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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

En Passant 4

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Mar 2, 2010 02:32 | Go to En Passant

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En Passant Chapter 04


>txt on top: A morning occurrence....

>lil txt: Morning. Do your homework?

>lil txt: Hurry, the bell is ringing!


Oldguy: Just a little more.

>txt: A little more and I can see it---

Kujou: What are you doing, you perverted geezer?

Oldguy: -----Oh! It's just you.

Oldguy: Don't startle me like that.

Girl: Pervert....?

Oldguy: Nooo! The one part of my day filled with happiness!!

Kujou: Well, you're doing better than I heard.


Kujou: If the board chairman gets caught at school being a pervert, you'll become a laughing stock you know.

Oldguy: Hmph. I don't want to hear that from someone who set off the sprinklers with a coal burner!

Oldguy: Besides that, should you really be loitering about here? Class is starting.

Kujou: Bah. Don't really care about that.

Oldguy: Geez.

Oldguy: I can't help but put you up here since your place burnt down.

Oldguy: But you know,


Oldguy: It's already been two years since that day....


Oldguy: It's been fine up until now, but you know what that incident the other day means, don't you?

Oldguy: Even if you try to escape, the events like this past one will continue to multiply.

Oldguy: The time for you to accept your fate is slowly approaching.

Oldguy: As the Dark Square's White King.

Oldguy: It's time for you to stand up and take your place on the stage for succession.


This room presents a potential carbon monoxide hazard. When the door is shut, please take caution.

Oldguy: Hey! You're not even listening~~~!!!

Kujou: I understand.

Kujou: But for now I'm going to school.

Kujou: I don't want to trouble you any more than this.

>lil txt: Sneeze

Oldguy: Arima-kun.


Oldguy: As always, please look after Kujou-kun.

Oldguy: Unsatisfied?

Oldguy: Well....I can't say that I don't understand your feelings,

Oldguy: No matter how you look, you can't see how "that" could be a king.

>lil txt: That's gross...

Oldguy: However. He is the one that has inherited the X-ray.


Oldguy: That more than anything is the proof.

Oldguy: It's proof that Kujou Shin has the blood of the previous king flowing through him.

Oldguy: But still.


Oldguy: He's such a negative person, it's unbelievable.

Oldguy: He's quite....

Oldguy: Complicated.

Oldguy: And no matter what I say, the one with whom he will fight is-----

Oldguy: -----No.

Oldguy: I shouldn't say too much.

Oldguy: The story's just started after all.

Oldguy: Hahh~~~ Dear Dear.

Old: I must be getting old...


Oldguy: When I can't even convince a single child to do as he's told.

Arima: As you wish.

Oldguy: Ohhh, that's great, thanks!

Oldguy: Now then, I'll get back to work.

Girl: What are you looking at, you old perv!?

>lil txt: Oh, Arima-sama~~~


>top txt: This world is two sides of the same coin!!

>Chapter 04 Title: X-Ray

>bottom txt: Continue struggling between those contradicting feelings!!


Box: My name is Daidouji Suguru.

Box: I'm the grandson of the board chairman of Daidouji private academy. I'm a rich, dependable guy.

Box: And right now, I'm more nervous than I've ever been in my entire life.

>sfx all over: doki doki (heartbeats)

Box: Why, you ask?

Box: That's because this is Riu-san's house, the girl I'm head over heels in love with~~~~!!


Riu: I'll bring some tea, so just wait a moment.

Daidouji: Oh, no no, don't trouble yourself.

Daidouji: Uwahhhh~~ Riu-san looks so lovely in an apron~

Daidouji: Even seeing that makes my heart leap.

>sfx in panel: doki doki

Daidouji: Riu-san walks on this floor every day.

>lil txt: Touch

Daidouji: This is the desk that Riu-san uses every day.

Daidouji: Being in Riu-san's room is complete bliss!

Daidouji: But.


>txt: If only "that" guy weren't here.....

>txt: A few hours earlier.

???: Later

???: Take care.

Riu: Kujou-kun. Let's walk home together.

Kujou: Hahhhh~~ No thanks. I have nowhere to go anyway.


Riu: Then come to my house.

Riu: There's nobody home at my house right now, and we----

Daidouji(3 bubbles): No no no

Daidouji: No way! You can't Riu-san!

Daidouji: Being alone with this guy would be seriously bad for you Riu-san. I've seen some scary things around him lately.

