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Akame ga Kill 19

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Jun 12, 2012 05:36 | Go to Akame ga Kill

-> RTS Page for Akame ga Kill 19

Akame Ga Kiru Chapter 19


B1: ...he's strong.

B2: He said his teigu is a more advanced version of mine...

B3: I can't be lax...

B4: This guy.

B5: Is it Wave? Or is it someone else...?

B6: Well, anyway


B1: Huh?!

B2: It'll be really bad if Esdese shows up!

B3: I have to get out of here fast!

B4: ?!

B5: I won't let you escape.

B6: So man up and fight!


==Chapter Title==
Kill Your Crisis


B1: Move!

B2: I have no reason to fight you!


B1: You may not have a reason to fight...

B2: But I do!

B3: And that reason is night raid!!!


B1: Uguu...

B2: I've read the data on you guys.

B3: Again and again you indiscriminately carry out your assassinations...

B4: You're villains that are slowly eating away at the peace and security of the capital.

B5: To make matters worse, the story is you're somehow connected to the rebel army.

B6: You're existence itself is something that can't be forgiven!

B7: .....you're wrong...

B8: It's true that we may murder people.

B9: However.......


B1: We.....

B2: Night raiders...

B3: Are nothing like villains...!!!

B4: !

B5: Finally going to fight, eh...!

B6: You won't survive if you just let your boiling blood dictate your actions.


B1: He was right...

B2: No matter what, I have to get out of here...
>I need to get this information back to everyone...!

B3: ?!

B4: If you're so determined not to fight

B5: Then this is going to be quite the one sided battle.


B1: ?!

B2: Oh shit!

B3: Grand

B4: Fall!!


B1: Perfect hit!

B2: I kicked him into the river

B3: But now I've lost sight of him....


B1: Wha, he's gone!

B2; Where is he?!

B3: ......Ahh!

B4: He must have escaped using the river current!!

B5: That's not going to work when your opponent is a man of the sea!!

B6: ......
>Maybe it was too much to try to get away without fighting back.

B7: But I guess he doesn't have the ability to go invisible...


B1+B2: Cough

B3: That last kick...had a lot of power in it...

B4: If I hadn't absorbed it, I seriously would have died...

B5: But now...

B6: I can finally return to...


B1: A monstrous species?!

B2: Shit, perfect timing!

B3: ...It's useless...

B4: I took too much damage, I can't fight back

B5: I'm going to die!!!


B1: ...Aka...

B2: ....me...?


B1: Tatsumi!

B2: Are you okay?!

B3: Why are you....here...?

B4: We've all been going out and keeping watch.

B5: I was staking out the capital's front entrance.

B6: I rushed after you all when you left the capital to go hunting.
>I was tailing you secretly.

B7: And I just finally caught up!

B8: ..........

B9: I...I see, that's how it was...

B10: All that just for me....

B11: Sorry.

B12: Again....you were forced to come to my rescue, Huh?

B13: Ouch


B1: I'll always come save you.

B2: After all, we're friends!


B1: ...thank you...

B2: What's wrong?

B3: I'm just so relieved to see your face again....

B4: Welcome back, Tatsumi.

B5: Yeah....

B6: I'm back.



B2: Owah!

B3: Don't you think we should get out of here before all that?

B4: Come on! Let's go!

B5: Raba...even you came?

B6: Thanks.

B7: ....mmm, well.

B8: Originally, I advised them that this was just unnecessary.


B1: I mean, if you weren't there, I'd be the only guy left.

B2: It would be like my own harem, and that wouldn't be bad at all.

B3: That's harsh.

B4: Even though he says that, the truth is he was really worried about you too.

B5: Yeah....

B6: I know.

B7: ....Night Raid....

B8: I knew this where I really belonged...


B1: The next day

B2: ....Ummmm......

B3: How should I say this...

B4: I'm truly very sorry for what I've done.

B5: I've deeply reflected on my actions and I apologize.

