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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Akame ga Kill 18

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Jun 5, 2012 22:29 | Go to Akame ga Kill

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Akame Ga Kiru Chapter 18


==Chapter Title==
Kill Temptation


B1: I...I know we got back late and all...

B2: But how did the situation suddenly turn out like this?!

B3: His tension just reached it's peak, causing him to momentarily space out

B4: Ah....!

B5: Not good, not good!

B6: I can't do anything if I'm this tense! I need to convince her to become our ally

B7: I need to be a fierce man, and just go for it!

>lil txt: Fierce like this

B8: There's no way I'll lose this battle of wills!!


==Chapter Title==
Kill Temptation


B1: I made you wait, sorry.

B2: You--

B3: You didn't, really!


B1: Would you like anything to drink?

B2: Ah

B3: I'm fine, thanks! I am!

B4: Are you nervous, Tatsumi?

B5: N...not really.

B6: Fufu....

B7: You're so cute.

B8: Well, I'm not quite sure what to do in this situation either...

B9: But, as long as we know what we want, I'm sure we can figure it out, right...?

B10: Oh....

B11: Umm...there is one thing I'd like to ask you...


B1: It's, umm...

B2: You...like me, right...?

B3: Uwa....


B1: If I didn't like you,

B2: We wouldn't be doing this, now would we?

B3: I...

B4: I need to get a hold of myself.....!!

B5: Then I'd like you to hear out my request!

B6: Hmm? Tell me, what is it?

B7: You have my undivided attention.

B8: ......


B1: I hate the empire as it exists now!

B2: It's only natural, many people feel the same way. So what?

B3: If I'm to fight, I don't want it to be for the empire.

B4: I've been thinking that I would rather it be for the revolutionary army!

B5: !

B6: Obviously, I can't tell her about who I really am....
>But some flimsy lie won't work on her either...

B7: Then this is the only method I can use....!!

B8: Would you run away with me and fight beside me in the revolutionary army?

B9: If you did, couldn't we decreases the suffering going on?!

B10: ...Tatsumi...


B1: What are you thinking, saying that to a general of the empire?

B2: I....
>I know that what I'm saying is crazy and impossible...

B3: But as it is, we may be separated as friends and enemies.

B4: You don't need to worry about that.

B5: All you need to do is stay here with me.

B6: I understand the painful hardships you've had to endure until now...

B7: But from now on, I won't let anything harm you ever again...


B1: Also, as my lover and not my possession

B2: You are the only one I see as a man.

B3: So I'll never let you feel lonely.

B4: .......ah

B5: I'm truly happy you feel that way about me...

B6: But I just can't.

B7: I want something more than just my happiness.

B8: You're worried about your family, right?

B9: Of course I will place them under my patronage.

B10: It's not that....


B1: I want a country
>Where everyone can live happily.

B2: And as rotten as the empire is, that just can't happen here...

B3: ...Tatsumi.

B4: If you really like me as you say, then try to imagine it.

B5: For instance, there is a girl who has come of age in a village.
>And like us, she has found someone and fallen in love...

B6: But in this society with little public security, plagued by poverty and hunger,
>She may never even get the chance to act on those feelings.

B7: Y--

B8: You can understand what I'm saying, right?!


B1: No, I can't understand!

B2: I don't understand the feelings of the weak!

B3: !!

B4: The law of this world is "Survival Of The Fittest."
>It's how the weak are weeded out.

B5: It just means those people that die were too weak.

B6: Tatsumi...
>You may have been poor, but you were also able to raise your abilities, right?

B7: And thus you became strong, and that's what attracted my gaze to you.


B1: However, it's only natural for the weak to perish.

B2: Th...

B3: There's no way I could come to love a person who held that kind of view...!

B4: If you truly have feelings for me...

B5: I'm begging you!

B6: Please change that way of thinking!

B7: ....that facial expression to...

B8: is nice...

B9: ---However

B10: That's not going to happen.


B1: Don't confuse the situation!
>I'm not going to be changed by you.

B2: I'm the one that's going to be changing you! Nothing else matters!

B3: ...say what you want about changing me, but this isn't something you can change!

B4: Even if I was tortured!

B5: Fu....so stubborn.

B6: But....I guess that's why.

B7: I suppose that's how he can show such a happy smiling face, huh....


B1: I want to see that smiling face again....

B2: ...those feelings....

B3: I want to possess him completely...

B4: In that case...!

B5: Well, I'm tired after all that has happened today.

B6: ...we'll talk about this more later
>So for now, shall we go to sleep?

B7: Huh......


B1: Th...
>Then I'll go sleep on that sofa!

B2: I'm not mad about what you said, so sleep in the bed with me!

B3: .......

B4: That's right!

B5: I still need to shower!

B6: ........

B7: ...this goes without saying, but if you make a scene within the palace

B8: Or try escaping, it will mean your death.


B1: For the guards here who's whole life is defending the palace

B2: This isn't the type of place where just saying "It's okay for me to be here" will get you off the hook.

B3: Budou's personal guards are also skulking around the palace.
>So please don't think of doing anything strange.

B5: Understood.

B6: The guys from night raid also said the inside of the palace is one of the most dangerous places to be...

B7: ...so I guess I wouldn't be able to attack her and then escape, huh.

B8: Ah...!

B9: I wonder if it would have been better to shower together?

B10: ...well, it's okay...

B11: I don't need to rush, right...


B1: The trick to capturing your beloved's heart, hmm...

B2: It's about never giving up!

B3: I myself was rejected twice by my wife.
>But it's all about waiting and finding another chance to attack.

B4: Please keep in mind that to some extent, it takes time as well.

B5: Humuu....

B6: Indeed, I see.

>txt on book: How to trap Tatsumi's heart

B7: Bors said it as well.

