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Akame ga Kill 11

+ posted by lucifell as translation on May 24, 2012 19:27 | Go to Akame ga Kill

-> RTS Page for Akame ga Kill 11

Akame Ga Kiru Chapter 11




=Chapter Title=
Kill The Imposters


B1: Practice Field

B2: Do~ryaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!


B1: Gah!

B2: ....a-

B3: Again, Akame!

B4: .......
>Shouldn't you take a short rest, Tatsumi?

B5: Why would I want a break?

B6: I told you didn't I?
>Come at me as if this is a real life or death fight.


B1: Let's gooooo!!

B2: Ugwah!?

B3: Wh...what the hell, Aniki!?

B4: Shouldn't you be mindful of your surroundings in a real fight?

B5: After all, you never know where an enemy may attack you from, right?

B6: Che

B7: You're more fired up than usual, eh?

B8: What's up?


B1: .........

B2: Nothing....

B3: I just want to hurry and level up my abilities.

B4: I made a promise to Akame...

B5: That I would definitely survive!

B6: Tatsumi...

B7: Hmmmm

B8: It looks like you're finally acting like a man!!

B9: You've grown!!


B1: If you want to get stronger that badly, come hang out with me!

B2: I'll show you some stuff!!

B3: Aniki....

B4: And now, on to the first lesson.

B5: Follow me, Tatsumi!!

B6: W..with pleasure, aniki!!


B1: ....good luck.

B2+b3: Haaah (heavy breathing)


B1: This is the first time I've been so deep in the mountains.

B2: ...and it's getting real foggy.

B3: This whole area is fake mountain.
>Being here is about as dangerous as being in the capital.

B4: Really!


B1: Wha...!?

B2: Gi~shyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

B3: The hell!!?


B1: Tree beasts.

B2: Don't space out. Or would you rather get eaten?


B1: This place is filled with dangerous creatures that are adept at camouflage.

B2: Having you fight the creatures here should raise your battle awareness by quite a bit!

B3: You're all fired up about surviving no matter what, right?

B4: Yeah!

B5: We'll take the edible creatures to the nearby village.

B6: So we're also doing a good deed, give it your best!

B7: Great thinking, aniki!!


B1: And if you should be injured, I'll make sure to nurse you back to health down at base camp!

B2: Why are you blushing while saying that!?

B3: Capital Outskirts

B4: How terrible, this village as well, huh...

B5: A nation is said to be made up of it's people, and yet it's come to this.

B6: These poor people.

B7: I think you are heading into a nest of vipers by returning to the capital, father.


B1: I can't just stay retired when there are people living like this.
>The country will be doomed.

B2: If it's like this, I will have to fight that minister to the bitter end!

B3: And I'll protect your life!

B4: Former Prime Minister Chouri

B5: Chouri's Daughter, Spear

B6: You've grown to be such a fine woman.

B7: I suppose that gallantry is the reason you have yet to become a bride, then...?

B8: Ah!

B9: Th-that doesn't matter right now, does it!?

B10(background): Besides, I'm not really gallant, I can just use the spear pretty good. Also, if a good person did appear, even I would get married.
t/n: Special thanks to bluesummer, you're great!

B11: ...Sorry I asked.

B12: !
>What's this...?


>sfx across top: Wind Blowing

B1: ...Bandits again!?

B2: Public order has fallen so far!

B3: We will deal with them the same as the last ones!

B4: Prepare yourselves!


B1: Daidara.

B2: Yeah.

B3: Let's go!!

B4: Teigu

B5: Double-Bladed Great-Axe Belvaac




B1: Gah

B2: Unnn....

B3: Too strong...

B4: My spearmanship can't even...

B5: Hehhhhh....not bad, Onee-chan.

B6: You're pretty skilled to have escaped a killing blow from Daidara's attack.

B7: But--


B1: Considering what's about to happen to you,

B2: I'm pretty sure you'll wish you had been cut in half.

B3: !


B1: Y....

B2: You are soldiers and officers of the empire...!!

B3: Correct.

B4: I am a great admirer of your political works, sir.

B5: Th...

B6: Then why are you coming after me!!?

B7: Because, above all--


B1: our master's orders

B2: Are absolute!


B1: Fifteen people defeated, is it?

B2: All right! The value of this experience will lead me to further strength!

B3: Spread out the leaflets!

B4: Help me out, Daidara!

B5: That minister is always using such dirty tricks, huh....

B6: He should just keep framing his opponents for crimes as usual.

B7: However, those sorts of tricks won't work on the officials under the patronage of grand-general Budou.

B8: Ohhh, that's right! That's why it's our turn to act, right?

B9: ...Wasn't this all explained to you previously?

B10: Hey, hey! River, check it out, look!!


B1: Ta-daaaahhhh!!

B2: My collection has increased!!

B3: .......

B4: As usual, Nyau has such a disgusting habit.

B5: You made sure to properly kill her, right?

B6: Ahahahaha.
>She died halfway through from shock!

