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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Nurarihyon no Mago 205

An Ayakashi's Duty

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jun 10, 2012 12:17 | Go to Nurarihyon no Mago

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(Ryuuji): We'll go on ahead and cancel the barrier.
(Ryuuji): At midnight, come to Aoi Castle from due east. When you lot arrive, the entrance will be open... don't be late.

(Rikuo): Ryuuji...

(under top panel) Nurarihyon no Mago

(Rikuo): I'm counting on you.

Rikuo: The decisive battle is finally upon us.
(center) Both armies are on the move...!!
Rikuo: Oh ayakashi supporting the Nura Clan, the time to commence an all-out-attack has come!

Yuiyui: If it pleases you, Seimei-sama,
Yuiyui: before we proceed with the purification,
Yuiyui: I feel there is one thing of which I should inform you.


Second: Yuiyui.
Yuiyui: I have discovered the location of the ayakashi's nest.
Yuiyui: Furthermore, a large number of ayakashi are gathering there.
Yuiyui: It would appear that we should first purify that area.

Kido: It's Nura... Rikuo, isn't it.

???: Oni... Family?!
Ibaraki: Of course... we know about him...
Ibaraki: I'd decided that the day I returned from hell, the first thing I'd do is beat him and his group to death.

Ibaraki: Kidomaru.
Kido: Yeah...

Orochi: Wait... I shall go as well...
Yuiyui: Orochi-sama?!
Yuiyui: No... even without you going anywhere, with my technique--

Orochi: My cute burying insect...
Orochi: has already had two of its necks ripped from it, you know...?

Orochi: Ohh, one step... steady...
Orochi: At a time like this... why not be silent and give in...?


(Orochi): Yes, that's right... Go forth
(Orochi): and destroy the nest of those weak ayakashi!!

Tofu: Rikuo-sama, look at the sky!!

Yokai: Wh...
Yokai: What is that?! It's coming this way, isn't it?!


Yokai: Dammit!!

Kana: Kyaa!

Kuro: Are you alright?
Torii: Th...thank you.

???: It has been a while... Nurarihyon's grandson.


Rikuo: Ibaraki Douji... Kidomaru...

Natto: What the... then that means... Seimei has been revived...?!

Ibaraki: I've been waiting... for this moment.

Rikuo: Shouei, take care of my mother!!


(Orochi): Go... my burying insects...

Kuro: Stop them!
Ao: Dammit, we won't be able to leave like this!!

Tsurara: Hurry, this way!!


Tsurara: Not good!!
(Tsurara): It's too big...

Setsura: How pitiful...

Setsura: And yet you are my daughter,
Setsura: aren't you?

(right of bubble) Fufu...
Nura: Just like always, you are
Nura: quite the frightening woman, Setsura...


Orochi: What...?

Tsurara: Mo...


Tsurara: Mother...
Kana: Eh...?

Setsura: Tsurara,
Setsura: the founder has returned, you know... please first give him your greetings.

Tsurara: Eh?
Nura: Yo.
Nura: Sorry to keep you waiting, everyone...

Yokai: Su...
Yokai: Supreme Commander...?
Yokai: It's... the founder... the first generation...


Yokai: The Supreme Commander has
(right, title) Act 205: An Ayakashi's Duty
(center) The honor of meeting the Nura Clan's first generation Hyakki Yako...!!
Yokai: come baaaaaaack!

Yokai: Oi, look!! Those are our old comrades!!
Natto: So that's why he went traveling?!
Yokai: Isn't that the same thing Rikuo-sama did?

Hitotsume: Su...
Hitotsume: Supreme Commander...?

Nura: Yo, Hitotsume... what's the matter? Your usual strength
Nura: should be enough to beat down one of those giant snakes... and that's why you're part of my Hyakki, isn't it?

Hitotsume: Su...

(above Hitotsume) Supreme Commanderrrr!
Gyuuki: Snake extermination... you didn't need to say a thing.


Kubi: Rikuo-sama!! We'll be their opponents!
Kejo: Leave this to us!!

Ibaraki: Don't get in my way,
Ibaraki: small fry...

Nura: Yo, Rikuo.

Nura: Your Hyakki's certainly increased in numbers, huh.
Nura: By the way, did that woman turn up? She's insanely strong, you know?

