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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Akame ga Kill 7

+ posted by lucifell as translation on May 15, 2012 04:16 | Go to Akame ga Kill

-> RTS Page for Akame ga Kill 7

Akame Ga Kiru Chapter 07


B1: Tatsumi...

B2: It's about time for us to get going.

B3: We're heading this way.

B4: You should go back now.

B5: ....What are you talking about?

B6: The three of us will go together...

B7: You've already found new friends, haven't you?

B8: You can't rely on us forever you know!


B1: Later, Tatsumi...

B2: If there's a heaven, we'll see you there someday, okay?

B3: Wa...

B4: Wait...

B5: Please--

B6: Don't

B7: Leave me alone...


==Chapter Title==
Kill Your Fantasy


B1: ------ku

B2: What a....

B3: Painful dream...


B1: Mu~nyaa~nyaa Tatsumi...

B2: Guess she dozed off.

B3: Tatsumi will be...working with me today...it seems.

B4: Let's....get along...zzZzzz...

B5: .........

B6: A wild airhead appears...!
t/n: Sorry, couldn't resist.


B1: Conference Room

>txt on fruit basket: Akame's Harvest

B2: Nnnn---

B3: I'm wondering if it's really smart to put Schere-san in charge of Tatsumi.

B4: It'll be fine.

B5: I think they'll get along fine together.

B6: What makes you say that?

B7: It's good for Tatsumi to have an more experienced teacher.

>txt above Leone: Right here

B8: I've got dibs on using Tatsumi next!


B1: And see?

B2: She also has talent.

B3: What the hell!

B4: That's so unfa~~~air!

B5: To an assassin, more experience means a better killer.

B6: What do you think...?

B7: I said something cool, didn't I?

B8: ..........

B9: I guess not?


B1: Guh~

B2: Well done, swimming in that armor.

B3: So heavy...

>lil txt around him: Heavy breathing sfx

B4: This is hard!

B5: This is the curriculum I came up with for assassin training.

B6: Since I don't have a job at the hideout, I can concentrate on training you.

B7: .......

>lil txt: more breathng sfx

B8 Why don't you have a job?


B1: I got the normally cool Akame angry when I tried to cook.

>lil txt: The meat is...

B2: When I tried to do the cleaning, all I did as make a bigger mess for Braht to clean up.

>lil txt: Hahahaha

B3: When I did the shopping, I mistook salt for sugar. Leone couldn't stop laughing.

>ll txt: Ahhahahaha / My sides!

B4: And when I tried to do the laundry...

B5: I carelessly washed Main with the clothes.

>lil txt: Uwaaaaaaaahh

B6: For some reason, I don't mind about that last one.

B7: That last one was sort of well done.

B8: By the way, Schere.

B9: When I met everyone, you didn't seem too happy about me joining.
t/n: Went with best guess, need a 2nd opinion.

B10: Ehhh~~

B11: I get the feeling there was a reason, but I've forgotten.

B12: Is..that so?


B1: Allow me to apologize and--

B2: Ah!

B3: Oh no, my glasses...

B4: .........

B5: Do you mind if I ask why you're in this line of work, Schere?

B6: ........

B7: It's a long story...

=Box Is Empty=


B1: I grew up

B2: In the lower district of the capital.

B3: Since I was young, no matter what I do, I was always clumsy.

B4: For me

B5: There was nothing I could be proud of.

B6: "That girl has a screw loose somewhere in her head."

B7: I received many such insults all my life...


B1: ...however.

B2: There was one person.

B3: Who wanted to be friends with me even knowing how i was.

B4: No matter how clumsy I was.

B5: She would never call me stupid or insult me.

B6: The time I spent with her was the only thing I could say I liked about my life.


B1: Until that day---

>name on door: Shoufuku

B2: While I was visiting her, an angry man arrived at her door.

B3: It was her ex-boyfriend.

B4: He resented being dumped by her.
>And stared getting violent.

B5: And then...

B6: Right in front of me, he grabbed her throat and started choking her.


B1: The man high on drugs at the time.

B2: At the time...

B3: "I must save her" was all I could think.

B4: I was surprisingly calm about it.


B1: I got a knife from the kitchen.

B2: The man wasn't on guard....so I aimed for his throat.

B3: The man died quickly....

B4: She couldn't stop shaking while staring at his body.

B5: But somehow, my mind was clear.

B6: Eventually, the incident would be ruled an act of self-defense.

B7: But my friend never wanted to see me again.

B8: And then...


B1: Not long after....

B2: While I was walking through the city, a group of men suddenly appeared before me.

B3: They wanted revenge for the man I killed.
>It turns out the man I killed was the 2nd in command of a local gang.

B4: "We've already killed your parents.."

B5: "And now it's your turn" is what they said to me.

B6: While they were saying this to me,

B7: Surprising as it was, my mind was once again clear.


B1: Dodging the first man's clumsy attack.

B2: I used the knife I kept for self-defense to strike a vital spot.

B3: And then using him as a shield

B4: I proceeded to kill the other me one by one.

B5: After I had killed them all--
>I finally understood.


B1: There actually was a screw loose somewhere in my mind.

B2: And it made me a very talented killer.

B3: I could get rid of society's trash.

B4: This was the one thing I could do so I wouldn't be considered useless, is what I thought.


B1: Not long after that...

B2: I was scouted by the revolutionary army to carry out assassinations in the capital.

B3: ...........

B4: And that's why you came up with this assassination training curriculum, huh...?

B5: Correct.

B6: Because I didn't have the fighting skills of someone like you.

B7: ....it seems

B8: Everyone has their circumstances, hmmm.

