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Translations: One Piece 847 by cnet128 , Gintama 615 (2)

Haikyuu!! 32

An Adult Cat and a Crow Chick

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Dec 27, 2012 06:29 | Go to Haikyuu!!

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Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(right) Seesawing back and forth!!!
Tora: ORYAA!!!

(below panel) [Haikyuu!!]

Tora: Hell yeaaah!!!

Tanaka: Dammit...!

Scoreboard, right side: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left side: Nekoma

Suga: ...I really hope they don't get to 20 points before we do...

Takeda: That's right... the first to take 2 sets of 25-point games will win, so
Takeda: if they... score 7 more points, then...


Takeda: We'll lose...
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Chapter 32: An Adult Cat and a Crow Chick
Furudate Haruichi
(right) The fierce battle heads toward its climax!!!

(right of box) ※ Current rotation
Kai: Inuoka, your serve!
Inu: Right!
Box, top:
Inuoka (Yaku) | Kenma | Fukunaga
Yamamoto | Kai | Kuroo
Box, center: Net
Box, bottom:
Azumane | Sawamura | Hinata
Tsukishima (Nishinoya) | Kageyama | Tanaka

(white sfx) Squeak...

???: Nice serve~
???: Nice one!


(Shou): ...When that tall headstrong guy (note to typesetter: Inuoka picture goes here) moves back to the rear guard, this rooster head moves to the vanguard... battling against the headstrong guy is fun, but...

(Shou): this guy's scary...!
Kuro: Holding your own against Inuoka, when there's more than 20 cm. difference in height between you...
Kuro: That's just amazing, shorty.

Shou: Urg!!!

Shou: The one who calls others short is the short one!
Suga: That's not how it works.

???: Oi!
Shou: Gyaa!


Tobio: The next one will be our usual quick strike.
Shou: Ehh?!
Shou: You mean the "gyun!" toss? Not the "fuwaa" one?
Tobio: Right.

Shou: Ehh...
Shou: But I'm slowly getting the hang of the timing for the "fuwaa" one.
Tobio: We're not doing it.

Tobio: As long as that guy is in the vanguard,
Tobio: it's a no-go.

Shou: Why?
Tobio: Because.
Shou: Hah?!

Tobio: I've got a gut feeling.
Tobio: --Anyway, their #1 hasn't been matched up with you long, so
Tobio: he's probably not used to your movements yet.
Tobio: Before he becomes like #7, shake him off and score!

???: Nice serve, Inuoka.


Tobio: Nice receive!


(above Shou) Uwaah!
Shou: This feeling is really the best!
sfx bubble: Stinging
Tobio: Yess!
Right Box: Karasuno
Left Box: Nekoma

(right of Shou) It's my serve!!
Ukai: ...that might not be a good decision.
Takeda: Hm?

Ukai: Right now, he thinks that the "oddball quick strike" will be more effective against that 3rd year middle blocker.
Ukai: A "normal quick strike" would be easier for a skilled middle blocker to stop, after all.

Kuro: They really are amazing.
Kuro: Guys like that could be considered superhuman.

Kuro: Well, then...

Kuro: how about we take back that point?

Box: Hinata's serve
Box: Nishinoya out
Box: Tsukishima in
???: Hinata, nice serve!


???: Nice serve~
???: Nice receive!

Takeda: Uwaah!! They're all jumbled up...?!

Taki: Who'll it go to?!

Taki: The setter's in the rear guard, so there are 3 people in the vanguard who can make the attack...!

Taki: #4, who seems to have the most offensive power, is probably the best bet...


Taki: The 3 in front were a decoy...
Shimada: From the back...!

(Asahi): A back attack...!


(Suga): Our blockers were completely fooled...!

Shou: Hogyaa!

Suga: N-nice receive, Hinata.
(Yama): It seemed more like a collision than a receive...

???: Free ball!
(above Shou) Thud

???: All of them are on the move again.
???: Who'll it be this time...


(Tobio): A...!

Taki: This time, it was an A Quick!
Shimada: An instantaneous one...

Ukai: ...how to put this...
Ukai: it's an incredibly stable quick strike...

Ukai: That might just be because I'm used to seeing one that's anything but (Hinata's), though...

