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Akame ga Kill 15

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Jun 1, 2012 01:41 | Go to Akame ga Kill

-> RTS Page for Akame ga Kill 15

Akame Ga Kiru Chapter 15


>sfx: flex

B1: Yes!

B2: Finally healed!!

B3: Until my wounds healed, I had to stay at base and rest.

B4: But now I can get back into the fight...!!

B5: I have to work twice as hard to make up for the loss of Schere and Braht!!


B1: ==NO TEXT==


==Chapter Title==
Kill The Hardship


B1: Anybody here?

B2: I need someone to train with!!

B3-B6: Haah (heavy breathing)

B7: Heya, Mein.

B8: So you've recovered! That's good!

B9: What are you guys doing?

>txt near her head: God, the smell!


B1: Just helping these guys out with their training.

B2: ...after equipping it I understand, Incursio consumes an amazing amount of spiritual and physical energy to use.

B3: In order for me to be able to use it as well as aniki,

>txt on sign: Train Every Day (Braht)

B4: I need to train my my body more...!

B5: As it as now

B6: I can barely use it's invisibility for a few seconds before it releases.


B1: It's unusual to see you getting sweaty, Raba.

B2: There are just two of us guys in the group now.

B3: So, you know, I got to thinking maybe I should start taking things seriously.

B4: Yeah that sounds cool and all, but you can barely do half as many push-ups as Tatsumi.

B5: Pfft.

B6: That's to be expected.

B7: Since there is such a large difference between Leone's weight and mine.

>sfx: Shatter


>sfx: Bong

B1+B2: ?

B3: Oh, you're all here.

B4: Boss.

B5: What's with the getup...?


B1: Heading out to the revolutionary army HQ?

B2: Yeah. I need to go deliver the three teigu we confiscated from the three beasts.

B3: ...Boss, that axe is unbelievably heavy.

>txt next to her: Hup!

>txt on sign: One good deed a day

B4: Ohh, I can handle this much.

B5: See?

B6: !!!!!!!!!!

B7: I wouldn't be able to use it as a weapon, but if it's just carrying it, there's no problem.

B8: Was the boss always this amazing?

B9: Of course! You do know she's a former general, right?

Box: Pleased

B10: I leave the place in your hands, Akame.

B11: Standing orders are "Everyone Train"!


B1: Understood.

B2: Hey!

B3: Is it really okay to leave the whimsical one in charge!?

B4: She takes her orders very seriously at least, so there won't be any problems there.

B5: But the main reason I'm heading to HQ will be to secure some new members.

B6: I'm hoping they can spare some talented people to replenish our fighting strength,

B7: But I'm not holding my breath.

B8: ...I'm sorry...

B9: I was just too weak.


B1: The ones you were fighting, the three beasts,

B2: Had the strongest offensive capability in the entire empire. They were key figures in Esdese's army.

B3: All three of them were eliminated,
>And their teigu were recovered.

B4: Esdese's strength may have no equal, but her army has certainly been weakened as a whole due to this.

B5: This will do much to allay the concerns over when the revolution will take place.

B6: Also, not only the people who were on that ship,
>But you've also saved the lives of thousands of revolutionary army soldiers.

B7: You're strong.

B8: And you did well, Tatsumi.


B1: ...boss...

B2: .........

B3: ...I wasn't going to tell you since I didn't want to inflate your ego, but...

B4: Braht said something to me a while back.

B5: Tatsumi may still be green and wet behind the ears.

B6: But I know that kid will become seriously strong in time.

B7: With strict training, I think he may become so strong he just leaves me in the dust.

B8: I look forward to seeing it.


B1: Aniki...!

B2: Be proud of yourself, Tatsumi.

B3: And live on.

B4: Show Braht that you can become the kind of man he expected you to be.


B1: ...even so, we're still short handed...

B2: And the report Leone brought back says Esdese is organizing a special force of teigu users...

B3: Looks like things are about to get more difficult...


B1: River.

B2: Daidara.

B3: You guys lost...

B4: Which means you were just too weak.

B5: It's only natural for the weak to be eliminated...

B6: My unreasonable subordinates.

B7: You were so unreasonable

B8: That I'll have to take vengeance on your enemies in your stead.


B1: Will my new teigu using subordinates

B2: Be arriving today?

B3: All six have been gathered,
>But they all seem to be people of low-station, even if they are capable.

B4: And they all appear to have certain personality quirks.
>Sorry about that.

B5: I don't know much about the people that have come.

B6: Maybe I should play around with them?


B1: Capital Main Street

B2: My name is Wave.

B3: I've fought for the imperial navy as a true man of the sea!

B4: Presently, I'm on my way to join a special police force being put together by the empire.
>It's kind of a promotion.


B1: For my first time in the city, I wanted to make a flashy entrance.

B2: I even decided on these clothes because they make me look so cool!

B3: I was greatly admired in my hometown.

B4: The assortment of seafood I'm carrying...

>lil txt:
My boy's leaving!
You have to take these with you!
Give em hell, son!

B5: Is a memento forced on me by my mom.

B5: But

B6: For some reason, I get the feeling everyone is giving me furtive glances...

B7: Maybe I'm doing something improper or something?

