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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Nurarihyon no Mago 200

Those Who Shoulder the Darkness of a New Era

+ posted by lynxian as translation on May 3, 2012 17:05 | Go to Nurarihyon no Mago

-> RTS Page for Nurarihyon no Mago 200


(left, title) Act 200: Those Who Shoulder the Darkness of a New Era
(right) Bearing the will of Kyushu on his back...!!

(Tsurara): That's...


(Tsurara): Matoi...
(Tsurara): isn't it...?!

Peanut Gallery: Go for it!!

Yokai: Go!
Yura: Nura-kun!!

Hiruko: fucking bastard!?

(Tsuchigumo): Do it.


Rikuo: You're going down, Hiruko!!


(Tama): There was a massive collision of fears...
(Tama): And one disappeared. ...but which?

(Tama): And another over there...
(Tama): Likely that was Dassai's victory...

(Tama): So I missed it, huh...
(Tama): And I'd wanted to know about that guy's abilities...

Tama: What...?


(right of bubble) Yo~
Dassai: Left'im for me to beat?
Dassai: Hic.

Tama: Dassai...


(Tama): Was that one final struggle before death...? No...
(Tama): Just now... it was a completely different sort of fear...

(Yura): Nura-kun...

Hiruko: Like hell...
Hiruko: I'd lose... it's not possible...


Hiruko: This ain't happening...
Hiruko: No...
Hiruko: I don't... want to die...

Yokai: He...


Yokai: He did it!!
Yokai: He... defeated Hiruko!!
(right of bubble) YAHOO!

Yokai: Is... is it alright to come out now...
Yokai: We're saved...
Yokai: They... protected the village!!

Gyuuki: ......I see...

Gyuuki: Those people... no matter how many hundreds of years they have lived, they are essentially humans who must eventually die.
Mokugyo: Hrm... techniques to exceed one's limits, and... bodies which surpassed their natural lifespans, have decayed along with their fear... huh...

(Rikuo): Hiruko... what a truly fearsome enemy...


Yura: Ah...
Rikuo: !? Yura, you alright?!

Yura: Sto... I already said not to touch me!
(small) You're too close.
Yura: If I dismiss my shikigami, I can... at least stand on my own!
Rikuo: Th-that so?

Rikuo: But still, this is some amazing hair.
Yura: Like I said, don't touch me!!

Yura: Geez.
Yura: Yours... grows too, y'know...

Rikuo: Phew...

Tsuchibro: Leader of the Nura Clan...
Rikuo: Head of the Kyushu yokai.

Rikuo: ...I've kept you guys alive, just as I promised.
Rikuo: From here on out, we're going to defeat Seimei.
Rikuo: I'd definitely appreciate the Tsukumo Yako lending a hand!

Tsuchibro: me out,
Tsuchibro: is what you're saying, hm.


Tsuchibro: Then allow me to say that on our end,
Tsuchibro: The Tsukumo Yako... shall, for this matter only, devote our all and become your Hyakki.

Rikuo: Just for this, huh.

Tsuchibro: The Kumaso will never capitulate to a central force.
Tsuchibro: But right now... we will devote our all for the sake of repaying your goodwill!

Tsuchibro: Ain't that right, you lot!!
Yokai: It don't matter to me!
Yokai: Yeah, let's do this!

Tsurara: Rikuo-sama...
Zen: Nice job, Rikuo!

Yokai: Since that's decided...
Rikuo: Hm?


Yokai: Hang out with us for the night, commander of the Nura Clan!!
Yokai: Oi! Bring the sake over here!
Yura: Uh...
Yokai: Hanging out with us Kyushu yokai means
Yokai: drinking sake together, of course!!

Rikuo: Wait, hold on... we're in a hurry.
(Rikuo): Kyushu yokai... are really incredible guys.

Dassai: Ooh!
Dassai: Look, Tamazuki! Seems like they're havin' fun over there!

Tsurara: Rikuo-sama...?!
Tsurara: Just what are you doing at a time like this!
(left of Ko-oni): Oi, oi, what the heck. Are they havin' a party?
(left of Zen): S-should we drink too?!

Rikuo: Yura, help!
Yura: Just go bond with the other yokai or whatever!
Yokai: We're really grateful you beat that snake!
Yura: Glurg!


Tsuchigumo: far as strength goes,
Tsuchigumo: that's fine, ain't it.

(Tsuchibro): You have my gratitude, little brother.
Tsuchibro: Well... it's good enough.

(Tsuchibro): You are
Tsuchigumo: Keh.
(Tsuchibro): the strongest ayakashi... and the pride of this village.
Tsuchigumo: I'm heading out to the onsen... even though I've submerged myself in the earth, it didn't heal me at all.

(Rikuo): Thank you, Tsuchigumo.

Yura: Wh...
Yura: Why do I have to take your yokai ship to get home?!

Rikuo: No helping it... this is the only option.
(above Dassai) Our group's gotten bigger.
Yura: Train!! I'll go by train!!
Rikuo: We're stopping by Kyoto anyway...
(left of bubble) NOOOOOOOO


???: The purification of Kyushu was nearly complete...
???: But 3 people have died... just what happened?

Yuiyui: Second... it seems that the ayakashi lords of various areas are taking action.

???: Yuiyui.
???: That was quick.

(sfx) Smile...

Yuiyui: Please give up
Yuiyui: on Nagashika and Arihiro.

???: Hm?
Yuiyui: In all these hundreds of years... darkness has been on the decline and ayakashi have been weakening.


Yuiyui: As we destroyed warriors from the time of the Ounin War and Sengoku Era, when darkness was still strong,
Yuiyui: Tenkai and I are different from those two...

Yuiyui: Still, Hiruko lived during the Bakumatsu,
Yuiyui: and possessed the greatest power among we who are black-clothed...

???: Yuiyui... I'm guessing you used the other descendants as nademono?
(Nademono are dolls used in Shinto purification rituals and prayers.)
???: You seem to know quite a lot, but... you were in the San'in region, weren't you?

???: Be prepared.
???: The ayakashi of this new age... are formidable.

???: Hm.

???: Listen, the purification... must take place without delay.
???: Soon, our founder will finish bathing.


???: He said... that tomorrow evening, he will begin to turn
???: the wheel of fate which divides all things into yin and yang.

Yuiyui: By his will.


(Gitsune): After eight reincarnations, "I" died.

(Gitsune): "I" am a reincarnating yokai.
(Gitsune): That destiny will not change.

(Gitsune): Even so, to be "reborn" in this form once again...
(Gitsune): Just who thought up such a thing...


Gitsune: Seimei or
Gitsune: Rikuo... hm.


Gitsune: The two
Gitsune: who "I" love......

Gitsune: So then

Gitsune: "I" will
Gitsune: have to choose.
(right) The return of a deep darkness...!!
(bottom right) Hagoromo Gitsune, revived...!! Who will be the next to fall...!?

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#1. by ontifex (Registered User)
Posted on May 5, 2012

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