???: Yamamoto, nice serve!
Tora: Take that!
Box, right: Karasuno
Box, left: Nekoma


Tanaka: Crap, sorry!

???: Cover it!
Asahi: I'm open!!

Noya: Asahi-san!!


???: Nice receive, Yaku-san!

(Suga): Right to the libero, huh...

(Ukai): Who'll take the next attack...?

(Asahi): It's another A Quick...!


Kuro: Soryaa!

Kenma: ...Kuro, what was that.
Kuro: A "Personal Time Difference Attack"!
Kuro: I saw them do it on yesterday's TV match!

Kuro: You act like you're gonna jump like this, hold it for a second,
Kuro: then strike when the blockers are faked out!
(above Kuro, right) Pause
(above Kuro, middle) and then
(above Kuro, left) bam!
Kenma: I don't really get it at all.

Kenma: Stop picking up new techniques from watching matches on TV already...

Kuro: What're you saying! From now on, we're gonna practice a lot.
Kuro: That way, we can become the best at things that other guys can't do!

Kuro: It's an offensive technique we can't use yet, but
Kuro: if we practice it a lot from here on out,
Kuro: around the time we're in high school,
Kuro: I'm sure that


(Kuro): "it'll become one of our most magnificent special moves!"

(Asahi): He's not jumping?!
(ASahi): So it's a feint...!!

(Ukai): That's...

(Ukai): a Personal Time Difference Attack...!


Takeda: Wh... what was that attack just now...?
Ukai: ...a "Personal Time Difference Attack."

Ukai: He makes as if to jump for a quick,
(Blocker) A!!
(above player) Acts like he's going to jump and waits a moment
Ukai: then strikes once the blockers' timing has been thrown off.

Ukai: It's not that popular of an attack these days, though.
Ukai: It's a technique where one person single-handedly deceives the blockers, so it's not the sort of attack you can use over and over, but...

Ukai: successfully pulling it off right after that perfect A Quick just now
Ukai: was pretty clever...


Scoreboard, right side: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left side: Nekoma
???: Nekoma has reached 20 points!

Shimada: If they can snatch up 5 more points, it's all over...
Taki: Karasuno's in a tough spot.

Ukai: Crap... and I've already used up our two time outs...

Nekomata: Fuhoho...
Nekomata: Ukai's grandson is such a greenhorn, practically oozing impatience.

Ukai: ! Augh, dammit!
Ukai: I can see some sort of mocking grin over there!

Takeda: What should we do...? Since #1-kun moved up to the vanguard...
Takeda: how should I put this... it's like their attacks give off a feeling of "experience"...

Ukai: Experience... that's a good way to put it.
Ukai: Half of our starters are 1st years, and on top of that, this lineup was only formed a short while ago, so
Ukai: our "level as a team" is stuck close to "1"...


Ukai: In comparison, their team's level is upwards of 10 or even 20 times higher.
???: Nice one-touch!

Takeda: In other words, their side is like a distinguished "adult cat"
Takeda: and ours is like a newborn "crow chick".
Ukai: Yep, that about sums it up.
(left of chick) Covered in down
Ukai: No matter how much we struggle, right now we have no chance in terms of defensive and offensive diversity.

Ukai: ...since we
Ukai: don't
Ukai: have it yet,

Ukai: we just recklessly sink our teeth in!!!

Tanaka: Noya-san, nice receive!
Noya: Take that!


Ukai: Hit'em hard with power and speed!!

Tanaka: Ya want us to knock'em down with brute force?!

Shou: That kinda seems really evil...
(right of bubble) Hahaha!
Ukai: Nothing wrong with being a little "evil"!

Ukai: "Crows" are kinda evil anyway, ya knoow!
Takeda: Ukai-kun, your face is scaryyy!

Ukai: Your quick strikes and receives may be clumsy,
Ukai: but you get by with them through sheer strength.
Ukai: Right now, that clumsy, rough-around-the-edges quality
Ukai: is your weapon!!

Nekomata: Ahh, damn.
Nekomata: And here I thought they'd be swallowed up by the atmosphere we'd created...


Ukai: Using all the weapons you've got right now,
Ukai: attack,

Ukai: attack,

Ukai: and don't let up!!!

Scoreboard, right side: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left side: Nekoma

(left) Snap those beaks!!!

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