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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Haru Polish 3

Katayama-senpai and Ogami-senpai

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Sep 29, 2011 03:55 | Go to Haru Polish

-> RTS Page for Haru Polish 3


(top right) Chapter 3 / Katayama-senpai and Ogami-senpai
(top left)
Haru Polish
From the strongest combination comes a sword x girl comedy!!
(left side) Totsuka Masahiro x Minamoto Yuu
(right side) Here it comes, the Iaido club!!
She loves Japanese swords,
But she can't deal with boys at all.
For Okamoto Haru, this is the greatest trial of her entire life (!?)
-----the hunt for new club members!!


Wakana (thoughts): Standing Iai, seventh form. Sanbou giri.
--(TL note: Sanbou giri = three directional cutting)


Haru: Waaah~
Haru: So cool!!

Wakana: That just now was the seventh form standing Iai
Haru: Sanbou giri, isn't it!

Haru: A kata that cuts in 3 directions, at enemies in front, to the left and to the right.
Haru: The point is to overwhelm the front enemy's spirit!

Haru: If not, then while you are slicing at the enemies to the left and right, you will be attacked by the enemy in front.


Wakana: Heeeh, you studied a bit before coming.
Haru: Yep, I did that instead of my homework!!

Haru: By the way, isn't it about time you let me---
Wakana: Absolutely not.

Wakana: Even if you make those eyes at me, it's still no!

Wakana: Even if you puff up your cheeks, it's still no!

Wakana: Ah, that's right. It's a change of topic, but
Wakana: Did you hear, Haru-san?
Wakana: Yesterday, the slasher actually appeared.


Wakana: WHA
Wakana: You ran into the slasher?!

Haru: Yes.
Wakana: What an indifferent reaction...
Wakana: What happened? Tell me everything in detail, Haru-san!

--(TL note: These are Haru's bubbles going clockwise, starting from the top right. And yes, it IS supposed to sound a little convoluted.)
Haru: Uhh
Haru: In front of the gate after school
Haru: A man carrying a kitchen knife and wearing a hood waved around the kitchen knife and
Haru: A boy fell down and couldn't get up and
Haru: Then he went into the school waving the kitchen knife and
Haru: There was a senpai with a short sword who got all angry and stepped on him.
Wakana (thoughts): I couldn't understand a word of that. It made no sense.
Wakana (thoughts): This girl can't organize information at all!!


Wakana: That male senpai with a short sword who got angry and stepped on the slasher...
Wakana: Is probably a former member of this
Wakana: Iaido club.

Haru: So that's how it was?

Haru: That reminds me
Haru: Right here...

Haru: There was a mark that looked like a katana injury......


Wakana: Without a doubt, that's Ogami-senpai.
Wakana: Ogami Touji-senpai, a third year.
Wakana: He's the one who created this Iaido club at Shikinomori High School.

Wakana: I
Wakana: joined this club after witnessing his Iai.

Wakana: When I was a first year, I inadvertently peeked in on the Iaido club.


Wakana: It was a martial art in name only which had developed into a game.

Wakana: However, outside there was a single person who had a different air about him.

Wakana: That was Ogami-senpai.


Wakana: Kyaaaaa

Wakana (narration): That person's long sword was incredibly sharp.
Wakana (narration): Dubiously shining,
Wakana (narration): As if blood were actually falling from it.


Ogami: What are you doing?

Wakana: Ah...

Wakana: That's dangerous, isn't it!! Swinging around something like that in a place like this!!
Wakana: You have a dojo, so please do that in there!!
Ogami: Aah, sorry.

Ogami: I don't fit in with the other club members.

Ogami: There.


Wakana: P
Wakana: Please let go of me!!

Wakana: I can stand on my own!!
Ogami: You're practically shaking in your boots.

Wakana: Th-that's because
Wakana: I thought you were really slicing things......

Ogami: This is an imitation blade.
Ogami: It can't cut anyone.

Ogami: Besides...

Ogami: There's no way I would cut you.


Ogami: If anything,
Ogami: You seem more likely to.

Ogami: Do you
Ogami: Have something within your heart that you want to slice up?

Wakana: I

Wakana: I don't know what you're talking about.
Wakana: Sheesh, I'm leaving.
Wakana: Goodbye!


Ogami: Wait.

Ogami: I apologize.

Ogami: You can give swinging this a try.
Ogami: Just once, though.

Wakana: Ogami-senpai seemed to
Wakana: completely see through what I was feeling.


