

Panel 1

Well, those were kind of old. I was thinking it’s about time to change em out anyways.

Panel 3


Panel 4

Man~~~I was thinking it’d be better to buy new ones.

Ene Text

Isn’t this just a peaceful death for them!?

This person…

This person…!!!

Panel 5

However…~ this is bad….

Isn’t it your head that’s bad?

Anyways, quickly find a mail order site for me.

Panel 6

That…. won’t be any good.

It’s August 15th, the Obon festival. Shops will resume deliveries from the day after


Panel 8

The day after tomorrow?


Panel 9

Two days long… that would be impossible.

Not being able to use my PC!?

Panel 10

At this rate, I’ll die…!!!

That’s why I was telling you, Master!

Panel 11

Let’s go out and buy them.

Panel 12

Huh… Like right now…?

—-Page 13

Panel 1


Panel 2

I used to wear these. Nostalgic clothes.

Panel 3

Going out of the house huh?….

I’ll die without my pc huh?….

Panel 5

Just for today.

Panel 7

Just today is alright.

Panel 9

Today is the first and last time I go outside.

—-Page 14

Panel 2

What is this?…

Was summer really this hot…?

Panel 3

Today’s a rather hot day. A lot of people will be collapsing from heatstroke.


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