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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Akame ga Kill 8

+ posted by lucifell as translation on May 17, 2012 05:37 | Go to Akame ga Kill

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Akame Ga Kiru Chapter 08


B1: Hello, Leone.

B2: I could use another shoulder massage next time you come by.

B3: Lookin' hot today, babe! Come drink with us tonight!

B4: Yeah, come hang out with us Leone!

B5: It's a lot livelier than the average slum, huh?

B6: Souls as strong as weeds.

B7: It's what happens when you struggle to survive all your life.


B1: You seem awfully popular around here, though.

>txt above: Leone~~!

B2: It's my home town after all. Was born and raised here!

B3: I made a name for myself working at a local massage parlor...

B4: There she is!

B5: It's Leone!!

B6: I'll have you pay your drinking bill!

B7: It's time to settle your gambling debts!!

B8: I want the money you scammed off my brother!!!

B9: Whatcha think?

B10: Interesting place, huh?

B11: Interesting!? I'm more worried! These guys want your head!


==Chapter Title==
Kill The Evil-Doers


B1: Imperial Palace

B2: Audience Room

B3: I must tell you.

B4: It's about generals Nakakido and Hemi.

B5: They are gone.

B6: They have joined the rebel army!!


B1: The military genius Nakakido has...

B2: This will make the rebel army a much bigger threat...

B3: If we don't get a handle on this, the empire--

B4: Do not let your thoughts run away with you!!!

B5: After all, they are down in the south...
>We can deal with them at any time!

B6: The rebels gathering together just means they will be easier to clean up!!

B7:, did I handle that well, prime minister?

B8: Ufufu...
>As always, your majesty is a mountain of calm in a sea of chaos.


B1: We have a closer problem than some far away rebel army.

B2: This is the problem that we should be focusing on.

B3: The leader of the imperial guard assassinated.

B4: My own relative Iyokaru dead!

B5: Even that serial killer was killed by night raid. And they kept his teigu!!!

B6: I want them dealt with so badly...!!

B7: I've been so obsessed with this, I've gained weight...!!!

B8: ....well, what of them?

B9: Are there not professionals searching for their hideout?


B1: They haven't been in contact.

B2: They're probably dead, but I have another plan.

B3: Oh?

B4: I've already called in someone reliable to help me express my uncontrollable rage!!

B5: The one who recently succeeded in subjugating the northern tribes.

B6: I have called for general Esdese to return to the capital.

B7: !!!

B8: B....

B9: But grand general Budou is in command of the capital forces is he not!?

B10: But to ask the grand general do something as low as hunting rebels would be an unforgivable wound to his pride, would it no?

B11: Esdese, hmmmm....


B1: She is a hero that rivals the power of general Budou.
>I'm relieved!

B2: She is the ice hearted woman who executed 400,000 enemies by burying them alive.

B3: She will bring to task the hopelessly incompetent imperial guard.

B4: This is no longer a question of life or death!

B5: These animals are getting stronger day by day.

B6: She will hunt them down and kill them all!!


B1: I don't think they'll follow us this far.

B2: Right Leo...

B3: Oh no, I lost her!

B4: And I don't know where I am either...!

B5: And we have a job to do tonight!!

>lil txt next to him: oro / oro

B6: Oh my.


B1: My justice sensor is acting up!

B2: You there!
>Can I help you with something?

B3: Those clothes...

B4: I am Seryuu of the capital guard forces.

B5: A warrior of justice!

B6: Imperial guard...


B1: Kyuu~~~~nn

B2: Kyuu~n

B3: !?

B4: Are you hungry, Koro-chan? Just hang in there a little longer, okay?

B5: Uhm...what is that...

B6: The teigu "Hecatonchires".

B7: But please don't be worried. He's harmless to all except for those who embrace evil.

B8: ...!

B9: He was written about in that book!!


B1: By the way, what seems to be the problem?

B2: Ah~~well

B3: I seem to have lost my way.

B4: I know the name of the bar where I'm supposed to meet my friend, but I've gotten lost...

B5: We can't have that!

B6: I'll show you the way while I continue my patrol.

B7: This way.

B8: Let's get you to where you need to be, okay?
t/n: That look on Tatsumi's


B1: Kyuu~!

B2: Kyuu~~~kyuuuu~~!

B3: Do all of the imperial guard have living teigu like this?

B4: Not at all. In fact, I'm the only one who possesses a teigu.

>txt under koro: Angry

B5: Koro-chan is...
>Oh...that's the name I gave him...

B6: He won't move unless his user has perfect compatibility with him, you see.

B7: It seems among the higher ups, there were none who were compatible.
>So they test the compatibility of those even in the lower ranks.

B8: During my exam, it seems Koro-chan responded to the justice in my heart.

B9: And so, he's now my partner!
>Right, Koro-chan?

B10: Kyuu~~

B11: I...I see..


B1: Well then.

B2: This is the place you were looking for.

B3: Thank you very much.

B4: Don't mention it!
>Please call me if you chance upon any evil.

B5: I'll immediately come and destroy it for you!

B6: Ahahaha, that's reassuring.

B7: Let's go Koro-chan, you're still hungry, right?

B8: How does five death-row prisoners sound?

B9: Kyuuuuu~~~!

B10: An imperial guard teigu user, huh...

B11: Certainly seems dangerous...

B12: I'll need to report this to the boss...


