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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Nurarihyon no Mago 188

The Sentiments of a Thousand Years

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Feb 4, 2012 01:37 | Go to Nurarihyon no Mago

-> RTS Page for Nurarihyon no Mago 188


(right) The leading man appears!!
Akifusa: Rikuoo?!
(below first panel) A three-generation chronicle of yokai heroes, Nurarihyon no Mago

Rikuo: What's this.

Rikuo: Already
Rikuo: started without me, have you?


(right) Rikuo vs. Taisei, a head-on collision!!
(left, title) Act 188: The Sentiments of a Thousand Years


Rikuo: This place's dangerous.
Akifusa: Rikuo...

Rikuo: Yo, Akifusa.
Rikuo: I came to get Nenekirimaru.

Akifusa: F-forgive me... it'll still be a little longer, but
Akifusa: No... before that,

Akifusa: Be careful!! His Hagurugama is
Akifusa: a scythe that destroys any and all swords!!


Rikuo: Akifusa... you need a little more time, right...
Rikuo: So... I'll take care of this guy.

Rikuo: You... finish the sword!!


Akifusa: S-sorry for the trouble, Rikuo!!

(Akifusa): Eh...?

Rikuo: ...gh...
Taisei: Bastard... so you sacrificed your companions like pawns...
Taisei: Just the sort of thing I'd expect a filthy ayakashi to do.

Rikuo: ...hah?
Taisei: If not... you couldn't have escaped my barrier...

Rikuo: Sacrificial pawns?
Rikuo: You've got it all wrong.


Rikuo: I...
Rikuo: have faith in them!!

Narration: Even now... they're---
Tsurara: Yeeeek!
Ryuuji: Hey, woah!

Ryuuji: They just keep multiplying, don't they?
Tsurara: No matter how many we defeat, there are always more!

Itaku: This is getting fun... let's annhiliate them.
Tsurara: Itaku?! We can't defeat them one at a time like this, you know?!

Itaku: Hah? Who told you to chop through them?
Itaku: Yukari.
Yukari: Right.

Tsurara: Eh?
(left of Tsurara) Yukari-chan?

Tsurara: Ah!
Tsurara: Where are you going, Itaku?!


Tsurara: W...wait, I saiiiid!!

Itaku: Yukari... Which is the better path to take?

Yukari: Hmmm.
Yukari: Let's see...

Yukari: Okay!! It's the training grounds on the right!!
Yukari: Go, Itakumobile!!

Itaku: So that's why.


(right) Rera makiri
(left) Iwanpe!!
(Iwanpe is the Ainu word for 6 items - in this case, 6 scythes)

Zombies: Ah---
Zombies: Aah---


Box: Yukari's fear... "pulls in luck".
Box: She is a "Zashiki-warashi" in which the Toono yokai place their utmost trust.

Tsurara: Eeek!
Tsurara: I ended up somewhere weird~~!!

Tsurara: It's hoooot~~ what should I~~ do~~
Tsurara: Even though I'm trying my beeest~

Oryo: Tsurara-sama!!
Tsurara: Oryo-chan!!
Tsurara: What's the matter, why did you suddenly come out?!

Oryo: Now is the time... to show them the results of your training with us!
Tsurara: Th-that's right!
Tsurara: I still had that trump card!!

Tsurara: Here we go, everyone!!


(right) Tsurara Clan secret art!!
(left) Tsurara Spiderweb!!

Tsurara: Look at that! We caught a whole bunch in one shot!!
Oryo: We did it~~ Tsurara-neesan.
Tsukumogami: Shari shari~~
(This is a sound they make. I'm not sure if it's supposed to mean anything or not.)


(right side) He has a keen interest in magic shows - you can only read Shiibashi Hiroshi-sensei's manga in Weekly Shonen Jump!!

Tsurara: ...but eeek! There are too many of them and they overflooooowed!!
Tsurara: R-Rikuo-samaaa--- hurry and get the katana...

Ryuuji: Looks like they're somehow strong against changes in temperature.
Ryuuji: Since the phosphorus in corpses burns well, I thought fire would be effective but

Ryuuji: If fire doesn't work...
Ryuuji: It's a bit western, but...

Ryuuji: I wonder if you could call this holy water.

Ryuuji: This water has a purity of 99.999%... it is the most pure water in the world!!


(right) Shikigami blending---
(left) Konjousui flowers!!

Ryuuji: So it's more effective than fire...... huh.

(Ryuuji): Nura Rikuo, go after that man!

(Ryuuji): If he's a Gokadoin, then Akifusa's in danger!!
(Ryuuji): What're you doing. Hurry up and go!!

(Tsurara): Rikuo-sama... leave this to us!
(Itaku): Go, Rikuo.
(Itaku): I'll handle these guys.


Taisei: So what?
Taisei: You're all trash.

(Akifusa): The katana is---


(Akifusa): Pulsating...?!

Taisei: That katana and Akifusa, I'll destroy them both ... get out of my way!

Rikuo: Don't wanna...
(small text) Heh.
Rikuo: You move.

(Akifusa): That's right...
(Akifusa): The blade
(Akifusa): is already complete...

(Akifusa) This is something that the Keikain were able to create
(Akifusa) Because we put our all into this katana...!!

(Akifusa) The thing it's been missing
(Akifusa) is...


Rikuo: I'll slay the Nue.
Rikuo: I won't let him break my blade a second time!
(left): A master's will----!!


Taisei: It seems as if you're saying something, but
Taisei: I don't listen to filthy beings.

Taisei: Rather than make sport of you,
Taisei: I'll just slaughter you.

Akifusa: Rikuo!!

Rikuo: Akifusa...


Rikuo: Th...
Rikuo: this is...?!
(left) It's flowing into me---

(right) The hopes and feelings
(left) of a thousand years' worth of Keikains----
(large panel, center) In Rikuo's hands is woven a thousand years' worth of sentiments...!!

Rikuo: ...Hah.

Rikuo: Fine by me.
Rikuo: I'll bear all of it!!

(large panel, bottom) What will happen in a battle of Nenekirimaru vs. Hagurugama!?

For those interested, I wrote up some extended translation notes. You can check them out here.

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#1. by ginji ()
Posted on Feb 5, 2012
akñsdlfjakñlsdfjasdf grax!

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