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Akame ga Kill 10

+ posted by lucifell as translation on May 22, 2012 23:06 | Go to Akame ga Kill

-> RTS Page for Akame ga Kill 10

Akame Ga Kiru Chapter 10


B1: Ah!

B2: Main.

B3: Leave me be, I can eat on my own you know.

B4: I'm trying to help.

B5: ......

B6: Alright, alright.


B1: Schere has been killed, and yet--

B2: Akame is so calm and indifferent about it.

B3: But the one who killed her

B4: ...To think it was that girl

B5: ...I've come to fully realize...

B6: Just how heart-breaking this line of work really is...


==Chapter Title==
Kill Your Sadness


B1: Tonight's contract isn't a request from the people.

B2: It's a direct order from the revolutionary army leaders.

B3: Our targets are civil officials, the Kobore brothers.

B4: As the direct subordinates of the prime minister, they are villains who do the lion's share of the work for him.

B5: So....be on top of your game tonight.


B1: To decrease the empire's power by even just a little bit

B2: Kill them!




B1: Daddy?

B2: Just now....what were those sounds...?

B3: ...Huh?

B4: D...daddy!

B5: Dadd~~~yyy!!


B1: .......Shit.

B2: He was a villain who tricked and abused people....

B3: Yet to his child, he was just a good father, right?

B4: You can try for the rest of your life, but that stain will always remain with you.

B5: A stain...

B6: ...is it...

>sfx bottom left: *exhale* (not a sigh)


B1: I got worried knowing that you were just too kind-hearted.

B2: That's why I came to check on you.

B3: ...you just...

B4: Have greater mental fortitude, right nee-san?

B5: Will you tell me how you got into this line of work?

B6: I beat up some assholes I didn't like, and then I got scouted.


B1: wait.....that's it!?

B2: How did you get that teigu?

B3: I talked a guy in the black market into giving it to me. Turns out it happened to be a teigu.

>lil txt above:
(1) Think I can have this, gramps?
(2) I guess so, since your boobs are so big.

B4: Isn't that just a little too good of a bargain!? I mean, a teigu...

B5: Well, it seems that nobody could synchronize with it and make it transform.

B6: So no one knew what a great find it was.

B7: ....so,

B8: Why are you an assassin?

B9: Well.

B10: I think it started when I saw some aristocrats playing a game where they were trampling kids from the slums with their horses...

B11: Seeing that really pissed me off, so I killed them.

B12: ...Nee-san...


B1: But I didn't stop there...

B2: I took a liking to dealing with evil bastards like that, you see.

B3: The prime minister, who does as he likes while enjoying his unrivaled political power would be the ultimate prey.

B4: So that the people can be happy...

B5: I'm going to kill him in a much harsher way than he ever could.
T/N: Special thanks to Runte and Bluesummer

B6: Sh....she's just an outlaw!

B7: And a bold one at that...


B1: Oh yeah, she did steal my money when we first met...

B2: Well.

B3: I was always a good-for-nothing, so I never went and got depressed about it or anything!

B4: But even if you continue to be sad about it, it won't bring back the person you lost.

B5: !

B6: ...Yeah...





>bottom: Giyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh


B1: Come on! Let's see if you can't scream even louder!

B2: This is what happens to those who go against the prime minister!!!

B3: What is this....

B4: Looking at you all is just pathetic.

B5: What was that? You want to join--

B6: uwah!?


B1: E---

B2: Esdese-sama!!!

B3: We hadn't known you returned, ma'am!

B4: You guys are quite unskilled in the art of torture.

B5: W...we're terribly sorry!!

B6: Truly pathetic....

B7: For instance, what's with the temperature of this cauldron?

B8: If it's this hot, they die too quickly, right?


B1: If you lower the temperature a bit,

B2: You can prolong their suffering even further.


B1: Y-yes ma'am!!

B2: Thank you for the valuable lesson, ma'am!!

B3: Let's go.

B4: That's Esdese-sama for you...such an extreme sadist...

B5: Yeah...she's a sadist, heart and soul....

B6: As well as the ones following behind Esdese-sama.

B7: The Sanjuushi....
t/n: Three beast warriors


B1: When the northern tribes were being executed by being buried alive, it seems they were most gleeful about carrying out the job.

B2: They certainly are a blood thirsty group of animals....
>I'd love to be invited into their group....!

B3: But from what I hear, the training for the group is so horrible, that almost everyone dies before they can finish...

B4: General Esdese.

B5: Yes, your majesty.

B6: Your subjugating of the northern lands was superb!

B7: We are prepared to reward you with 10,000 pieces of gold for your efforts.


B1: Thank you, your majesty.

B2: I would like it sent to the soldiers that have been left to guard the north.

B3: Splendid.

B4: Now I must apologize, I realize you have just returned,

B5: However, there is work to be done.

B6: An atrocious group known as Night Raid has begun running rampant around the capital.

B7: I wish for you to focus on purging this group from my city.


B1: ....I understand.

B2: I would ask one thing of your majesty.

B3: Umu....soldiers, is it?
>You may use as many as you wish.

B4: I have heard that the enemy possess many teigu.

B5: It takes a teigu...

B6: To fight a teigu, your majesty.

B7: I would like for a six man group of teigu users to be assembled.

B8: That will be sufficient for my needs.

B9: I will form a group of nothing but teigu users that will maintain security in the capital.