B6: Due to your inattention, Tatsumi was allowed to escape.

B7: But more than that, above all--


B1: It's the fact that you allowed a member of night raid to escape that is so shameful.

B2: Kurome, stone!

B3: Mmm!

B4: owowowowowowowowow!!

B5: If it was incursio, then I believe the one inside was the "hundred man slayer" Braht.
>Within night raid, he is a person deserving of special attention.

B6: And this is why you were told that once found, they could not be allowed to escape.
>Now the enemy will likely change the location of their hideout.

B7: Kurome, heat.

B8: Mm!

B9: Ahhhhh~~~hot!!

B10: Wave...

B11: You're abilities are top notch, but your mental control is weak.

B12: But you are reflecting....


B1: So we'll finish playing with you after some water torture and a bit of light whipping. Then we can get past this.

B2: You call that playing?!

B3: But the next time you screw up this badly...

B4: I'll be handling your punishment

B5: So keep that in mind.

B6: ...yes ma'am.

B7: Captain!


B1: My apologies.
>We scoured the entire area around Fake Mountain, but were unable to locate any sign or Tatsumi nor the enemy.

B2: Even using Koro to help track was ineffective!

B3: Well, the Hekatonkheires is more for battle anyway.

B4: Don't worry about it.

B5: So, what about Stylish?

B6: He's searching as well, is he not?

B7: Yes, ma'am. He seems to be moving on his own...

B8: But he still has yet to contact me.

>lil txt next to esdese: Sigh

B9: Well...hopes are thin then.

B10: Captain.......it's about that Tatsumi-kun.

B11: You were saying before that there was the possibility he may enter the revolutionary army....

B12: Is that really so?


B1: Yeah...he boldly tried to convince me to join as well.

B2: If...he should possibly appear before us as an enemy in the future.

B3: How would you like us to deal with the situation?

B4: Honestly......
>I love Tatsumi even now.

B5: My desire for him is burning even hotter now that he is no longer within my grasp.

B6: However. The lives of my subordinates take priority over that.

B7: Bringing him back alive would be preferable,
>But if it comes down to you or him, there should be no question.


B1: Understood, captain.

B2: We have no choice but to pass judgment on those who are drenched in sin!

B3: If....you do get killed, it just means that is as far you could go as a man

B4: But you aren't that weak a person, right...

B5: The will to fight and survive

B6: It's a wonderful thing, huh...

B7: I'll meet Tatsumi again

B8: That is what I believe


B1: No

B2: I know we'll meet again

B3: And at that time, you won't be able to fight these feelings...

B4: Because I'll force all of these feelings into you!

B5: You'd better prepare yourself, Tatsumi!!

B6: And finally-


B1: I've seen it myself.

B2: The Jaegers fighting strength.

B3: Seriously, all of them are teigu users...?

B4: Damn that's scary.

B5: And for Kurome to be a member of it as well...

B6: Why didn't the both of you escape the empire together?

B7: When I became dissatisfied...

B8: Of course I tried to convince her...

B9: But my sister chose to stay.....


B1: If you asked her...

B2: I'm sure she would consider me a traitor.

B3: ...the illusion she saw that time with Zank

B4: I guess it was her little sister.....

B5: Tatsumi.
>Was Kurome constantly eating something?

B6: Actually yeah, she was always munching on sweets.

B7: ...like every time she had a spare moment...

B8: ...I see.

B9: Kurome....

B10: As I thought, you're already...


B1: Akame!

B2: I told you this before

B3: If your little sister appears before us, we have to hit her with everything we have.

B4: .........

B5: We should be prepared if we're going to be up against her.

B6: ....Mmmmm---

B7: I'd like a little more info on their teigu.

B8: Seryuu's strength has been heightened by weapons placed in her body, right?
>Rubicante is famous, but countering it will be difficult.

B9: Info on the winged teigu Mastema is already in the notebook.

