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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Haikyuu!! 31


+ posted by LazyPrinzez as translation on Dec 20, 2012 17:46 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 31


Haikyuu!! 030
Translation by LazyPrinzez



>> One more time
[Small background text on the bottom of the 1st panel: "The battle of the moment!!"]

>> That short moment when this guy hangs on the air
>> I send the ball to his peak

>> And then he delivers the final blow

>> Swing!!!


[Blue Kanji characters: "Forward,"/"Forward,"/"Forward!!!"]
[Star here][...and here goes the black line full of kanji that I don't understand because I can BARELY read the furigana. Anyway, kanji-filled black line says something like "Center Color page for the upcoming 3-day comic sale!"]

>> Haikyuu!!
>> Chapter 31: Rival
>> Furudate Haruichi

[I don't wanna translate the blue thingy (and the one beside it). It's full of kanji (with teeny tiny furigana that I seriously CANNOT read). Anyway, it's all about sale pluggings for last October...and it's already December, dammit. Does it still matter? My best regards to the re-drawers, though. :)]


[Sidenote says something about the 3-day comic sale and a special guest thingy...sorry, I didn't study much kanji and it's a pain to read the almost indiscernible furigana.]

[SFX: "Swoosh"...or something like that]

>> Ahh...

>> Ohh...

>> Tsk!
>> I tossed the ball a bit too high!

>> Ah!


>> Uwa!
>> Nice save,
>> Daichi-san!

>> Captain!

>> The ball's still alive!

>> Forward!
>> Forward!
>> Forward!!

>> Humpf!
>> Nice one, Inuoka!


>> Kenma, cover!
>> Tora
>> HERE!!!

>> Here we go, Hinata!
>> Pull your guts together! Don't let the ball slip! Strengthen your arms!

>> Ready--

>> Hell yeah!

>> Dammit!


>> The plain dudes from either team surely are doing their jobs well.
>> Kai-san, nice cover!
>> Nice

>> They don't stand out much, but thanks to them the game stands and continues >> because they're the ones who "connect"

>> Kenma!!!


>> One more!

>> Yup.

>> Even though people say that my attack is nothing above average...
>> I am still

Nekoma's Ace!!!

>> Oraa!!! [Sorry, I don't know how to translate this. English doesn't have an equivalent for such kind of motivational noises.]


>> Ohhh yeah!!!
>> Dammit!
>> Nice one, Yamamoto!

>> Taketora-san seems to be more pumped up than usual, isn't he?
>> Well, even though the other one's a crow, he's met someone else who's exactly just like him--is it maybe because of that?

>> Or is it because
>> the rallies between Inuoka and that #10 are influencing him?

>> Hinata-kun and Kageyama-kun's quick toss attacks aren't synchronizing well...

>> That's because up till now...Kageyama's been sending up those perfectly precise "Weird Quick Tosses".
>> Unlike the usual, what he's trying to do this time is a "Standard Quick Toss".
>> As for Hinata, he also needs a well-defined development.


>> They've got no choice but to practice it together over and over
>> until their bodies learn and remember how to do it right.

>> but
>> if they continue to train
>> just like this
>> that "Weird Quick Toss" and the "Standard Quick Toss"...
>> Eventually, they'll learn how and when to do those two attacks separately...

>> ...when that time comes
>> That pair will no longer remain the "Oni" and "Kanabou", but rather

>> the "Oni" and
>> "Oni"


[Black line below scoreboard reads: "Current Rotation"]
[Oh shiz, I don't wanna translate Kanji names (isn't it also a real pain to typeset?) but anyway, here it goes (from top-left of court to right then down):

>> Nice serve! [Fun/weird trans. note: People here are yelling out "Nice serve" to the serving player BEFORE he hits the service ball. In other words, people here aren't complimenting the service that was done by the player, rather they're kind of telling him to serve the ball nicely; the serving player's team mates are cheering and asking for a nice service play.]

>> This time, they're targeting Hinata? Well, the serve isn't packed with much power, but...

>> Gulp!

>> Overhand and underhand...[Right subtext: "Overhand pass"; Left subtext: "Underhand pass"]
>> How do I receive this!?

>> Too high for an underhand, but also too low for an overhand...the ball is at an ambiguous height!


>> Ack!

>> Cover! Cover!

>> Here I go!

>> Ryuu!
>> Alright!

>> Asahi-san isn't
>> the only pinch-hitter

>> we've got!!!


>> Humpf!!!

>> Oohhh
>> The block got blown away!

>> Tsk

>> Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeeeaaah!!!
>> Grunt

>> Nice serve!

>> Tanaka, nice serve!


>> I also don't intend to be stuck this way forever.
>> I'll stop you!!

>> Hinata

[SFX on 4th panel: "Huh?"]

>> Kageyama already told you not to strain yourself too much, didn't he?
>> Widen up your field of view, alright?

>> Yes!

>> Tanaka-san, nice serve!


>> That dark-haired buzz-cut guy is rushing out!!!

>> A Quick Toss!!

>> Widen up your field of view, alright?


>> From #2's shadow, #7 suddenly-!


>> Nice one-touch!
>> Chance ball!!

>> So fast!


>> #7's reaction is fast too!

>> In this close battle, they influence one another and give their all...

>> ...at some point, they've unleashed abilities stronger than they've ever possessed.

>> It's as if they're truly...


>> "Worthy Rivals"

>> twist

[SFX within bubble on 2nd to the last panel: "Tong!"]
>> Oof!


>> It went past the net!
>> It went in!

>> I guess I still tossed a bit too high...

>> One more point!
[Side note: "The fierce battle speeds up!!!"]

[SFX on third to the last panel: "One more point!"]

>> We can't fall behind as well!
>> Yup

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