Rikuo: Hagoromo Gitsune... so you're the one who brought her back...
Rikuo: You really did something outrageous, didn't you, gramps.

Nura: Oi, Rikuo.
Nura: You wouldn't possibly be thinking of yourself as a warrior of justice, right?


Nura: You're a yokai,

Nura: you know...?

Nura: These ayakashi
Nura: are a rowdy, snot-nosed group... but

Nura: You've made them follow you, regardless of who or what they are.
Nura: So why don't you give surpassing me a try?

Nura: Think about it, Rikuo... a thousand years ago, the strongest ayakashi fought against the Nue, didn't they?
Nura: Don't you think they would want you to create what you would consider the strongest Hyakki and challenge him?


Nura: And like that, surpassing all of those who came before,

Nura: would make you the Master of All Spirits, wouldn't it.

Nura: Fuhaa.

Nura: That snake woman... I can see that she's quite the technique user.
Nura: If you don't deal with her directly, this will eat up time... you're in a rush, aren't you?

(Rikuo): Gramps...

Nura: Get going.

Rikuo: I'm... going to stick to the path I've chosen.
Rikuo: And... I'll show you Seimei's defeat, at the hands of my Hyakki.


Nura: Enough already, hurry up and go! Just leave this place to us!!

Setsura: Tsurara, you go as well.
(small text) I'll take care of this girl and the others.
Tsurara: Mother... why are you here...

Setsura: Right now, you are... the head of the Supreme Commander's close aides, correct?
Setsura: By Rikuo-chan's order... hmmm~ you've done well.

Tsurara: Eh...?
Setsura: Listen, alright!? Since you're his head aide, you must absolutely stick by him!

Setsura: And, using the bustle and confusion to your advantage,

Setsura: Steal
Setsura: the young master's lips.♡

Tsurara: Ehh...
(above Tsurara) SHOCK
Tsurara: EHHHH?!

Setsura: That is my 400-year-long desire!!
(right of Setsura) It's up to you, now!

Tsurara: Wha...ehhhhh?!


Gyuuki: Rikuo!! Leave this to us and go on ahead!!

Shouei: We will... protect the main house, Wakana-san, and everyone!!

Kuro: Ao... we're heading out.
Ao: Right!!

Rikuo: You guys...

Rikuo: I'm counting on you!!


Yura: Niichan!! You're still not done yet?!
(small text) Th-that was a huge crowd of ayakashi...

Ryuuji: Shut up, Yura. You're being a nuisance.
Ryuuji: Unlike you, it takes time for me to perform techniques...

???: The outer and interior moats of Aoi Castle's ruins...
Masatsugu: We are convinced that the waterways of the spiral seal are a barrier for [ the entire castle ].

Ryuuji: But this waterway doesn't seem to pass beyond
Ryuuji: the superficial barrier of [ the body of Aoi Castle ].

???: The entrance to the spiral seal behind the castle
???: is also in the back!!


(Ryuuji): Listen, this seal
(Ryuuji): is constructed as a double helix!!

(Ryuuji): Beneath Tokyo, there are countless subterranean tunnels there for purposes unknown.
(on paper) Encho report
(Ryuuji): Look... an example is the pathway Encho used... I actually remembered about it thanks to that brat's report.

(Ryuuji): Pato, you'll guide the Nura Clan at the tunnels' entrance.

(Ryuuji): Masatsugu, you'll set up a barrier around me to reflect the curse.

(Ryuuji): Mamiru and Yura, you'll
(Ryuuji): be protecting me...!!

(Masatsugu): Ryuuji... in other words...
(Ryuuji): I have no choice but to do this, right?

(Yura): Niichan...

(Yura): Ryuuji-niichan...
(Yura): You can do it...!!


Tenkai: Oho~
Tenkai: So this is meant to mean that you have noticed the trick to the spiral, hm?

Tenkai: Kakaka~ but are you actually correct,
Tenkai: or are you mistaken?

Tenkai: Don't think that you
(right) Standing in their way is the strongest barrier master...!!
Tenkai: have reached my level, youngster...

Ryuuji: Tenkai...

Tenkai: Go on, give it a try! Right before my eyes!!

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