B7: Good.

B8: Let's head home.

B9: To celebrate this success, I'll cook us dinner!


B1: No....
>P-please, you really don't need to, do you!?

B2: Your cooking has the same destructive power as the average teigu!!

B3: Come on! It even caused Esdese-sama to pass out for a few minutes!

B4: It'll be fine, this time.

B5: I'll use a subtle seasoning with the saliva of the Evil Bird.

B6: We don't need that sort of thing in our food!

B7: Heaven's Judgment Delivered By Night Raid


B1: Everyone is here.

B2: I have three pieces of bad news to relay...
>Listen carefully.

B3: First.

B4: I can no longer get in contact with the local team.

B5: !?


B1: ?

B2: Local team?

B3: The empire is vast.

B4: We specialize in carrying out assassinations in the capital, but there is another team that handles the areas around it.

B5: It's currently under investigation, but the likelihood that they are dead is high.

B6: So be prepared for that...

B7: For the time being, I think it may be necessary to strengthen security around the hideout.

B8: Yeah. I'll increase the range of my threads.

B9: Secondly.

B10: Esdese has finished subjugating the north.

B11: And she has returned to the capital.


B1: That was exceedingly faster than anyone would have thought.

B2: God, she's always the cause of such trouble!

B3: It seems her army was left in the north to keep watch, though.

B4: Then it's safe to say that she wasn't suddenly brought back to deal with the revolutionary army, right?

B5: I can't figure out what her next move will be.

B6: Currently, it seems she is throwing herself into her work at the governments torture facilities.

B7: Leone.
>I want you to go to the capital and observe her movements.

B8: Roger!!


B1: I've always wanted to know what type of person she is, after all.

B2: She's a homicidal maniac who enjoys slaughter.

B3: Be on your guard.

B4: Alright, alright.

B5: Fufu....

B6: And then...

B7: I'll be a good person and take her out if the chance comes up!

B8: The extremely sadistic general known as the empire's strongest...

B9: Taking her out would be a blow to the empire as strong as killing the prime minister...!!!

B10: And finally.

B11: There is a serial killer case involving civil officials happening in the capital.
t/n: don't like the line, but cant think of anything else at the moment


B1: The victims so far have been 4 officials

B2: And 61 bodyguards.

B3: The problem is

B4: These posters claiming to be from Night Raid have been found at all the crime scenes.

B5: They're framing us for the crime? It's easy to see they're fakes right...?

B6: But that's obvious, isn't it?

B7: I mean, for us to suddenly start claiming responsibility seems a bit far fetched.

B8: That's what I thought for the first and second cases too, but...

B9: Now it seems that it could have been us.

B10: Why?

B11: After each incident, the officials have increased their security. But even so, they are still being killed.

B12: In the 4th incident, the former prime minister Chouri and around 30 highly skilled guards were all massacred.
>As well as his daughter, who was a disciple of the imperial fist temple's master.


B1: There are none other than us who could accomplish something like this--
>--Is what popular opinion is.

B2: The criminals are ones who have the same amount of power as us....

B3: In other words, teigu users.

B4: Someone who could do something like this

B5: It couldn't be....Kurome...?

B6: All of those who were killed were good people who wanted nothing to do with the prime minister.

B7: They were people who made the minister feel ill at ease.

B8: In other words, the prime minister is getting rid of his enemies.

B9: And having Night Raid take the blame for it.


B1: Also, could this be an invitation?

B2: To lure out and trap the real night raid?

B3: ...I realize this could be a trap
>But I wished to inform you anyway...

B4: The civil officials who were killed were all highly skilled individuals...

B5: Who opposed the prime minister...

B6: And would have nothing to do with the rebel army scouts.
>They cared only for their country.

B7: Good people like these civil officials were will be essential in creating our new country.

B8: We cannot afford to lose any more of these talented people!

B9: I feel we should head out and crush this group of fakes!

B10: I would like to hear your opinion on this!


B1: I....

B2: Don't really understand things like politics, but...

B3: Using Night Raid's name just to commit these horribly evil crimes

B4: Just makes me sick!

B5: That's right...

B6: Exactly, Tatsumi!


B1: Okay...

B2: We're decided then...

B3: What should we do with these fools who selfishly decide to use our name?

B4: Let's go teach them the law of the assassin!!!


B1: There are about five officials who we suspect are being targeted.

B2; Of those five, only a few have plans to leave the capital soon.
>We have narrowed it down to two officials....

B3: Akame and Rabak...

B4: And Tatsumi with Braht will provide protection for these two!!

B5: Where does the official we need to protect plan to go?

B6: The outskirts of the capital.


B1: He plans to board the ship that is anchored at the start of the grand canal. The massive luxury liner--

B2: "Ryuusen"
t/n: Literal: dragon boat


B1: H....



B1: Using Inclusio to make himself invisible.

B2: This ship looks like a fortress...

B3: And this is where we're going to ambush the imposters!?

B4: Let's board quickly.

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