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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Akame ga Kill 12

+ posted by lucifell as translation on May 27, 2012 18:42 | Go to Akame ga Kill

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Akame Ga Kiru Chapter 12


B1: "The Great Canal" 2500km in length

==Chapter Title==
Kill The Three Beasts

B2: Over one million people were mobilized by the empire for it's construction.

B3: They finished it's construction in the relatively short span of seven years.

B4: This large burden placed upon the people caused the discontent within the empire to increase.

B5: However, in the long run, it has certainly been used for the people as an artery to ship goods from place to place quickly.

B6: Those powerful people of the empire who cared about it's nation poured all their power into it's completion.
t/n: Odd line. It's literally saying: "The good people of the empire (i.e. ones who care about the people, not their own power) are the ones who poured their power into getting it built


B1: The emperor taking a royal cruise on the Ryuusen

B2: Was part of the canal's completion ceremony.

B3: Woooww....

B4: It's so extravagant!

>sfx: Tap Tap

B5: !

B6: You're the young master of a wealthy family from a rural province.
>You can be a little impressed by how flashy the capital is,

Box: Using inclusio's invisibility

B7: But don't forget your cover.

B8: G...got it, Aniki!


==Chapter Title==
Kill The Three Beasts


B1: Whoa.

B2: There are so many people looking on from shore...

B3: They say the Night Raid imposters may attack someone here, but--

B4: There are just too many people.

B5: And the guy we need to protect is already behind a curtain of bodies.


B1: There's no way they could do it here.

B2: Looks like this ones a miss, huh.

B3: Ouch!

B4: Don't just decide that on your own and get lazy, Tatsumi.

B5: Ah...

B6: Aniki...

B7: I have invisibility as a hidden skill.

B8: We still don't know what strange abilities the enemy might have, right?

B9: Yeah, that's true...

B10: My bad, Aniki...


B1: How many times are you gonna hit me anyway, Aniki?

B2: Well, just think of them as love taps, okay?

B3: Love...taps...

B4: Yeah, taps of--

B5: I don't need to hear it a third time!!!

B6: Anyways, that armor sure is handy.

B7: It let you slip onto the ship with ease.

B8: Of course!

B9: With this guy, I fought on the front lines against the southern lands.

B10: He's like my partner.


B1: .........

B2: ...but

B3: No matter how hard I tried, eventually...

B4: I can't agree to this!!

B5: Note: It's Braht

B6: How can such an accomplished general be dismissed by the capital like this!!?


B1: It must be...

B2: Because I stubbornly refused the bribes from the new prime minister, I suppose.

B3: You're saying our ranks are determined by bribes rather than our own merits!?

B4: That's unbelievable!!

B5: Braht.

B6: I intend to proudly defend myself against these charges when I return to the capital.

B7: I may be in this situation now...

B8: But I have done nothing wrong in my actions...

B9: And they will surely come to see it.


B1: General...

B2: Though, it may take time...

B3: Your teigu

B4: And your rank...

B5: May be stripped from you until then...

B6: For having a superior officer like me as your boss...

B7: Forgive me, Braht.


B1: No...

B2: You are a splendid general.

B3: However.

B4: Upon returning to the capital, they weren't interested in listening to his story.

B5: And provoked by my anger at the situation, they were preparing to arrest me as a criminal as well.

B6: I was very foolish, then.

B7: So before I was caught, I escaped using my teigu.

B8: ...
>That's horrible!

B9: Oh.
>My invisibility is at it's limit...

B10: If I don't take off the armor--

B11: But they'll recognize your face, right?

B12: Go ahead, leave this area to me.


B1: Alright.

B2: I'll investigate the ship's lower decks.

B3: If anyone suspicious does show up, I won't miss them...

B4: ...Even though I look pretty suspicious myself.

B5: Huh?

B6: Is that a flute...?


B1: At That Time

B2: Main Street in the capital.

>sign at the bottom:
Confectionary Cafe
t/n: lit: The Pampered Child


B1: No reason to to fear, this is just a courtesy call.

B2: From now on, I will be handling the defense of the capital.

B3: W-well, I am certainly heartened to hear that, Esdese-sama!!

B4: Please...

B5: Accept this as a small token...

B6: I don't need your bribes.

B7: The next time you try this, I'll be forced to punish you with pain.

B8: Gyaaaaaa, this amount of pain is enough, ma'am!!!


B1: Shall I try some of your confections?

B2: This is a famous shop after all, is it not?

B3: Y...yes ma'am! Right away!

B4: ...this is a perfect chance to strike since she's left the palace by herself...

B5: ...is what anyone would normally think, but...

B6: Because I'm in beast form, I understand...!

B7: Her being out alone is a trap to lure in any assassins...!!!


B1: I know it...

B2: Because the smell that is radiating out from her...

B3: Is an ominous and oppressing

B4: Lust to kill...!!!