Riu: Then, do you want to come too, Daidai-kun?

Girl: Riu....please at least try to remember your classmate's names.

Daidouji: Eh?
>Can I?

Riu: Sure.


Daidouji: Well, let's go! No need to waste time here~~

Riu: Ya~~~yyy!

>lil txt: Arima-sama ?

>lil txt: Come on, Riu-san~~


Daidouji: ---------So.

Daidouji: Why did this guy come along?

Riu: I thought it would be more fun with more people.

Riu: I'll go get the tea.

Daidouji: Well if you think that's best, Riu-san....

Daidouji: Um. Can I use your restroom for a moment?

Daidouji(thought): I'm so tense I need to pee.

Riu: It's just outside this room.

Daidouji: Thank you very much~

Riu: Wait one minute please.


Kujou: ....Man this is such a pain.

>2 lil bubbles: Scratch Scratch

Kujou: Now then.

Kujou: Why are you here?

Arima: I feel no need to speak with you.

Kujou: Ahh, I see.

No need to speak to you.
Not worth seeing.
No need to live.


Kujou: Somehow that old pervert got you to follow me,

Kujou: But I'll just come out and say this.

Kujou: I have absolutely no intention of taking part in this game of succession. Even if I did I wouldn't win.

Kujou: Understand? It's pointless for you to stay by my side is what I'm saying.

Kujou: It's completely useless.

Kujou: Especially the X-ray.

Kujou: I never even wanted such a troublesome thing in the first place.


Arima: Shut your mouth.


Arima: The X-ray is the power to control the world!
>It's the treasure that anyone from the Dark Square would die to get their hands on!

Arima: It's one of this worlds greatest treasures!

Arima: Many battles have been fought for the sake of obtaining it. Lakes of blood have been spilt for it.

>txt: The X-ray...

Arima: It wouldn't too much to say that throughout the Dark Square's history, it's been a constant battle for control of the X-ray itself!

>txt: If only I had inherited the X-ray

>txt: With that

>txt: I would be

Arima: It's the art only allowed to those permitted by fate!

Arima: And yet you...

>txt: "Such a troublesome thing"

Arima: Someone like you just---


=No Txt=


Kujou: You---

>txt: Gyaa~~~~hhhhhh!!

Kujou: What was that....?

Riu: Someone help!

Riu: Daidai-kun is-

Riu: Daidai-kun is---


Riu: That's Diana-chan. She's a variation of of nepenthes plant usually only found deep in the jungle.

Riu: Though lately she's been getting a little too big, it seems that Daidai-kun stepped on a part of her roots.

Riu: And she always puts whatever she catches in her mouth after she's caught it.
>But she's also poisonous.

Kujou: ....So. Why are you keeping such a dangerous thing here in the first place?

Riu: I'm sorry.


Riu: Mama and papa gave her to me. She's precious to me.

Kujou: Okay~

Kujou: For the time being, I just have to bail him out, right?

Arima: Yes.

Arima: This should be no trouble at all for you.


>txt: Chomp!

Riu: Kujou-kun!!


Arima: Now I see.

Arima: You plan to destroy it from the inside.

Arima: Now show me your power!


>plant bubble: Burp


Riu: Uhmm..

Riu: Is...is he?

Arima: ......ith me.


>txt: Don't mess with me!!


Riu: Kujou-kun!


Riu: Are you all right? Did you melt? Does it hurt?

Kujou: Not really.

Kujou: So...


Kujou: Now do you understand?

Kujou: I'm a completely useless guy.

Kujou: And about this eye...

Kujou: If it were possible,


Kujou: I would be glad to give it to you.


=No Txt=


Daidouji: Oh noo~ What have you done, man!

Daidouji: It's so unfortunate. Riu-san's precious plant has been destroyed.

Daidouji: Hmph. And in the end, she'll obviously choose me.

Riu: It's all right. One part of her remains, so she'll be able to grow again in no time.

Daidouji: Eh!?

Daidouji: But this place has been turned into a disaster area.

Riu: Then, let's all clean it up!

Riu: If we all work together, it should be fun, right?


>txt: Together.

Kujou: Hahhh

Oldguy: Seems like everything turned out for the best.

Oldguy: Fufufu.


Oldguy: It's a good thing for everyone to get along well.

Oldguy: You thought the same thing, didn't you?

Oldguy: My king.
t/n: By this he means the previous white king, not Kujou.

>box on right: What is the link between these four?!

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