B1: Helping someone on a whim is good and all

B2: But I must hurry and find that night right group

B3: ..........

B4: Captain Ogre...

B5: Hah!

B6: Yahh!

B7: Hahaha, nice attack!!

B8: I think you've gotten stronger again, Seryuu!


B1: That difficult teigu has chosen me.

B2: I must make myself stronger.

B3: Justice shall never yield to evil!

B4: That's what my papa who died in the line of duty always said!!

B5: ....Oh?

B6: If you want to become stronger that badly...

B7: Would you like to attain a so-called "trump card" like ability?

B8: !

B9: Really!?

B10: A doctor friend of mine has been telling me how he wishes to conduct an experiment.

B11: However. The test subject will experience enough pain to wish they were dead. Think you can handle it?


B1: Of course!

B2: I'll do anything needed to attain the skills to defeat evil...!

B3: The evil...

B4: That killed my teacher, captain Ogre.....!!

B5: Night Raid.

B6: I will never forgive you!!


B1: So this is the red-light district, huh...? It definitely makes your heart beat faster.

B2: That straight-forwardness is kind of cute, kid.

B3: Okay, then.

B4: Time to work. I've got debts to pay!


B1: Transform!

B2: Lionelle!

B3: Alright!

>txt above tatsumi: Wow~~~ / clap clap clap clap

B4: Changing into this form always gets me excited!

B5: Okay.

B6: Let's sneak in, we've got killing to do, Tatsumi.

B7: Huh/


B1: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

B2: ?


B1: Phew, made it!

B2: ............

B3: That's what you meant by "sneak in"?

B4: Over here, over here. Hurry it up!

B5: Look.


B1: Guh

B2: Ohoooo~~

B3: Very nice, very nice.


B1: Hey there girls.

B2: If you keep earning money well, I'll make sure to send around some more "medicine", alright girls?

B3: Oka~~~~yy.

B4: Mmm?

B5: Boss...take a look at this one.

B6: Ahhh, damn it. This one's done.

B7: She smells like fish.
>She's broke.

B8: Hahhhh...
>I need some of your drugs~~

B9: Deal with her.

B10: We'll get a new one to take her place.


B1: !?

B2: We'll have to call up another stupid bitch from the slums, right?

B3: Yeah.

B4: Those good-for-nothings will do anything as long as they get paid after all.

B5: So these are the bastards specified in the request, huh...

B6: Unforgivable!

B7: The one he just hit...

B8: Was someone I knew from the slums...


B1: They make me sick...

B2: Let's put an end to their business. Permanently!

B3: With pleasure...

B4: After hearing Schere's story, I have nothing but contempt for people like this...


B1: Boss...
>It's about time we expand our drug delivery route, don't you think?

B2: True, huh...
>Wonder if we should go over to Chibul-sama's place to discuss it.

B3: !?


B1: The only place you two are going...


B3: I...

B4: Intruders!

B5: Kill em!!


>sfx bubble top right: Ka-Ching


B1: Our targets are the drug smuggling ring leaders...

B2: But you also share their guilt...

B3: So you can all die together.


B1: D...

B2: Don't fuck with me!!

B3: If you think I'm going down that easily, you've got another--


B1: You can beg the king of hell for forgiveness!!

B2: !?

B3: ...wha....

B4: Gah....


B1: What do you want...?

B2: Money.....drugs?
>I'll give you whatever you want if you'll just let me go!

B3: I don't want either of those things.

B4: What I want from your life.

B5: Wh......

B6: Who the hell are you guys...

B7: We're nobodies!


B1: Therefor...


B1: Disposing of society's trash suits us just fine.


B1: ...hey.

B2: What's gonna happen to all those broken down girls now?

B3: That's not our problem, is it?

B4: But...

B5: There's an old doctor in the slums they can be taken to...

B6: Though he isn't all that skilled.

B7: We'll see him and explain the situation.

B8: He's got a thing for young girls, so I'm sure he'll be happy to help.


B1: Nee-san...

B2: Though the possibility of saving them isn't all that high in the first place...

B3: ...hehehe.

B4: Say what you want, but you're a kind person at heart, aren't you?

B5: It's only because I know some of them.

B6: Whatever the reason is fine.

B7: As long as we can give them a little bit of hope.

B8: ...Tatsumi.

B9: I've thought this about you from the beginning, but--


B1: When you make that sort of face...

B2: It's rea~~lly cute....

B3: Ah....

B4: Huh....wha....!

B5: Fufufu...

B6: I was literally marking you.


B1: If you grow up to be a good man, you're mine.


B3: I wonder how the other's are doing?

B4: That Chibul guy was way too wary of attacks.

B5: But in the end, it didn't cause too many problems.


B1: !?

B2: An enemy...!?

B3: Who is this...I didn't notice her at all...

B4: She seems different from the other imperial guards...


B1: ...I knew it.

B2: It's the same face as on the wanted poster...

B3: You are definitely Schere of night raid!

B4: And judging from the teigu she has in her hand,

B5: The other girl is also a member of night raid!

B6: Hiding myself and waiting night after night was definitely worth it...

B7: Finally....

B8: I've fi~~~~nally tracked you down, night raiders!!


B1: Imperial guard forces---

B2: Seryuu Yubikitas!

B3: In the name of justice

B4: I will absolutely make you evil-doers pay here and now!!!


B1: Because of their power, when teigu users clash, "death" is called to the field.

B2: Even in this battle that's about to begin--


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