B8: A bumpkin...

B9: It's a country boy, right?

B10: Definitely!

B11: Whatever...


B1: I'm a man who has fought pirates and sea monsters!

B2: I can't let these little unimportant things bother me!!

B3: Here we are!

B4: I need to arrive at the meeting place smoothly.

B5: Because the people in here are gonna be my teammates from now on.


B1: The first impression is crucial.

B2: So in order to not be taken lightly, let's do this!

B3: Good afternoon!

B4: I've come from the imperial navy...
>I'm Wa--


B1: Pardon my intrusion.

B2: Ummmmmmm

B3: This room belongs to the office of torture then?
>Haha...guess I mixed up the rooms.

B4: But, the meeting place is supposed to be...the special police conference room.

B5: And....this is it.

B6: Which means that's one of my new co-workers!!?

B7: What a place the capital is!

B8: Nowadays, pirates look more normal than the people here!!!


>sfx: Ga-cha

B1: For the time being, I need to keep positive and conduct myself well.

B2: G...
>Good afternoon.

step step step

>sfx: Stare

B3: Hey hey...

>sfx: Sta~~~~~re

B4: What's with this guy...!!

B5: That guy has just been staring at me this whole time!!

B6: This sucks, mom. I already want to go home!
>This city already has me at my wits end!!!

>sfx: Ga-cha


B1: ........

B2: !

B3: A normal girl!

>sfx: Bam

>bag: Kurome's Candy


>sfx: munch munch munch munch munch

B1: H...hey.

B2: ?

B3: Are you a teigu user that was summoned here as well?

B4: Nice to meet you, I'm Wave...

B5: You can't have any of my candy.

B6: She's sort of strange too!


B1: Sorry to bother you.

B2: Shit...

B3: What's with this situation?!

B4: One just sits there eating candy after candy.

B5: You're gonna get cavities you know!! Damn!

B6: And this one just sits there staring at me.

B7: What's his deal?

B8: Pardon me!


B1: I've been reassigned from the capital defense forces.

B2: I am Seryuu Yubikitas!

B3: And this is Koro!

B4: Ohh...

B5: This one seems normal enough!

B6: Dr. Stylish.

B7: The preparations are finished!!


B1: First impressions are important...

B2: And would of course be important

B3: To a stylish man like myself.

B4: This time it's a crazy homo!!?

B5: Oh dear.

B6: On first look, you're clearly a country-boy, but you're actually kind of good looking.

B7: I can make you even better looking.

B8: Let's get along well, okay?

B9: And he seems...

B10: To have taken a liking to me...!


B1: Good afternoon.

B2: It looks like I'm the last to arrive.

B3: Hey.

B4: Nice to meet you, I'm Wave...

B5: I'm Ran.

B6: It's a pleasure to meet you.


B1: Finally in the end a normal person has come!!!

B2: Uhmm...

B3: Everyone...

B4: I've made some tea.

B5: I must apologize.

B6: It was our first meeting, and yet I didn't greet you...

B7: I have a fear of strangers, you see...

B8: I was nervous.

B9: I most likely have the most seniority here...

B10: And yet I act like that!


B1: Let's get along as fellow teigu using warriors.

B2: I'm Bors, from the incineration squad.

B3: Haha...

B4: H...he has a fear of people with that appearance...?

B5: The incineration squad...

B6: A unit that will stylishly scorch anything, be it man or thing...
>I see, that's why he has that look, huh.

B7: He's definitely not my type...

>sfx: ga-cha


B1: So all six are here...

B2: Eh....

B3: Who's that?

B4: I don't recognize any of you!

B5: What are you doing in this room!!?

B6: Hey now.

B7: We were called here for a special as--


B1: ...you're opponents will be assassins.
>Always be on your guard!


B1: Whoops.

B2: Umu!

B3: This guy's pretty good.

B4: Wha-?


B1: Guh

B2: When attacking from behind

B3: You give off too much killing intent!

>sfx: Ki~n


>sfx: Screee (cutting through the mask)

B1: Even playing around

B2: I shouldn't give this one any opening.

B3: So that's the teigu Yatsuhusa, huh...?

B4: It has a splendid cutting edge....


B1: Gen....

B2: General Esdese!!

B3: ......

B4: Damn, that hurt.

B5: E...

B6: Even the boss is a weird one!?


B1: Were you surprised by my little game?

B2: Much better than the normally droll welcoming reception, wouldn't you say?

B3: I'm used to being treated rough.

B4: Thank you for the lesson, ma'am.


B1: Okay then!

B2: We'll have a party after our audience with his majesty.

B3: Wha...we're suddenly going to meet with the emperor!?

B4: What a fast paced schedule for the first day!

B5: I like to get the annoying things out of the way first.

B6: You would rather handle your self-introductions next time, right?

B7: Next time?

B8: Esdese-sama, before that.

B9: Should we not decide on a name for our team?

B10: Umu!


B1: We are a unique force within the military.

B2: Organized and tasked to mercilessly hunting down and eliminate atrocious groups of enemies...

B3: we will be the special police force


B1: Known as "Jaegers".
t/n: German for "hunters". True spelling is Jager, but easier for english speakers to correctly pronounce with an added E

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