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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Assassination Classroom 8

Breast Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Aug 30, 2012 16:49 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Phew, this took longer than it should have - mostly because I've been super busy over the past week. Anyway, it turned out that I'm rather glad it took me so long, because the raw for chapter 9 cleared up questions concerning the new character's last name (and thus I was able to fix it in this chapter before the release!).

Translation reserved for Mangatopia



Assassination Classroom
Chapter 8: Breast Time | Matsui Yuusei

Box: Chiba Ryunosuke
Box: Harano Sumire
Box: Fuwa Yuzuki
Box: Okajima Taiga
Box: Hayami Rinka
Box: Shiota Nagisa
Box: Kayano Kaede
Box: Kanzaki Yukiko
(A quick note on the names: I'm using my best guess for most of these, since the kanji readings aren't given.)

Box: The students who frequently act as support in assassinations. Though they are lacking a bit in assertiveness, they possess the ability to think things through and calmly ascertain what they can do.

(left, star) Explosively popular!! Interest in this tentacle academy manga is zooming along with a swoosh!!


(right, box) Character introduction
Because of the lengths to which he utilizes his mach 20 speed, he has been nicknamed 3-E's "Korostiano Ronaldo."

(star) The ones on day duty today are Nagisa and Kayano!!

Kaya: It's already May, huh.
Kaya: That month really went by fast.

Box: The time left until March, when Korosensei will blow up the earth...
Box: is 11 months.

Box: The deadline for his assassination and our graduation.

Shopkeep: Ooh!
Shopkeep: It's been a while, hasn't it.
Korosen: Yup.
Korosen: I've finally received my paycheck.


Korosen: The quality of Japan's cheap sweets is incredible.
Korosen: It's worth it to come buy them, even in disguise.

???: Please stop it!!

Man: It's fine, just c'mon.
Man: It's great to go for a drive early in the morning, foreigner missy.

Woman: No, I can't...
Woman: I have to get to the school where I'll be working from now on.

Man: Heeeh, so you're a teacher, huh.
Man: We're not that smart, so give us some supplementary lessons.


Korosen: Well then, let's have a supplementary lesson about the right way to pick up girls with your car.

Korosen: Step 1, [you should fix up and beautify your car.]
Man: My car's being covered in ribbon faster than I can blink!!

Korosen: There is no step 2.
Korosen: Are you alright?


Woman: Ahh...
Woman: Thank you very much!!

Woman: You're a wonderful person!
Woman: I won't forget what you've done for me!!

Woman: By the way,
Woman: would you happen to know the way to Kunugigaoka Junior High School?

???: ...Allow me to introduce the part-time foreign language teacher who has come today.


Woman: My name is Irina Jelavic.
Irina: Nice to meet you, everyone!!

Karasuma: ...This guy's physique has a few oddities, but
Karasuma: do your job and don't let it bother you.
Korosen: It's a wig.
Irina: I don't mind!!
(Student): ...she's a real babe.
(Student): Holy crap, those boobs...
(Student): ...So
(Student): Why is she clinging to him like that?

Karasuma: The school's intention is to fully immerse the students in a foreign language.
Karasuma: I assume there are no problems with her taking charge of half the English class?
Korosen: ...it just can't be helped, then.


Kaya: ...A pretty amazing sensei has turned up.
Kaya: And she sure seems friendly toward Korosensei.
(left of Kaya) Breasts...
Nagisa: ...yeah.

Nagisa: ...but this might become an assassination hint.

Nagisa: The octopus-styled monster Korosensei...
Nagisa: is at a loss, despite being fawned over by a human woman.
Nagisa: For Korosensei, who always expresses himself through his facial colors...
Nagisa: what sort of face does he have for bewilderment?


(Students): That's just your run-of-the-mill lovesickness, isn't it!!
Korosensei's weaknesses #5
Kaya: ...what a straightforward expression.
Nagisa: ...yeah.
Nagisa: Humans are like that, too.


Irina: Ahh...
Irina: you're more wonderful every time I look at you.

Irina: Those lovely, righteous-seeming round eyes,

Irina: Those indistinct joints...

Irina: I seem to have become captivated by you. ♡
Korosen: My, how embarrassing.
(Students): Don't be fooled, Korosensei!!
(Students): You definitely don't fit that woman's tastes!!

Box: ...we aren't nearly that thickheaded.
Box: There is a good possibility that the teacher who has come at this time,


Box: to this class...
Box: is not an ordinary person.

???: Alright, pass!!
???: Okay, assassinate!!

Irina: I had prepared a variety of ways to get closer to him, but...

Irina: ...I never would have thought that just turning on the charm would do it.
Karasuma: ...yeah.
Karasuma: I hadn't expected that either.