B8: First off, tomorrow...! When we're out hunting dangerous species together...
>That's when I'll be able to show him my ability.


B1: I'll slowly make you fall for me, Tatsumi...

B2: Using this new and interesting plan.

B3: Yo

B4: Did you sleep well last n----
>No, it doesn't look like you did.

B5: I was so nervous I couldn't sleep until dawn.


B1: And what I can't tell him is that the reason I was nervous was because she was using me as a body pillow all night....

>sfx: munch munch munch munch munch

B2: It's still early morning, and you're eating candy, Kurome?

B3: Mind your own business.

B4: It's preferable to eating any more of your seafood.

B5: I wouldn't want to start smelling like a beach as you do.

B6: Eh?! Seriously?!

B7: Do I smell?!

B8: No. Not....too much anyway....


B1: Somehow...the way she looks, and the name, "Kurome"...

B2: It's seriously giving me deja va...

>bag: Kurome's Candy

B3: You can't have any!

B4: Th...that stinginess of food.
>I knew it, it's just like Akame!

B5: What?

B6: Nothing, ummm....Pardon me if I offend you by asking,
>But I was just thinking how similar you look to that girl Akame from the wanted posters...

B7: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.


B1: Yeah.

B2: She was the most accomplished member of our society, but as you know, she betrayed the empire.

B3: I wish to quickly meet her again so badly...

B4: And then...

B5: My beloved elder sister

B6:: Will receive her death by my own hand.


B1: ......!

B2: Tatsumi!

B3: For the next few day's we'll be hunting.
>We're heading to Mt. Fake!

>lil txt: Mt. Fake = Fake Mountain

B4: !

B5: We're going to the outskirts! This is my chance to escape!

B6: Wave and Kurome will be coming as well.

B7: Mt. Fake is the perfect place for an ambush, so keep your eyes open for enemies while hunting!

B9: Roger!


B1: Until evening, we'll be hunting for treeman cells.

B2: Once we get there, Kurome and I will search the east side.

B3: While Wave and Tatsumi search the west side.

B4: One more thing. I didn't get to see much of Kurome yesterday.

B5: So as your captain, I need to make sure of your abilities.

B6: Eh?

B7: Does that mean you've already confirmed mine?

B8: You happened upon a good teacher.

B9: You're strength is perfect.
>You should be proud.

B10: Together with Wave, huh?

B11: He won't be as concerned with keeping tabs on me.
>So he may be much easier to escape from than Esdese...


B1: At dusk, we'll switch off.

B2: Tatsumi will be with me.

B3: When night falls, the amount and strength of species that come out is of a higher level.

B4: And that's when I'll impress him with what I can do!


B1: ...I know all the dangerous species of monster that appear on the sea...
>But as for mountain types, I'm completely clueless.

B2: Since most of them prefer to use camouflage and attack by surprise,
>You need to be wary of even a rock by the side of the path.

B3: Okay!

B4: I knew it...or maybe I should say

B5: I was expecting it...

B6: Coming here makes me remember all the time I spent with aniki.

B7: But you know.

B8: I wonder why you didn't bring this up when we were back at the palace.


B1: You've got some skills of your own, huh?

B2: If anything does show up, I guess I should ask you about it.

B3: .......

B4: Thanks

B5: But that's okay.

B6: I'm used to being treated like I know nothing.

B7: Ah....

B8: I kind of know what you mean.

B9: Because somehow

B10: You kind of remind me of myself.

B11: Yourself...?
>what reminds you of yourself?

B12: Eh?!

B13: ........

B14: Hmmm, how should I put it....


B1: You seem to be familiar with the same kind of problems, I guess?

B2: Or maybe seem to be suffering the same kind of problems, I guess....?

B3: Ah...you can stop. I get it.

B4: I kind of get what you're saying, so that's enough.

B5: Well...anyway, let's get along, since we're so similar.

B6: !

B7: Watch out!!

B8: Uwaaa!!


B1: Ki-shyaaaaaaa

B2: You saved me, I owe you one!

B3: Don't mention it!

B4: Huh?

B5: My body just moved on it's own as if it was natural to help him...

B6: But...
>This is my chance to escape!


B1: Attacking in a group, huh?
>Though you don't look as tasty as the monsters of the sea.

B2: These guys aren't very strong, but they attack in large numbers.

B3: Then lets clean out the area~~~~~~~!!!

B4: And turn them into firewood!!


B1: Phew....

B2: Done and done.

B3: It seems you're finished over there too--

B4: Right, Ta.....

B5: Huh?

B6: What? Where?


B1: It normally wouldn't be possible to get away from a teigu user....

B2: However.

B3: Since I also have a teigu

B4: It's a different story.


B1: ...that's strange, Tatsumi...

B2: Where did you go?

B3: D....don't tell me.

B4: He ran away?!

B5: This is bad!
>I understand your feelings, but I can't let you do that!

B6: I still have many things I want to do before I die!!!

B7: ........

B8: No other choice....


B1: Grand


B2: Chario~~~~~~~t


B1: I should be fine if I'm this far away.

B2: I don't think he'll come looking for me this far...

>sfx: Hyuuuuu~~~

B3: ?!


B1: Wha....

B2: Who is this...

B3: The same type...?

B4: An armor teigu?!

B5: Hey hey...

B6: Seems I've accidentally run into a big fish, huh...

B7: I know that teigu. It's incursio...
>The prototype for my own grand chariot...

B8: And having said that


B1: The fact that you're wearing it must mean you're a member of night raid, right?!

B2: I see. A suspicious looking mountain
>Is the perfect place for a suspicious looking guy like you to be lurking about!


B1: Change in plans.

B2: The night raider that's standing before me takes precedence over Tatsumi who's ran away already.

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