B5: Thinking I could kill her if there was an opening...

B6: How foolish I was...!


B1: It's unfortunate.

B2: But I have to trust my instincts on this one...
>And run!

B3: ...hmm?

B4: The presence disappeared...

B5: Wouldn't take the bait, huh....

B6: I was looking forward to testing out a new method of torture, too.

B7: ....hmmm.
>This is pretty good.


B1: When this mission is over.

B2: I wonder if I should bring those three by here to try it out...

B3: As always, such a refined sound.

B4: It suits this ship...


B1: Scream
>A flute type teigu than can freely manipulate the emotions of those who hear it's sound.

B2: Known to be used to raise morale on the battlefield.
>But by manipulating emotions, can be used in dozens of ways. (Listening to it's songs repeatedly, one can build a resistance)

B3: The ship has passed the urban areas, and we can no longer be seen from shore...

B4: It may be about time.

B5: Since they've been hearing the music for quite a while now,

B6: Everyone on the ship should be lethargic for a little while, even if I stop playing.

B7: There may be some bumpkins on the ship who can't appreciate the beauty of your flute...

B8: Don't let up now.

B9: Oka~~~~y.

B10: Just to be sure, I'll play a little more.



B1: It's all over.

B2: I can't go on.

B3: I don't care anymore...

B4: Guu....!!

B5: .......!?

B6: What the hell is going on!?

B7: Ku....

B8: I want to call for Aniki, but my body is losing all it's power...!

B9: The sound of that flute that started a little while ago...

B10: Could that be it?


B1: ...!?

B2: I can still hear it, even if I cover my ears...so it's a teigu!

B3: Ahhhhh...

B4: I feel sluggish after hiding for so long--

B5: --Oh!?

B6: Seems we have someone still resisting after all this time!

B7: !


B1: Even under hypnotism, you may have a vague memory.

B2: So if you're allowed to live and see what we do...

B3: ...Which means...

B4: You are one of the fake Night Raiders?

B5: !
>Would that make you a real one?

B6: This is great!

B7: Here!

B8: !

B9: Why?


B1: Well, you see...

B2: So that I can become the strongest...

B3: I desire more battle experience.

B4: Come at me!

B5: It should be easy to fight here since everybody is already out of the way, right?

B6: .....

B7: Yeah....true.


B1: Then I'll give you a good experience-

B2: -By sending you to hell!!!

B3: Goooood!!

B4: That strong spirit!!


B1: Destroying it will give me great experience!!!


B1+B2: Haah

B3: Even with your body under the effects of the sound...

B4: You dodged that pretty well, didn't you...

B5: Well then...

B6: What will you do about this, huh!!?

B7: !?


B1: What the-!?


B1: Gah

B2: This is bad...

B3: Because of that music, my body won't move as I want it to...

B4: If this keeps up....

B5: I'll be killed...!!

B6: -Belvaac-
>Axe type teigu. Holds terrific offensive ability. Due to it's weight, only humans possessing great physical strength can wield it.

B7: Has the ability to split down the middle, creating two axes that when thrown, will continue to follow an enemy as long as they have momentum.


B1: I knew it!

B2: It's following me!

B3: So that's how you want it!!


B1: Uoooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

B2: If I attack you head on like this

B3: This thing following me becomes a problem for you too!!


B1: How stupid can you be!?

B2: Your opponent knew what you were trying and was obviously lieing in wait for you!

B3: It's plain to see he would have killed you in another second!!
>What were you planning to do just charging in blindly!!?

B4: A...Aniki....


>lil txt 2nd frame: Ah!

B1: Hey...you're awfully lively....

B2: And that shouldn't be, considering the whole ship should be under the effects of the song...

B3: You mean that music, right...?

B4: That wouldn't affect me.

B5: ohh?

B6: The hot blood flowing through my body...

B7: Isn't something that can be suppressed!!


B1: !!... this guy

B2: Hah.

B3: What an interesting guy....

B4: You stabbed your own body to overcome the effects of the music, huh....

B5: I'm Braht of Night Raid.

B6: But you can call me "handsome".

B7: I am a servant of Esdese-sama.

B8: Daidara of the three beasts.


B1: Tatsumi.

B2: Pay attention.

B3: And burn into your memory my way of fighting.






B1: This guy is worth a lot of experience!!!

B2: All the commotion out here, I knew it, night raid has come...

B3: Daidara is too careless and needs to be covered!!


B1: I know! I'll bash his head in!!

B2: !!

B3: Ani...!


B1: Huh?








B1: .....!!

B2: Tatsumi...

B3: I told you before. A warrior must be aware of his surroundings at all times.


B5: Armor type teigu created using a ferociously dangerous species as it's ingredient.

B6: When summoned, surrounds it's user in an impenetrable armor.

B7: Amplifies the abilities of it's wearer
>So he may shatter his enemy.

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