Wakana: After that, I joined the Iaido club and Ogami-senpai taught me the basics of Iai.
Wakana: But Ogami-senpai is---

Wakana: My katana, when did you...
Wakana: I wasn't negligent and you would have had no opportunity!
Haru: Waaaah, and I was so cloooose.

Haru: So, that Ogami-senpai
Haru: Quit the Iaido club after that, right?

Wakana: Yes.
Wakana: For Ogami-senpai, who wanted to seriously perform Iai... this club was probably a poor match.


Haru: But even though it was a club he created by himself---

Haru: For him to up and quit on his own like that---

Haru: I think it's way too selfish!!
Haru: I think it's irresponsible!!

Wakana: Then, what if I left it to you to get him to return to the Iaido club?
Haru: Eh

Haru: L...leaving a boy up to me...
Haru: That's a little......
Haru: I can't even talk to one...


Wakana (thoughts): That's true.
Wakana (thoughts): It might be a bit interesting to try having this Haru-san meet Ogami-senpai.

Wakana: Oh no, class is going to start. I have to change clothes.
Wakana: Haru-san, you quickly return to your classroom as well.
Haru: Kaaaay......

Haru: Having club activities together with boys, just what would I do if that happened...

Shun: Erm...
Shun: Are there only girls in the Iaido club?

Shun (thoughts): What a high hurdle for a club activity......!!
Shun (thoughts): Would I really be able to join such a thing?!


Shun (narration): But I absolutely must join this Iaido club.
Shun (narration): In order to become a man who isn't scared if someone jabs something sharp at him......

Shun (thoughts): I'll
Shun (thoughts): Become a samurai!!

Shun (thoughts): ...what's with that girl...


Shun: Peeping?
Shun: How rude.
Shun: ...but why the Iaido club?


Ogami: To the Iaido club?
Ogami: I have no intentions of returning, Katayama.

Ogami: Later.
Wakana: Ah- please wait, Ogami-senpai.


Students: What's going on?
Students: It's a girl.
Students: A girl's come to see Ogami.
Students: Whaaat?
Students: It's always, always only him who gets their attention.
Students: That bastard, mocking us.

Wakana: It's different from the old Iaido club.
Wakana: The senpai who came only to play have already graduated.
Wakana: Furthermore, there is a person I would like you to meet.

Wakana: The first year over th-
Ogami: You're wrong.

Wakana: Eh...?
Ogami: Don't get the wrong idea.
Ogami: That wasn't the reason I quit.


Ogami: It's just that there,
Ogami: No matter how much time passes, I won't be able to accomplish my goal.

Ogami: It's because I realized that.

Wakana: Goal...?

Ogami: If you're there, the Iaido club will be fine. Katayama.
Ogami: That's why I was able to quit without any worries.

Ogami: Later.


Haru: Katayama-senpai...

Wakana: Let's go, Haru-san.
Haru: Ah...


Students: What's with that attitude!
Students: Quit mocking us!
Students: You bastard, Ogami!
Students: Meanie, meanie!

Ogami: Hah
Ogami: Hah

Ogami: Hah
Ogami: Hah

Ogami: Hah
Ogami: Hah

Ogami: Hah
Ogami: Hah


Ogami: Kua...

Ogami: Hah
Ogami: Hah

Ogami: Hah
Ogami: Hah


sfx bubble: Haa
sfx bubble: Haa

sfx bubble: Haa...

Ogami: Morning, huh...
Student: That's way off! It's the middle of class!


Teacher: Ogamiii
Teacher: Did you doze off in my class agaaain?
Teacher: You didn't come prepared, did you?

Teacher: Now then, before we leave, I'll have you solve this problem.
Teacher: Today, I won't let you leave until you can do it.

Ogami: Ah----

Ogami: The chime rang, so I'm heading out.
Teacher: Hey hold on a- wait, Ogami!!
Teacher: Class ain't over yet, dammit!!

Teacher: Oga...


Teacher: Well... that's alright.
Teacher: Let's end here for today.

Student: Sensei!
Teacher: What?

Student: I think you're too easy on Ogami.
Student: You should have spoken more sternly!!

Teacher: That's true... I'm really very forgiving of him.
Teacher: But I just can't help it.
Teacher: Do you know why?

Teacher: It's because
Teacher: He's a good-looking guy!!


