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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Akame ga Kill 17

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Jun 4, 2012 19:59 | Go to Akame ga Kill

-> RTS Page for Akame ga Kill 17

Akame Ga Kiru Chapter 17


B1: Tatsumi was carried off by Esdese!?

B2: ..........

B3: Did she realize he is a member of night raid!?

B4: We didn't really feel any animosity or blood thirst though...

B5: I don't really know...but I don't think it likely...

B6: But the only way to know for sure would be to go to the palace and see for ourselves...

B7: What should we do, acting boss?

B8: .....

B9: Tatsumi...


B1: Don't say something stupid like "Let's go off and rescue him" Akame.

B2: You realize the palace is filled with traps and soldiers, right?
>Even breaking in there at the best of times would be an impossible task!

B3: And Tatsumi's true identity may not even have been discovered in the first place.

B4: .......

B5: For the time being, we should move our base further into the mountains.

B6: Yeah that's true, this place may be discovered.

B7: So...what do we plan to do about Tatsumi...? Even though rescuing him may be impossible...

B8: I know

B9: That we lack the means to rush in headlong after him...

B10: However!
>Tatsumi is our important comrade!

B11: So we will do whatever we can for him!!


Kill The Bandits


B1: --And so

B2: This is the newest addition to jaegers,

B3: Tatsumi.

B4: You dragged in one of the populace, just like that?

B5: Now, he'll no longer have to live in poverty.

B6: And he isn't just an extra man for our group either...
>I felt it.

B7: Tatsumi is

B9: The one who will become my partner in love.


B1: So why does he have a collar around his neck, then?

B2: ...because he's become my lover, of course.

B3: And I want him to stand out.

B4: Well, if you want him to be your official lover, and not your pet,

B5: Shouldn't you remove it in order for there to be a difference?

B6: Hmmm, that's certainly true...
>I'll remove it.

B7: .........

B8: By the way, are any of you married or have any lovers?

B9: Seriously!!?


B1: Bors-san, is that true!?

B2: Yes...
>I've been married for six years now!

B3:: I really don't deserve someone as wonderful as that though!!

B4: Umm...excuse me--

B5: I'm really happy that you've taken a liking to me and all,

B6: But...
>I'm not really all that interested in working for the imperial court, so....

B7: Fufu

B8: It will likely take a bit of training to get you to be obedient, but it'll be worth the effort, hmmm.

B9: Please listen to what's being said to you!!!

B10: Now, now, everyone.

B11: He's just confused, It's a lot to take in all at once.

B12: The person that killed Schere!!


B1: There's nothing to be afraid of...
>We're all allies of justice here, so please don't worry.

B2: We met before, do you remember me?

B3: Don't you fucking touch me!!!

B4: ----is

B5: What I want to say!!!

B6: I want to say it, but that would lead to my identity being discovered...

B7: If I start acting strange, these guys might become dangerous....

B8: I'll just have to bear it....

B9: It's just as aniki said....I can't let my emotions control me!!


B1: No matter what, I have to work on getting out of here so I can tell everyone about these guys.

B2: Esdese-sama!

B3: As ordered, I've finished the report regarding the area around Gyogan lake...

B4: ....great.

B5: This timing is perfect.

B6: You guys.

B7: Your first big job has come up.


B1: We've come to learn

B2: About a fortress being inhabited by a group of bandits near Gyogan lake.

B3: Certainly!

B4: We suspected that these shameful evil-doers

B5: Had some sort of refuge on the outskirts of the capital.

B6: Umu.
>We're delaying the search for the location of night raid for a short while.

B7: First off, we should deal with the enemies we can see.

B8: And if the enemy should surrender, what should we do, captain?

B9: Surrender is something done by the weak...

B10: And it's nature's course that the weak be removed from the world.


B1: Aha

B2: Ahaha

B3: To be able to slaughter evil-doers preemptively...
>I am...

B4: Truly glad I've become a part of this group.

B5: You may exterminate them until your heart is content.

B6: Thank you, ma'am.

B7: This conversation is weird...


B1: I have one thing I'd like to tell you before we move out.

B2: Each of you will be required to eliminate dozens of people.

B3: This is the type of work we will be doing from this point forward.
>Are you all fully prepared for that?

B4: I am a soldier.
>I follow my orders.

B5: Even this type of work...

B6: Even if it means I must kill.


B1: I'm the same...

B2: This is merely practice at following orders.

B3: This is how I've always thought of it.

B4: I....

B5: Was able to join the navy due to the patronage of a certain great man...

B6: If I were to ask him how I may repay that great favor.

B7: He would tell me "Just do your best and fight for the sake of your country, that's all you need do"...


B1: So I can do this!

B2: Even if it means my life!!

B3: For the sake of making my desires to come to fruition,

B4: I wish to rise higher and higher.

B5: Even if it means I can't do the most purest of deeds.

B6: Seen in that way, I wish nothing more than to proceed with this mission.


B1: How about you, doctor?

B2: Hmm.
>My governing principles are exceedingly simple.

B3: That is the pursuit of style!!!

B4: So, do you understand now?

B5: Nope. Not at all.

B6: From the moment I saw Esdese-sama....

B7: I knew it.

B8: That unfathomable strength...

B9: That ice-like cruelty...

B10: Ahhh...it's as if a god had descended from on high!!!


B1: That style without equal!

B2: I wanted nothing more than to study you!

B3: .......