B10: But it's special ability is still unknown....


B1: Ah.

B2: Speaking of, what type of teigu does Kurome use?

B3: March of the dead

B4: Yatsuhusa

B5: Those cut down by it...

B6: It's a teigu that can curse up to eight people, causing them to become Kurome's living corpse dolls.

B7: She can freely manipulate the dolls and the abilities they had in life.

B8: If she rescinds her ability, they turn back into ordinary corpses.


B1: Hey hey!

B2: Which means if you get killed by her, you get a fate worse than death! You turn into an enemy, right?!

B3: But since you'll be dead, you won't need to worry about it.

B4: Murasame is scary too...

B5: But Yatsuhusa is frightening, huh...

B6: I seriously don't want that kind of death.

B7: Anyways, the remaining teigu are...that armor type Grand Chariot...

B8: And then Perfector.

B9: That doctor guy is the one I want to take out first.

B10: If we can do that, I'd like to get ahold of that Perfector.

B11: That teigu does seem highly useful...

>txt next to stylish: Ohohoho

B12: If that homo heard this, I'm sure he'd be delighted...


B1: Talking about who we should take it is fine and good, but come on, we're all together again!

B2: We finally got Tatsumi back!

B3: I....

B4: I'll just be happy if my report can help in some way.

B5: So....

B6: What do you think of the person herself after seeing her in person?

B7: ....Esdese.

B8: She's on an entirely different level....

B9: Honestly...

B10: As I am now, I would stand no chance against her...

B11: We don't know what the limits and weaknesses of her teigu are, right?

B12: Yeah.
>Just how far and how much can she freeze with her ability?


B1: ...Esdese is certainly powerful...

B2: But she has a weakness.

B3: ...and that is?

B4: She's alive...

B5: She has a beating heart.

B6: If so


B1: I will kill her.

B2: Even if she is the fabled strongest of the empire!


B1: Akame...

B2: Hehe~~

B3: That's our trump card for you.

B4: Just what you'd expect!

B5: It's not an idle boast coming from our honor student.

B6: Rather than say it, please do it.

B7: Ending it with one hit from Murasame would be great
>But, well

B8: It really appears we're going to have to rely on this strategy, huh.

B9: Returning to the topic at hand,
>I think the jaegers members just about match us person for person in ability.

B10: So as it stands now, we're at a definite disadvantage in regards to the number of members.


B1: If we had to go up against them as we are now.
>We'd be in trouble.

B2: And I don't think it has to do with their level of fighting spirit or heart.

B3: Huhu...
>There are traces of great pains taken to erase footsteps and smell...

B4: I've noticed.


>sfx in 1st and 2nd panels: Sniff Sniff

B1: But no matter how well they try to erase it, the smell doesn't completely disappear.

B2: And I can track them by it using my enhances sense of smell I got from the operation...

B3: Stylish-sama, the smell continues in this direction

B4: Thank you, Hana.
t/n: Hana = Nose

B5: This is the first time using you all in the field, but you're surpassing my expectations.


B1: There seems to be a barrier made of thread just ahead of us.

B2: Please move where I do in order to avoid the strands.

B3: Well done, Me.
t/n: Me = Eye

B4: I heard the faint voices of people coming from ahead of us.

B5: Fantastic, Mimi.
t/n: Mimi = Ear

B6: Fufu...
>I thought that kid was ve~~~ry suspicious from the very start.

B7: He was far too adept at adapting to that situation for a simple blacksmith.

B8: Stylish-sama's perceptive ability is better than my sense of smell.

B9: I've seen the light.

B10: It's like hearing the Buddha's prayers.

B11: I don't need your ass kissing.

B12: Bingo.


B1: An okama's intuition is never wrong.
t/n: Okama = Male homosexual or crossdresser

B2: Though it is a long way from Fake Mountain...

B3: Night Raid's hideout--

B4: Fou~~~~~nd you~~~~~~~

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