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Haikyuu!! 31


+ posted by lynxian as translation on Dec 27, 2012 00:40 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 31

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(Tobio): ---One more time.
(bottom) Offense and defense in the same instant!!

(Tobio): I send the ball to him in the instant
(Tobio): he reaches the best striking point at the peak of his jump,
(bottom) [Haikyuu!!]

(Tobio): then he takes aim,

(Tobio): and swings!!!


(top, blue) Keep
(center, blue) moving
(left, blue) forward!!!
The wait is over!! Center color right before volume 3 goes on sale!!
Chapter 31: Rivals
Furudate Haruichi
(bottom, light blue) With the cover and a special interchangeable comic cover, "Jump NEXT!", on sale 10/9, is a veritable "Haikyuu!!" festival!! Be sure to check it out!! Head to page 256 for info on the official website!!
(right of tankobon) Volume 3 has Nishinoya splashed across the cover!! It goes on sale 10/4!!
(left of tankobon) Included is a 4-page sketch extra!!


(left, star) There's a special guest on volume 3's wraparound!! Go see for yourself at the bookstore!!

(Karasuno): Augh...

(Nekoma): Ooh...

Tobio: Tch!
(Tobio): The toss was a bit too high...!

Tanaka: Ahh?!


Noya: Woah!? Nice save,
Noya: Daichi-san!

Shou: Captain...

???: Here it comes!!
???: Front,
???: front,
???: front!!

Inu: Hrngg.
???: Nice one, Inuoka!


???: Kenma, cover!
Kenma: Tora.
Tora: Bring it onnn!!

Tanaka: Here we go, Hinata!
Tanaka: Get those ab muscles working! Give everything you've got and don't let the ball slip through, no matter what!!

Tanaka: One, two...

Tanaka: Alriiight!!
Tora: Dammit...!


(left of Shou) I stopped it!

(above Taki) Ooh.
Taki: Those plain guys on either team are doing a pretty good job~
Inu: Nice save, Kai-san!
Kenma: Nice one.

Taki: Even though they don't stand out, guys like those keeping the ball in play are why the match won't be ending anytime soon.

Tora: Kenma!!!
(Kenma sfx) Surprise


Tora: One more shot, right here!!

Kenma: Right.

Tora: ...Even if my attack power could be called mediocre,
Tora: I'm!

Tora: Nekoma's ace!!!

Tora: ORYAAA!!!


(ball sfx) Thud

Tora: Hell yeaaaah!!
Tanaka: Dammit!
???: Nice one, Yamamoto!!

Boy: Taketora-san is even more fired up than usual.
Nekomata: It seems that Karasuno has someone similar, so maybe that's why?

Nekomata: Or
Nekomata: maybe both offense and defense are being influenced by the battle between Inuoka and Karasuno's #10?

Takeda: ...Hinata-kun and Kageyama-kun's quick strike isn't working all that well...

Ukai: That's because... unlike the "oddball quick strike" they'd been doing up to this point, where Kageyama perfectly matched Hinata's movements,
Ukai: now it's a "normal quick strike".
Ukai: Hinata's technique needs to improve.


Ukai: All he can do is keep practicing, work together with Kageyama over and over again,
Ukai: and master the movements with his body.

Ukai: But
Ukai: if they train
Ukai: like that,
Ukai: and becomes able to use both the
Ukai: "oddball quick strike" and "direct quick strike" properly...

Nekomata: --They will
Nekomata: no longer be "oni and kanabo", but

Nekomata: oni and
Nekomata: oni.


Scoreboard, right side: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left side: Nekoma
(bottom right) ※ Current rotation
Box, top:
Kozume | Fukunaga | Kuroo (Yaku)
Inuoka | Yamamoto | Kai
Box, center: Net
Box, bottom:
Sawamura | Hinata | Tanaka
Azumane | Tsukishima (Nishinonya) | Kageyama
???: Nice serve!

(Suga): This time he's targetting Hinata...? There's really no power behind it, but...
(right of Yama) Hinata!

Shou: Urgh...

(Shou): Over or under...
(below right Shou) Overhand pass
(below left Shou) Underhand pass
(Shou): which should I choose?!

(Suga): It's too high for underhand, and too low for overhand - a perfect height...!


Shou: Hurg!

???: Cover,
???: cover!

Noya: Soryaa!

Noya: Ryu!!
Tanaka: Alriiight!!

Tanaka: Asahi-san isn't the only one
Tanaka: who can score when we're

Tanaka: in a pinch!!!


Tanaka: Hurmph!!!

Shimada: Oooh.
Taki: It blew right through the blockers!
(white sfx) Tweet!

Tora: Tch.

Noya/Tanaka: Woo woo woooo!!!
Tora: Urgh...

Scoreboard, right side: Karasuno
???: Nice serve!
Scoreboard, left side: Nekoma

???: Tanaka, nice one!


(Shou): I'm not just gonna let him keep stopping me!
(Shou): I'll stop him, too...!!

???: Hinata.
(Shou sfx) Ah?

Daichi: Even Kageyama told you not to strain yourself, right?
Daichi: Don't lose sight of the big picture.

Shou: Yes!

???: Nice serve, Tanaka!


(Shou): The guy with the dark hair in a monk's cut is gonna jump!!

(Shou): A quick...!!
(sfx) Tense

(Daichi): "Don't lose sight of the big picture."


(Shou): #7 was hiding in #2's shadow...?!


(right, sfx) Float
(above Noya) Uooh!
Noya: Nice one touch!
???: Free ball!!

sfx bubble: Squeak

Boy: ?! So fast!


Suga: Nekoma's #7 reacts quickly, too...!

Nekomata: --Influencing each other in the middle of a close match...

Nekomata: and drawing out strength that exceeds their usual abilities.

Nekomata: Surely they are...


Nekomata: "worthy rivals."

Shou: Hurmm.

sfx bubble: Bounce
Yaku: Uooh!

Suga: He got it through!
Takeda: He did it!!

Shou: Yesssss!!
(Tobio): It's still a little too high...

Shou/Inu: One more!!

(left) The fierce battle speeds up!!!

(right of Suga) One more~

Noya: We're not gonna lose, either!
Asahi: Right.

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