B4: I see that nobody has any problems...

B5: That's good.

B6: Then it's time to head out!

B7: Let's go, Tatsumi.

B8: Eh...me too!?

B9: As a substitute member, it'll be good for you to see the abilities of your fellow teammates.




B1: We've memorized the layout and enemy positions, so what kind of strategy should we use?

B2: In keeping with justice, we'll fight fair and square...

B3: And attack from the front!

>sfx: Gulp


B1: This will be the perfect place to observe their fighting abilities from.

B2: I wonder if it's really right for me to be the only one taking it easy...

B3: Ah...wait

B4: Isn't this a perfect chance for me to escape?

B5: No! There's no way I'll be able to get away...!!


B1: Enemies!!

B2: Everyone scramble!!

B3: Hey, did you guys even know where you were when coming to this place?!

B4: You guys have some nerve attacking from the front like this!!

B5: You don't really think you're going to be getting out of here alive, do you?!!


B1: Oh, wow~~~There are some real cuties with them, huh?

B2: We're really going to have some fun with them when we take them back to base, hahaha.

B3: First, I'll clear a path with my the combined power of the doctor's teigu and myself.

B4: Koro.

B5: Number five.


B1: In exchange for the loss of my arms

B2: The doctor blessed me with a new power...

B3: "Judgment Of The Ten Kings"


B1+B2: Enma's Spear Of Justice


B1: Wha

B2: What the hell is this thing...?!

B3: Ah....?

B4: These guys are dangerous! Report this to the boss!

B5: And close the gate, hurry!

B6: Next...

B7: Number seven!!

PAGE 24+25

B1+B2: Taizan's Cannon Of Justice


B1: Gyaaaaa

B2: She certainly does have the ability to annihilate them, doesn't she?

B3: I wonder if we should just let her take them all out herself.

B4: Huhu....

B5: Those are weapons created by me, you know.

B6: You made those, doctor?

B7: The beautiful hands of god, "Perfector."
>Using it, the speed and precision of my fingers are increased hundreds of times.

B8: You see, it's already the most stylish of teigu!


B1: Short of death, no matter what sort of wound you receive, I'll be able to fix you back up to 100%.

B2: And maybe even throw a few new weapons into your body while I'm at it.

B3: I would ask that you not insert any weapons into me, please.

B4: I'm happy we have someone to patch us up....

B5: But if all you have is a support type teigu doctor, we'll be forced to protect you.

B6: Ufufu. I hope to see that kindness from you in private, cutie.

B7: Please reveal yourselves!

B8: My enhanced troops!!

B9: Whoa!

B10: In the blink of an eye.


B1: These fellows are my private army that, using my teigu, I have performed enhancement surgeries on....

B2: It would be fitting to call them my "pawns" if this were chess.

B3: To be able to create things such as your own weapons.

B4: That's such a highly useful teigu, isn't it!

B5: Creating stylish weapons that can rival the strength of the teigu

B6: Has always been my dream, you see.

B7: Ummmm...

B8: While you were talking, Kurome went on ahead through the gate.

B9: So quick!

B10: That girl should really listen when someone is speaking! Sheesh!


B1: Th...this girl.

B2: She's got a cute face, but she's so strong!!




B1: ..........

B2: I didn't even need to release my abilities.

B3: But if everyone is already dead, maybe I should play by rearranging your body parts.

B4: My fun little dolls...




B1: Wha~t? No need to thank me.

B2: We're a team, right?

B3: If you say so.

B4: I already knew he was there.

B5: What, seriously?!


B1: That one there!

B2: Riddle him with arrows!!


B1: ?!

B2: Flame Thrower teigu

B3: Purgatory's Invitation "Rubicante"
t/n: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubicante


B1: This is also part of the job, after all.

B2+B3: Gyyyaaaaaaahhhhhh


B1: It's so ho~~~~~~~t

B2: What is that flame?!!

B3: Even in water the fire won't go ou~~~~~~t

B4: Sa...

B5: Save me~~~~

B6: This ain't no joke.

B7: I've got to get the hell out of this hellish place!!


B1: Wha...

B2: ..t...?


B1: Winged Teigu

B2: Soaring for thousands of miles, "Mastema".
t/n: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mastema

B3: Not even one of you will be allowed to escape.


B1: An...angel..

B2: ...amazing.

B3: Tatsumi...
>I'll be raising you myself.

B4: So you will be able to do things like this with ease.


B1: You seem....very kind.

B2: You've heard of me. Is the image different from what you imagined?

B3: Truthfully, this is the first time I've had these sorts of feelings.

B4: Such as being in love with someone...

B5: But....it isn't so bad.

B6: ...!

B7: Is...could it be possible...

B8: Could I somehow convince her to become our ally...?

B9: Her actions until now have been unforgivable, but...

B10: ?

B11: If she could use her power for the sake of defeating the empire as penance, the danger that our allies are in could drop considerably...!


B1: By...

B2: By the way, where will I be living from now on?

B3: In my room with me, right?

>txt over tatsumi's head: Eh!

>sfx: Gulp

B4: A...alright!

B5: If that's the case, then I'll try persuading her tonight!

B6: Time for Tatsumi the man

B7: To take center stage!!

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#1. by soranokira ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2012
Just one thing Lucifell, page 28:
"B8: While you were talking, Akame went on ahead through the gate." <-- I think it should be Kurome, not Akame.
and, fast translations :o thanks! especially for the names.
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