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Tonari no Seki-kun 4

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Jun 11, 2012 02:25 | Go to Tonari no Seki-kun

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Reserved For Helloscans

Tonari No Seki-kun Chapter 04


==Chapter Title==
Fourth Period


B1: Se-Seki-kun

B2: He looks so calm, but what in the world is he pouring all over his desk?!

B3: Sand?!
>He's playing with sand in the middle of class?

B4: Oooohhhhhh~~~

B5: Bou Taoshi!
t/n: Game in which the object is to topple the opponents flag.

B6: Is it really so amusing you would play it by yourself??

B7: Can't you just obediently study for once?

>txt next to her: Sigh


>sfx first AND second panels: Shuu Shuu

B1: Shuu shuu shuu?!

B2: A spray bottle...

B3: I guess making the sand moist will keep it from crumbling so easy,
>But isn't that sort of like cheating? (There's gotta be some rule against that somewhere)


B1: ............

B2: He's getting on my nerves!

B3: Why won't he just finish it all in one go like a real man?

B4: .......

B5: What kind of equipment is that?! (The hell?!)


>txt above him(third panel: Phew

B1: So slender!

B2: You can really do that with just sand?!

B3: There's no way his flag can be reached now that he's made the entire hill into a cylinder!

B4: He's still not done?


B1: Don't do it, Seki-kun!

B2: I'm telling you, messing with it any more than that could be dangerous.

B3: .......

B4: Wah!

B5: It's almost like a territorial dispute!

B6: He'll probably be really pissed if I startle him and cause it to break.

B7: Guess I should be careful and leave him be...

B8: Okay, this next problem...


B1: Seki!
>Come to the front and let's see you try it.

B2: Hah! He wasn't paying the least bit of attention to the lesson.

B3: And let alone doing the problem...

B4: Seki-kun can't even stand up right now.

B5: The tower would crumble because of the tremor caused by him pushing back his chair!

B6: .........


>sfx first panel: Slowly inching the chair back

B1: ........

B2: Haahh(sigh), if you don't know it, that's fine.
>Then the next seat over, Yokoi!

B3: uwa-yes sir!

Reserved For Helloscans


B1: Uhhh

B2: Ummmmmmm

B3: It's your fault for not studying in the first place!!

B4: On this day, Yokoi managed to become a little bit stronger.

B5: But just a little bit.

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