Box: ...but
Box: that is her specialty, after all.


Box: Irina Jelavic.
Box: Occupation: hitman.

Box: In addition to her good looks,
Box: she actually possesses strong conversational skills in ten languages.

Box: No matter how tightly a country may guard her target,
Box: she charms both him and his subordinates, easily befriends them,

Box: and kills her target at point-blank range with no difficulty.
Box: I hear that she is an assassin who excels at handling infiltration and approaching targets.


Karasuma: But
Karasuma: a school hiring a hitman is still problematic.
Karasuma: We'll have you work as a teacher as well, to keep up appearances.

Irina: ...fine.
Irina: It doesn't really matter to me either way.

Irina: I'm a professional.
Irina: I'll hold lessons and all that, but the job will be over soon enough.

Irina: Korosensei!


Irina: I heard from Karasuma-sensei
Irina: that you're suuuper fast on your feet. Is it true?
Korosen: Well...
Korosen: I'm not really that fast.

Irina: I have a favor to ask.
Irina: Just once, I'd love to try drinking genuine Vietnamese coffee, so
Irina: would you go buy some for me while I'm teaching English?

Korosen: That is an easy request.
Korosen: I know of a nice shop in Vietnam, after all.


Isogai: ...so,
Isogai: Umm...
Isogai: Irina... sensei?
(sfx) School bell ringing
Isogai: Class is starting, so should we return to the classroom?

Irina: Class?
Irina: ...oh, right.
Irina: You are all free to do as you see fit.

Irina: Also,
Irina: could you stop being so familiar with me and calling me by my first name?

Irina: I have no intention of playing the part of a teacher, except for when I'm in front of that octopus.
Irina: Call me "Jelavic-oneesama".


Karma: ...so,
Karma: What now?
Karma: Bitch-neesan.
Irina: Don't shorten it!!

Karma: You're a professional killer, right?
Karma: Will you really be able to take out that monster alone,
Karma: when the class can't kill him through their combined efforts?

Irina: ...the difference between
Irina: brats and grown-ups
Irina: is how we adults do things.

Irina: You are Shiota Nagisa, right?


Kaya: WHA...?!!

(Nagisa sfx) Droop...

Irina: Come to the faculty office after this.
Irina: I want to hear the information you've gathered on that guy.


Irina: Well...
Irina: I have plenty of ways to make you talk, though.

Irina: As for the rest of you!!
Irina: Those with useful information, come and speak with me!

Irina: I'm doing you all a favor.
Irina: And I'll even lend some manpower to the girls.

Irina: A professional's job lies in having both skill and personal connections.
Irina: You brats should sit quietly on the sidelines and watch.


Irina: And,
Irina: if you get in the way of my assassination mission even a little bit,

Irina: I'll kill you.

Box: A kiss so incredible that it overpowers the senses.
Box: It could bring even the strongest of men to their knees.
Box: I truly felt the weight of her "killing" words
Box: and that she was the real deal, a professional hitman.


Box: ...but at the same time,
Irina: Sorry you had to put on that ridiculous performance this morning.
Irina: It's a bit quick, but we'll get preparations ready for the job.

Box: most of the class felt

Box: that this teacher...
(right, star) The most villainous hussassin...!!
Box: is detestable!!



[page 2]
Korostiano Ronaldo - It's wordplay time again! The person being referenced here is Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. In Japanese, usually his first name would be written thusly: クリスティアーノ (kurisuteiaano). Here, however, the "kuri" at the beginning has been replaced with 殺 (koro), which is the character used to start Korosensei's name. I probably don't even have to mention at this point that it's also part of "korosu", aka "to kill".

[page 14-15]
Jelavic / Bitch - This is playing off the fact that the "b" sound in Japanese is often used for loan words with a "v" sound. Hence the "-vic" at the end would sound just like "bitch" when spoken in Japanese. Irina actually brings up that very issue in chapter 9.

[page 19]
The most villainous hussassin - This is some clever wordplay, as per usual. The original Japanese is 最凶の殺リマン (saikyou no yariman), which would usually translate to something like "the strongest bimbo". However, the second character used in saikyou, 凶, means evil/villain/bad luck. Yariman on its own means bimbo/slut, but here the "ya" has been replaced with... you guessed it: 殺. The only way I could keep that dual meaning was to combine the words "hussy" and "assassin" to form "hussassin". Hopefully that didn't result in too much confusion for the readers!

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#1. by RyuzakiRen ()
Posted on Aug 31, 2012
ch 8 no notes thats why i was wondering whats "hussassin" xD

Thanks for the notes lynxian~!

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