Teacher: Anything a good-looking guy does can be forgiven.
Teacher: I've also been deceived by many men.
Background (right guy): Eh? Who's this, you ask? My girlfriend, she's my girlfriend. Did you think you and I were in a relationship?
Background (girl): Hi there, auntie. <3
Background (left guy): This month is 20,000 huh. That's hardly anything at all... hm, no, it's nothing. <3 Thank you for all your hard work. <3 By the way, I know money is tight now, but could you lend me some?
Teacher: ---But, I forgive them.
Teacher: Because they're good looking.

Teacher: Good-looking guys are this country's treasure.
Teacher: Just by having them near, women will become happy.
Teacher: A little self-indulgence like that is a good thing.

Teacher: You understand, don't you everyone. Please remember it well.
Teacher: Well then, goodbye.

Ogami (thoughts): When I have that dream
Ogami (thoughts): It's always the same thing.


Ogami (thoughts): And yet, what was that.
Ogami (thoughts): Why did she appear.

Wakana: The first year over th-
Ogami (thoughts): First year.

Wakana (thoughts): Ogami-senpai?
Wakana (thoughts): He's heading for the first years' building...?


Haru: It's heaaaaavvvyyyy~~
Haru: I can't carry thiiiis

Haru: Yayoiiii, Satsukiiii, gimme a haaand.
Yayoi: But y'know,
Satsuki: We aren't on cleaning duty.

Haru: I'll give you some gum if you do~
Yayoi: Not just for gum.
Satsuki: It has to at least be for chocolate, right~
Yayoi: Right~

Haru: Uuu--- auuuu----
Yayoi: C'mon, don't cry, Haru.
Satsuki: Yes, yes, we'll help.


Ogami: Found you.


Ogami: I have to talk to you.

Haru: Hyaaaaaaa!

Ogami: Why are you running?


Ogami (thoughts): Distance between opponents, huh?
Ogami (thoughts): This is the distance between katana opponents.
Ogami (thoughts): Like this, it's as if she's preventing me from proceeding.


Ogami (thoughts): Just what is this girl...?

Ogami (thoughts): Surely, it's not just a matter of what she is.
Yayoi: Ummm...
Satsuki: That girl isn't good at dealing with boys...

Ogami: Oi.
(above Haru) Hyaaaaaaa!

Ogami (thoughts): Even if she doesn't want to, I have to talk---


Ogami: Wh......


Haru: Stop...
Haru: Don't come closer...

sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Haa...

sfx bubble: Haah


Wakana: Hold it, Ogami-senpai!!!

Ogami: Katayama...

Ogami: What the heck is she?

Wakana: First year,
Wakana: Okamoto Haru.


Wakana: A member of the Iaido club.

Ogami: ...is that so.
Ogami: I understand.

Ogami: I'll return to the Iaido club as well.
Ogami: I'll come from now on.


Satsuki: Haru, are you okay?
Haru: That was scaaary~~~~

Ogami (narration): ......Okamoto Haru, huh.
Ogami (narration): There's no mistaking it.

Ogami (narration): She's the same as me.
Ogami (narration): Someone whose fate has been intertwined with katana since birth.


Ogami (thoughts): I'll see about training her during club activities.
Ogami (thoughts): With Iai, I'll instill in her the principles of swordsmanship.

Ogami (thoughts): I think it's something I can grasp.
Ogami (thoughts): No, I will definitely grasp it.

Ogami (thoughts): There isn't any time left.

Ogami (thoughts): Okamoto Haru
Ogami (thoughts): Using her, I will definitely---


(top left) Chapter 3
(top right, circle) Side B

Box: I'm Hasegawa Hinako.
Box: A second-year student at Shikinomori High School.

Box: Though I look like this,


Box: I'm the student council president.

Box: I absolutely hate cruelty.
Box: I've been like that since I was little.

Hina: If you bully Akemi-chan again, I'll teach you a lesson!!
Boy: Dammiiiit, I'll remember this Hina!!


Mother: Hey, Hina-chan!

Mother: Don't you know you shouldn't get into fights with boys!!
Hina: But the boys were up to no good.

Mother: That's not what I mean.
Mother: I'm saying that girls shouldn't do such violent things.
Mother: It's no good if you won't act more gracefully!!

Box: Those expectations.
Box: If that's how things were, it would have been better if I were born a boy.

Box: If I'm not a boy,
Box: Am I unable to live my life freely......?


Hina: I want a toy pistol.

Mother: Here you go,
Mother: They're dolls~ <3

Hina: I wanna play baseball.

Mother: Here you go,
Mother: A piano. <3


Mother: Hina-chan, it's time to practice~ <3
Mother: Today we'll be playing "Saita, Saita".
--(TL note: "Saita, Saita" is apparently a Japanese folksong.)

