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Akame ga Kill 16

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Jun 2, 2012 21:44 | Go to Akame ga Kill

-> RTS Page for Akame ga Kill 16

Akame Ga Kiru Chapter 16


B1: Using my memento...the seafood I brought from home

B2: To make a big welcoming dinner was a good idea.

B3: But isn't it a little strange that he can cook with that face!?

B4: Wave-kun.

B5: The spinach needs to go in last.
>It's a bit too early for that.

B6: Oh.

B7: Sorry.

B8: But...you know Bors-san,

B9: I sure was relieved to discover that you're actually a kind person.


B1: I'm not...

B2: Really all that kind at all...

B3: Captain.
t/n: Yes she is a general, but seryuu is referring to her in her capacity as the leader of the special squad, not her military rank. Commander or general would work just fine. I leave that decision to whoever scanlates it.


B1: What about you?

B2: What have you been doing with your spare time?

B3: Mostly hunting and torture.

B4: otherwise I study.

B5: But at the moment-

B6: I was thinking...

B7: That I might try my hand at being in love.


==Chapter Title==
Kill The Battle Fanatic


B1: Love!?

B2: By the way, has the report on the spare teigu come in yet?

B3: Ah...y-yes it has.

B4: The giant scissors teigu that we retrieved from those evil people is currently being held in the main guard office.

B5: But we have yet to find anyone suitable to use them...

B6: And at this rate, the prime minister will take control of them hmm...

B7: That would be such a waste.

B8: In order to find someone capable enough to use them

B9: I say we should put on an entertaining show.


B1: Ohh?


B1: Yo.

B2: Hey.

B3: Be careful while heading down.

B4: Wow, this place really does give off a "secret base" kind of vibe!

B5: Right? I'm very proud of it.

B6: But you didn't make it, did you....


B1: Hey~~~

B2: There~~~~

B3: Welcome to the capital hideout.

B4: Nee-san, aren't you a little too relaxed!!?

B5: Okay, so.

B6: Mein has finally appeared on the wanted posters...

B7: Therefore the only ones who can walk around the capital openly are us three.

B8: Since my face was seen when I was on that ship

B9: I thought it might have been a little dangerous for me to be out in the open.

B10: Nobody recognized you while you were walking through town, right? So it's all good I think.


B1: ...also,

B2: Speaking of the city, the special police squad jaegers seems to be all anyone can talk about...

B3: Obviously, since Esdese is their leader...

B4: That's the real hot topic...

B5: Such a seriously dangerous person is...

B6: .......

B7: Seriously, how dangerous can she be?

B8: That's right.

B9: You haven't heard about that episode...


B1: A few years ago

B2: There was a group of savage tribes in the southwest
>That rose up in rebellion against the empire's tyrannical rule.

B3: The empire immediately dispatched a force to go and subjugate them.

B4: The tribes were 10,000 strong, while the empire sent 120,000 to quell them.

B5: The result of the fight would be obvious to anyone.

B6: However.

B7: Those far off outskirts of the empire

B8: Were hell for the empire's soldiers who had been comfortably raised near the capital.


B1: Poisonous bogs and large rivers of mud impeded their advances.

B2: Swarms of poisonous insects and disease had a devastating effect on troop morale.

B3: They were also being relentlessly attacked by wild animals and exotic monster species.

B4: The expeditionary force had all but given up.

B5: The tribes who knew the land well were also constantly conducting highly effective night raids on their forces.

B6: The imperial army was too exhausted to even put up a fight, and many more died.


B1: Growing impatient, the empire dispatched the young but very capable general Najenda

B2: And general Esdese to reinforce the army.

B3: General Esdese.

B4: You seem to be in an unusually sullen mood today?

B5: This assignment doesn't please me at all...

B6: The minister's orders were "Use your teigu to bring this rebellion to a swift conclusion".


B1: I was looking forward to overcoming the local advantages these savages have and crushing them....

B2: Though these orders are just plain boring...

B3: Orders are orders...

B4: Be it wild animals

B5: Or poisonous insects

B6: Or even infectious diseases...


B1: All will freeze before me!!!




B1: ...!!!

B2: Wh...

B3: What power...!

B4: Of course, using this much power

B5: Leaves me unable to use it again for a little while.


B1: The river was also frozen!

B2: We'll ride across it straight to the enemy headquarters!

B3: My attacks are the same as a light cannon!!


B1: Gun squadron...

B2: To the front!!

B3: Attack while the enemy is in disarray.

B4: Obliterate them!


B1: After the enemy is destroyed.

B2: It'll be time for an enjoyable reward.

B3: I want you all

B4: To violate this town until you are satisfied!!!




B1: --------

B2: Ugh...!!

B3: Are you watching?

B4: Your home is being ravaged.


B1: Damn you!

B2: Just kill us already!!!

B3: I have great compassion.

B4: But only minimal mercy.

B5: You few alone will be allowed to survive this horror.

B6: You must be joking!
>If you don't kill us now, we'll definitely come after and kill y--

B7: Gah!!

B8: Remember this well.

B9: This is the natural state of the weak.

B10: If you don't like it, just become stronger.