B9: ?

B10: Several days later


B1: Tatsumi...your wounds are pretty much healed, right?

B2: The teigu we took from Zank...
>I want you to try using it.

B3: !

B4: No one else wants it!?

B5: It's one teigu per person.

B6: Because it takes considerable mental and physical strength to control them.


B1: It may not look very cool

B2 But this eye...

B3: Has some pretty cool abilities...

B4: There was nothing about it the book. But it's a teigu after all, so I'm curious to see what it does...

B5: It has the ability to read minds, right?

B6: Try reading me.

B7: You....

B8: Want to eat meat tonight.

B9: Exactly, amazing!

B10: No. He still hasn't activated it's ability yet.

B11: I don't want him to read my mind.

B12: If it really has five different sight abilities, try one of the other ones.


>txt at top right: Damn / All she does is bitch.

B1: ...okay then.

B2: One of the other unknown abilities....


B4: Well, do you see anything?


B1: What~~~

>txt in mouth: the hell!?

B2: What's wrong?

B3: Wawawawawawawa

B4: What is this fantastical ability...!?

B5: The teigu are amazing...

>sfx bottom right: Shyuu

B6: Huh...?

B7: Oh no, it's rejecting!

B8: Hurry and take it off!

B9: Wh...what's going on...

B10: I suddenly feel tired.


B1: It's the compatibility...

B2: It seems this teigu isn't suited to you.

B3: You were thinking about how uncool it looked or something, weren't you?

B4: The user's first impression of the teigu is important, you know?

B5: Guh.

B6: This will need to be sent to the revolutionary army HQ then.

B7: It'll need to be analyzed so it can become a part of our fighting force.

B8: While we are an assassination team,
>Collecting the lost teigu is one of our sub-missions.

B9: When we run into enemies who possess a teigu, like Zank did...
>We take them....even the weakest of them are invaluable....

B10: The more we have, the stronger the army becomes or something, right?

B11: Correct...

B12: You should read this book of the known teigu.


B1: Wow...so many...
>And this is just a small portion of them right?

B2: The ones in this book are only the teigu we know about.

B3: Speaking of, which teigu is the strongest?

B4: ...........

B5: Their use and compatibility change...

B6: But if I had to say....

B7: The ice manipulation teigu
>...is what I think.

B8: Luckily for us, it's user is currently busy conquering the northern tribes.


B1: Because the people of the north are very strong.

B2: They even have their own hero.

B3: Oh!

B4: Even I know about him!

B5: Hero of the north.
>Numa Seika

B6: Prince of the northern tribes. With his spear in hand, he's never lost a battle.

B7: A brilliant tactical genius who the northern people have absolute faith in. Currently the empire's greatest threat.

B8: His powerful army uses the country's most fortified city as a base of operations.

B9: They've even become strong enough to invade the empire!

B10: Therefor, in order to keep that from happening

B11: The empire dispatched an expeditionary force to subjugate the northern tribes.


B1: But there's no reason to worry yet.
>Even with that woman, it'll take at least a year or two to take the north.

B2: ....yeah....

B3: Fu

B4: Fufufufufu

B5: The stronger the enemy, the better!
>We're collecting more and more teigu, after all.

B6: You're suddenly cheerful, huh?

B7: Why is that all of a sudden?

B8: Well, the world is filled with teigu that have unknown abilities, right?

B9: The reason I'm so lively is this!

B10: Having seen just these abilities...

B11: Maybe....just maybe...


B1: There may be a teigu that has the ability to bring dead people back to life!

B2: Right!?


B1: If there is, I may be able to bring Sayo and Ieyasu back!

B2: That's why I'm going to do all I can to recover as many teigu as po--

B3: You cant.

B4: ....aniki...?

B5: A teigu that can resurrect the dead doesn't exist.

B6: In this world...

B7: You only get one life.

B8: ...how...

B9: How can you know that!?

B10: You can't! Not until we've found them, right!?


B1: The current emperor is a good example.

B2: If such a teigu existed, the first emperor would still rule.

B3: It was because he knew that he would someday have to die,

B4: That he created the teigu in the first place, right?

B5: ........

B6:: But....

B7: Don't hang your hopes on that.

B8: If you don't, an enemy will use that weakness of mind against you.

B9: And you...

B10: Will be killed.


B1: Tatsumi...

B2: You were still awake?


B1: I was happy...

B2: I thought that I could possibly bring them back...

B3: As long as there was even a small possibility, I still had hope...

B4: But...


B1: I knew it.

B2: I'll never see them again...

B3: I should have given up, but...

B4: I just...

B5: ...Tatsumi.


B1: We'll keep this a secret from everyone else,

B2: It's okay to cry as much as you need.


B1: Is this okay, though?

B2: For a superior to be this kind?

B3: Who knows?

B4: It may be, probably?

B5: Haha...that's just like you....

B6: Thank you

B7: Schere.

B8: No, thank you

B9: Tatsumi---

B10: Thanks to you

B11: I've found another reason to be useful.


B1: Northern Lands

B2: Fortified City

>3 lil bubbles bottom left: Haah *heavy breathing*


>sfx on page x2: Lick


B1: The northerners were defeated in a blink of an eye.

B2: That's our general, for you!

B3: Their army, people, and pride were so easily crushed, huh...

>sfx around Seika: Heavy breathing

B4: And this is their supposed hero...?
>How worthless.

B5: Die!

B6: Dog!

>sfx: Psh (blood splash on face)


B1: Somewhere out there...

B2: Is there an enemy that can satisfy me...?

Name: Esdese

Personality: Sadist
Strength Level: "The Empire's Strongest"

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