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Translations: One Piece 839 by cnet128 , Gintama 605 (2)

Akame ga Kill 13

+ posted by lucifell as translation on May 29, 2012 00:54 | Go to Akame ga Kill

-> RTS Page for Akame ga Kill 13

Akame Ga Kiru Chapter 13


==Chapter Title==
Kill Esdese's Army (Part One)

B1: He killed the big one so easily

B2: While dealing with the other two at the same time...

B3: All...


B1: All in

B2: A single moment...!

==Chapter Title==
Kill Esdese's Group (Part One)


B1: I thought you were strong...

B2: But I didn't know you were this amazing, Aniki!!

B3: Right?

B4: My nickname back when I was in the army was "100 man slayer Braht".

B5: But strictly speaking,

B6: You had actually killed 128 people.

B7: At the time, you were doing very well against the special forces.


B1: That teigu...
>that strength...

B2: So it is you, Braht...!

B3: !!

B4: ......

B5: General


B1: I'm no longer a general...

B2: After Esdese-sama saved me
>I became her servant.

B3: Huh...this guy.

B4: He's the guy from aniki's story...?

B5: If you were my ally,

B6: We could have a drink to celebrate this reunion...


B1: But for appearing as an enemy...

B2: I must kill you!!

B3: The mission must come first!!

B4: You took the words right out of my mouth.

B5: I absolutely must accomplish my mission.

B6: And I will, using this teigu I received from my master.


Finger Teigu
-Black Marlin-

B2: Created using a body part from a certain dangerous aquatic beast that can control water.
>If the user of this teigu is near any liquid, he may freely control it.

B3: It's fortunate for me that our battle takes place here of all places!

B4: Water control, huh?

B5: Just like your master who can control ice!

B6: However, unlike Esdese-sama who can create ice from nothing...

B7: I would be helpless if there were no liquid around...


B1: The difference between us is awe-inspiring!!!

B2: Water Cannons!!


B1: Don't get ahead of yourself!!

B1: Oww~~...

B2: This guy's strength puts him just below Esdese-sama...

B3: But River can beat him fighting on this canal.

B4: Especially if I play a song...!

B5: Don't even think about it!!

B6: !!


B1: You didn't think

B2; I would just let you start playing again, did you?

B3: This guy...

B4: Such a nuisance.

B5: Alright!

B6: It seems my body and movements are back to normal!




B1: Gwah!!

B2: Shit

B3: This guy is seriously fast...

B4: But...


B1: Akame is much faster than this!!

B2: Ha!

B3: Don't compare me to some assassin!!


B1: Guhhh-

B2: That earlier attack should have had an effect on this guy...

B3: ...but even so, he can still move so well...

B4: The three beasts...their strength is definitely above someone like Ogre...

B5: !

>sfx bottom 3 panels: Doh doh doh doh (sounds of a lot of water being moved)


>sfx panel 1: Same as previous page

B1: Whoa!

B2: Suddenly it's turned amazing over there!!

B3: Ahaha.

B4: As long as there is plenty of water, there's no way River can lose!

B5: Heh.

B6: It's already easy to see that aniki's gonna win!

B7: You mean River, right?

B8: Aniki, of course!


B1: You'll be smashed by the pressure of this water, Braht!!


B1: Snake Of The Abyss!!


B1: Uoooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


B1: I figured you would launch yourself headlong at the snake....

B3: Since if it hit the ship, the number of bodies would skyrocket.

B4: However!!

B5: Now that you aren't on deck anymore, you can't move!

B6: Which means you won't be able to dodge this while in the air!!!


B1: Evil Dragon Spear!!


B1: Just being subjected to a little water...

B2: Won' be enough to extinguish my passion!!


B1: Yeah...

B2: That isn't enough to defeat you..

B3: !!

B4: But I already knew that.


B1: We've tread countless battlefields together.

B2: Your strength.

B3: Your Valor.

B4: I know it more than anyone.

B5: And it's for this reason

B6: That I will let you feast on my greatest ability!!

PAGE 23+24

>txt: Judgment Of The Heavenly Water Dragon


B1+B2: Guoooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!

B3: Is he dead?


B1: It isn't the time to be spouting out those words!!!

B2: !

B3: You generally say them when you've defeated your enemy!!!

B4: So you want to drag this out to the end, huh...!!?


B1: Che

B2: Hah...haha...

B3: That's too bad.

B4: You lost your chance to defeat River...


B1: Ani...ki....

B2: Forgive me, Aniki.

B3: I couldn't keep him occupied long enough...

B4: Don't worry about it.


B1: You still being alive after fighting without a teigu is proof enough that you've done well.

B2: Aniki...

B3: Even inside the armor, he was that injured...

B4: Seems your teigu released due to all the damage you've sustained...

B5: Looks to be the end...

B6: Stop acting tough.

B7: You're bleeding from your ears you know, River.

B8: !


B1: Firing off all those high energy attacks in succession like that...
>Of course your body would get worn out.

B2: You aren't in any condition to use your teigu either.

B3: ...so you know...oh well.
>I wanted to try easing this out there slowly, but...

B4: I'll just ask.

B5: Braht.

B6: Would you think about joining Esdese-sama's army...?

B7: If it's you, you could even raise to the rank of second-in-command.

B8: I have no interest in serving the empire once again.

B9: Not the empire. Think about becoming a servant of Esdese-sama...

B10: As I did when she saved me.


B1: Doing as you please...

B2: Being feared by others...

B3: Yes.

B4: Even those dirty bureaucrats always scattering their filthy politics.

B5: Enticed by their own power...!!!
t/n: previous two lines need to be proofed

B6: .........

B7: Come with me, Braht!!!

B8: Esdese-sama will surely make your crimes disappear!!


B1: I refuse.

B2: Making those politicians despair

B3: May be a comfortable position for you, but...

B4: I've always been an ally of the people, right?


B1: Esdese's army supports the prime minister.

B2: And that, I want nothing to do with.

B3: "Ally of the people"....never thought I would hear an assassin spout such lofty words.

B4: I always did tell you to be a little bit humble.

B5: I need to prepare my trump card...

B6: With that we'll win!!


B1: Aniki...

B2: This battle to the death will reach it's conclusion in less than five minutes


B1: The result:

B2: Of the teigu users on the ship that will leave it alive

B3: There is

B4: But one

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