B11: And so--


B1: Even though they had been ordered to make an example of them

B2: They carried out those orders with such horrendous joy...!!

B3: ---and that's what happened.

B4: But wasn't it foolish to plant the seeds of hatred in the ones they let live like that?

B5: I mean, wasn't it just like fanning some smoldering coals into a fire?

B6: That's what Esdese was hoping for. She wants more rebellions, you see.

B7: That way she can continue to enjoy herself and fight in more battles.

B8: ....she's messed up.


B1: Hahhhhh
>I knew it was a good idea not to mess with her.

B2: She's seriously dangerous.

B3: Would I have just been one more added to the number of hundreds of thousands she's killed if I had...?

B4: She must be an incredible monster for nee-san to say all that.

B5: If you're interested,

B6: I've got something to show you.

B7: Esdese is sponsoring a city wide tournament!

B8: The winner will get a huge cash reward!
>You did say you wanted to send money back to your hometown, right?


B1: Say, prime minister?

B2: About general Esdese...

B3: Why has she started talking about things like love?


B1: Everyone starts desiring the opposite sex when they reach a certain age.

B2: Such as general Nouken when he brings along his ten concubines when he goes to the battlefield, you see.

B3: General Esdese has always been a person that has lived for the thrill of battle....

B4: She's always chosen war over flowers until now.
>But it seems that desire is finally blossoming.

B5: I see.

B6: And for that, she wishes to find someone suitable...

B7: She is a person of great pride.

B8: So she won't accept anyone unless they can meet all of her standards.

B9: Hmmm...

B10: But could a man who meets these requirements really exist...?

>sfx: swish


B1: (Above all, must possess a deep well of untapped ability. I wish to mold him myself into a person of general class abilities.)

B2: (Must be fearless; A person who can hunt the dangerous species of the world with me.)

B3: (Cannot have been raised near the capital. Just like me, must have been raised on the outskirts of the empire.)

B4: (Will be under my direct control, so must be younger than me.)

B5: (One who has a pure and innocent smiling face would be nice.)

B6: Looking at the first requirement would disqualify almost everyone, huh....

B7: Being trained by her to become of general quality would be rough too...


>txt in firs two frames:

>txt in frames 3 and 4: Sounds of the crowd

>txt on bottom: Yaw~~~n


B1: What do you think of these ones, captain?

B2: I think boring fighters

B3: Make for boring fights.

B4: I guess it's too much to ask for someone capable of using a teigu to suddenly appear, huh?

B5: Oh.

B6: It seems the fight is about over.

B7: Winner!
>Nobunaga of the dry-goods store!

>txt next to nobunaga: Yeaaaah~~

B8: I'm the winner!!

B9: This next match will feature the final two fighters.


B1: In the east corner!

B2: Karubi the butcher!

B3: In the west corner!

B4: Tatsumi the blacksmith!!


B1: One of them is just a kid, huh.

B2: ........

B3: That's an interesting cover.

B4: Can he really use the forge?

B5: Not as well as me,
>But he has some skill.

B6: You're a tiny one, ain't you?

B7: That prize money is already in the bag. Kukuku


B1: I may have been excommunicated, but I'm a 9th level master of the imperial fist, ya know!

B2: This old guy.

B3: He may be arrogant as hell, but he's certainly strong enough to back it up...

B4: Begin!

B5: ...this guy may have been able to scare me in the past

B6: ....but I'm completely calm now

B7: Compared to the strength of the three beasts

B8: This guy is nothing at all

B9: Let's go!!

B10: I'll give you a full helping of my destructive fists!!

B11: Against this guy
>I won't even need incursio!!


B1: Gah




B1: Pi-Ki

B2: Oooh...

>sfx bottom left panel: Entire crowd roaring




B1: ......

B2: Captain, that boy is exceptionally skilled.

B3: ....yeah.

B4: That's the end!!

B5: Tatsumi is the winner!!

>txt in same panel: Crowd Roaring

B6: Everyone is cheering

B7: For me...

B8: I did it!




>txt at top: Ba-Dump (heart beat)

B1: ...I've found him.

B2: He's a candidate for using that teigu, right?

B3: That too, but....something else.

B4: Captain?

B5: Ohh!! She's coming to the ring herself!?


B1: Tatsumi...
>Was your name, right?

B2: It's a good name.

B3: Th

B4: Thanks...

B5: This is Esdese...

B6: The person who issued orders to the three beasts...?


B1: If she didn't exist...

B2: Aniki would still be...

B3: The match just now.
>That was superb.

B4: I wish to give you your reward.

B5: !

B6: Thank you very much!

B7: Though it is kind of like charity from the enemy...

B8: Money is money!

>sfx near esdese: Rustle Rustle

B9: I'll just accept it and act thankful.


>sfx: Clink

B1: From now on...

B2: Eh?


B1: You'll belong to me.

B2: Huh?

B3: Eh?


B1: There are too many distractions here.

B2: Come with me to the palace.

B3: Hold on-

B4: Wait a--!!

B5: Nope.

B6: I won't wait.

B7: What...

B8: Just happened?


B1: We'll talk in my room.

B2: When it's just the two of us...

B3: Wh....

B4: What the hell is happening~~~!!?

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