B1: ...does not the general have a group of teigu users? Those ones known as the Sanjuushi?

B2: And yet you ask for six more?

B3: Your majesty.

B4: I believe we can rest easy by entrusting this task to general Esdese.

B5: Umuu. If you say as such, then I will not question it.
>Will you handle the preparations?

B6: Of course, your majesty. I will see to it personally.

B7: Then I can be assured that peace shall return to the capital!

B8: Makoto. General Esdese is a very loyal subject.


B1: Esdese has no interest in politics and amassing political power.

B2: Facing and then crushing an enemy is everything to her...!

B3: While I keep the country under my thumb, all she desires to do is fight an enemy.

B4: As far having an advantage goes....she is the ultimate trump card!!!

B5: I don't believe just giving you gold is a suitable reward for this task.
>I wish to give you something special.

B6: Is there anything you desire...?

B7: Such as titles or lands?

B8: There is one thing...

B9: ....if I may dare say...

B10: What is it...?


B1: I was thinking

B2: It may be nice to try being in love.

B3: ....th...


B1: That's right!

B2: You are of marriageable age, and yet have not married.

B3: However, the general surrounds herself with those who adore her, does she not?

B4: Those are "pets".

B5: ...then may I suggest this?

B6: What of the prime minister here? He's a good man!

B7: Wait a...your majesty!!

B8: As you say, he is a good man,

B9: However, with his blood pressure being so high, it is uncertain whether he will live to see tomorrow.

B10: I am in perfect health, thank you very much.

B11: Well then.

B12: What type of person would suit you best, general?

B13: ...On this scroll


B1: The things in which I most desire of a partner are written.

B2: Please inform me if anyone meeting this criteria should appear.

B3: I understand.

B4: We shall keep an eye out.

B5: As always, you do as you please, prime minister.

B6: Of course. Those who don't agree with me are killed.

B7: When I wish to eat, I eat only the best of meats.

B8: What type of thrilling person would it take to fill your desire, though?

B9: Ufufufufu

B10: ...you really have become sick, huh?


B1: Though it is quite strange....
>Till now, all I have ever cared about has been carnage and warfare.

B2: Even I....don't understand where these feelings have come from.

B3: Yes, well.
>As a living being, it's only natural that you would desire the opposite sex, is it not?

B4: I actually thought you were a little slow in this area.

B5: Though talking about things like love doesn't suit her at all.

B6: I see...this is a sort of bestial instinct, then?

B7: Well, for the time being at least , I plan to have fun hunting these rebels down.

B8: Speaking of that...

B9: I think it's a little too much to request six teigu users.

B10: Though in the end, you will take care of it, right?


B1: I will take care of the preparations...though as for what you can do for me....

B2: I...do happen to have some people I wish would disappear....

B3: Fufu...

B4: Such intrigue.

B5: I have new orders for you three.

B6: Though it's somewhat different than normal...


B1: Give us any sort of order, Esdese-sama.

B2: The three of us are your faithful servants.

B3: We will accept any orders, at any time, ma'am.

B4: Good.


B1: Can't sleep at all...

B2: Maybe some water will help...

B3: ....Akame?


B1: A midnight snack?

B2: No....

B3: This was Schere's favorite meal.

B4: An offering to the dead, huh......

B5: ...since work in the shadows...

B6: Schere's name will never be recorded in the history of the revolutionary army.

B7: So I have to remember more things about her than anyone else.

B8: She may have done many foolish things,

B9: But she was the kindest one of us all.


B1: I understand.

B2: You're doing the same thing as me when I offer flowers to Sayo and Ieyasu, right?

B3: Yes.

B4: But...you're amazing, Akame...

B5: ?

B6: You keep composed even though one of our comrades have died.
>I guess you're used to it by now though...

B7: But me, I'm still...


B1: ...Composed...?

B2: Used to it...?

B3: Akame?

B4: Sure enough...

B5: I have seen many of my allies die before my eyes...

B6: However...


B1: One of our precious comrades died!!!

B2: There's no way you can ever get used to this kind of pain!!!


B1: But these feelings will have an impact on our next mission!

B2: So I go around acting like I'm just fine about it!!

B3: We work in the shadows!

B4: What would I do if I couldn't flip this switch...!!?

B5: And you...

B6: Call this being composed...

B7: I....

B8: How am I supposed to feel about Schere's death...

B9: How am I...!


B1: To think that Akame was this messed up about this...

B2: That's right...

B3: She was worried about me when I went on my first mission.

B4: What am I doing!? I'm such a fool!


B1: Why am I losing my nerve like this!?

B2: Nee-san already said it, moping around won't bring Schere back.

B3: I have to face forward like a man!

B4: !?

B5: Oofff....!


B1: Also, the reason I began this dirty work was for the money.

B2: Money, so they wouldn't starve...

B3: I have people...

B4: People who I want to make happy...!!

B5: Wh...what are you doing!?

B6: Are you okay, Tatsumi!?

B7: I was just flipping the switch.

B8: Don't worry about it.

B9: Anyways.

B10: I want to apologize, Akame. I was thoughtless.

B11: And I'll make you this promise.


B1: I will not die! I'll certainly stay alive!!

B2: I'll never force you to experience this pain!!


B1: Tatsumi...

B2: We'll make a new country...

B3: Where we can always see everyone's smiling faces.

B4: Yeah.

B5: That's right.

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