Mother: It's your piano recital~ <3
Mother: Let's wear a dress for it.

Mother: Let's put a ribbon on, too.
Mother: You look just like a cute princess, Hina.

Hina: No, no, no!!

Box: I just want to lead an honest life!!
Box: Being true to myself, without any falsehoods!
Box: Why does everyone around me decide things of their own accord?!!


Hina: Yes!

Hina: I'm going to run for student council president!

Students: Hina-chan, that's excessive.
Students: It's better to leave stuff like that to the boys.
Hina: I'm doing it.

Hina: I decided it on my own!!
Hina: I won't lose to the boys!!

Students: Hina-chan's pretty cute.
Students: And small.
Students: Alright, let's put in a ballot.

Students: Hina-chan, congrats
Students: On being elected~


Box: Living honestly!! Living strongly!! Regardless of whether you're a boy or girl!!
Box: Stay true to yourself!!

Hina: Iai...?

Student: Are you interested in it?
Hina: N-not at all!


Student: After the club lost students who graduated, I thought it became obsolete but looks like it's still continuing.
Student: It'd be better if it disappeared, though...
Student: Their school of thought clashes with that of the Kendo club, and has resulted in friction between them.
Student: They wave katana around in a dangerous manner, and we have received complaints from female students.

Hina: Really? It's a club with problems?
Hina: That's unacceptable!
Box: Katana...

Hina: I'll go look!
Student: Ahh! President-


Box: Some sort of club activity where they wave around (something like) a katana......
Box: How dangerous is that?! As the student council president, I must make them stop immediately!!

Box: That sort of... the main thing is what is done with that gleaming, sharp blade (like thing)...
Box: To wave it around so forcefully, using all of one's strength...

Hina: Principal, I have something to talk about!!
Principal: Oya, if it isn't the student council president Hasegawa-kun.

Principal: Here, candy. You can have it.
Hina: Not that, it's about a consultation concerning club activities.


Principal: I'm off on a business trip now, see you later~ <3
Hina: Ah...

Haru: Hey, Satsuki~ Yayoi~

Haru: It's just for today, so come to club activitieeees.
Haru: We're being observed todaaaay.
Yayoi: Ehhh, but we're busy~
Satsuki: Haru, wouldn't it be better if you go alone~?

Yayoi/Satsuki: You might get inundated with a whole ton of boys, you know~ <3

Box: She was in the dojo just now...
Box: That's right, today we're doing a sit-in observation!!


Box: Alright, it's the perfect opportunity. I'll prevail on all the members there!!
(right of girl) Ah, it's Hina-chan.
(left of girl) How cute~
(left of boys) Osu, Hina-chan.
Box: You can't enter a club with activities like that!!

Box: Waving around something dangerous like that...
Box: Something cool like that... Wearing those cool hakama...

Box: Like that...
Box: Something like that...


Wakana: I wonder what's keeping Ogami-senpai.
Yayoi: The boys are coming~
Haru: I'm scared...
Satsuki: They're coming right to where you are, Haru.

Yayoi: They're here.


Shun: U...umm~~~
Shun: The sit-in for the Iaido club...
Shun: I mean, I came hoping to join.

Shun (thoughts): Uooooo, there's really only girls here!!
Shun (thoughts): Eeeeeh, don't run away, self!! Don't falter in a place like this!!

Wakana: Well then, write your name, year and class here.
Shun: Ah- yes!


Ogami: Yo.
Ogami: I came.

Shun (thoughts): From yesterday!!
Haru (thoughts): Another boy...

Wakana: Write your name, year and class here.
Ogami: I have to write it too, huh.

Hina: Hold it!


Wakana: You're here to observe, right? Write your name an-----
Hina: That's not it, I---

Hina: I'm---

Box: This sort of dangerous...
Box: Cool...

Box: Cool...cool...


Hina: I want to
Hina: Join.

Wakana: Alright.
Wakana: Your name, year and class, please.

Box: Yeah.
Box: If I'm here, I won't let any quarrels break out!

Box: Hold on...
Box: This reasoning is
Box: Not honest at all...

Narration: In any case,


3rd year
Ogami Touji
2nd year
Katayama Wakana
2nd year
Hasegawa Hinako


1st year
Tachioka Shun
1st year
Okamoto Haru


(top) Box: Shikinomori High School Iaido club
The Shikinomori High School Iaido club
Decides to continue!!
(left) Box: Starts now

Wakana: ---Ah. I forgot about a faculty advisor.

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