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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Haikyuu!! 32

The Grown-up Kitty and The Baby Crow

+ posted by LazyPrinzez as translation on Dec 26, 2012 18:56 | Go to Haikyuu!!

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Haikyuu!! 030
Translation by LazyPrinzez



[BG Text: "Point gained, point lost!"]
>> Raargh!
>> Yeaah!!!
>> Dammit!
[Scoreboard. Left (18): "Nekoma"; Right (15): "Karasuno"]
>> I hope this momentum doesn't help the other team to score 20 points before we do.
>> I see...because the first team who gets 25 points wins the 2nd set,
>> if the other team gets 7 more points...


>> We'll lose.
[BG text, 1st panel (bottom right): "The fierce battle reaches the climax!!!"]
[Not again with the star thing... T_T but oh well, here's what it says:
"The latest popular large volume is now on sale!! Hurry now to bookstores!!"]
[Manga Title (Text below BG text with star): "Haikyuu!"]
[Chapter Title (text below manga title): "Chapter 32: The Grown-up Kitty and The Baby Crow"]
[Author (Text below chapter title): "Furudate Haruichi"]
>> Inuoka, serve!
>> Yes!
[Black line above second panel says: "Current Rotation"]
[And here's the current rotation:
[BG SFX: "Notice"]
>> Nice serve!
>> Nice serve!


>> That big tsun-tsun guy [Inuoka's face here] goes to rear guard, while this guy with the fancy hair moves to vanguard. My showdown with the big tsun-tsun guy was fun but...
[TL Note: The "Tsun-tsun" character stereotype refers to a person with cold, aloof, indifferent attitude towards other people. Just for the record, it's different from "Tsundere", by the way.]
>> this one's scary!
>> Fighting evenly with Inuoka despite having more than 20 cm height difference...
>> Well, aren't you just amazing, shorty?
>> Wha-!!!
>> 'Shorty'?! Hey, the one who says 'shorty' is the real shorty, you know!!!
>> That just sounds wrong.
>> .....
[BG SFX: "Grab"]
>> Oi!
>> Ack!


>> Next, we'll do the usual quick-set, alright?
>> Eh?
>> The toss that goes "gyun!"? Not the "fuwaaa~"?
>> Yup, that one.
>> Ehh??
>> But I've just finally started getting used to the one that goes "fuwaaa~"!
>> No way
>> As long as that #1 guy's in vanguard
>> No way
>> Whyyy?
>> Just because.
>> Huh?!
>> My gut's telling me so.
>> Anyway, since you don't frequently get matched-up with that #1
>> he couldn't have gotten used to your movements yet.
>> Before he gets as familiar with it as #7 did, we'll rack up points and end this set.
>> Inuoka, nice serve!


>> Nice receive!
[(OMG, I can't believe I'm actually doing SFX!) SFX on first 2 panels: "Squeak! Squeak!"]
[SFX, 3rd panel: "Jump" or whatever sound people make when jumping. Literally transcribing, the SFX says: "Bukaa!" and I don't know if that sounds anything like foot impact from jumping at all.]
[SFX, 4th panel: "Swoosh"]
[SFX, 5th panel: "Doshii" or "Bam" for a more westernized SFX feel.]


>> This really is the best feeling!!!
[SFX in the bubble in the 1st panel: "Smolder"]
>> Yes!
[Scoreboard. Left (18): "Nekoma"; Right (16): "Karasuno"]
[SFX on 2nd panel: "Right here! The player-to-serve is me!"]
>> I guess they picked the right quick-set to pull off.
>> Eh?
>> For now, the "Weird Quick-set" is the most effective move against that 3rd-year MB.
>> The "Standard Quick-set" would probably be easy for him to block.
>> They're really amazing
>> I could call them "superhumans".
>> Now then, I guess we'll have to...
>> .....
>> take that point back.
[Last panel, top box: "Hinata to serve"]
[Last panel, middle box: "Nishinoya out"]
[Last panel, bottom box: "Tsukishima in"]
>> Hinata, nice serve!


>> Nice serve!
>> Nice receive!
[SFX, 3rd panel: "Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!"]
>> !?
>> Uwaah!
>> Somehow they're all for a jumble!
>> Who d'you think will hit it?
>> The center-man's a rear-guard, so there are three vanguards who can attack!
>> It'll probably be #4 since he's got the strongest spike.


>> The toss went behind all three...
>> It's a back--
>> A back-attack!


>> Our blockers were totally fooled!
[SFX 1st panel: "Bong!"]
[SFX 2nd panel: "Woosh"]
[SFX 3rd panel: "Bam!"]
>> [This is panel 3, from Hinata] Ooof!
>> N-nice receive, Hinata...
>> Well, it's more of a crash rather than a receive though...
>> Chance ball!
>> The vanguards are coming again
>> This time who will--


>> [Kageyama's panel. I don't think the typesetter needs to typeset this one though] An A--!
>> This time, it's an A-Quick!
[TL note: An "A-Quick" is apparently a volleyball quick-set technique where the spiker jumps right in front of the setter and then the setter tosses the ball to a spot about 30 cm above the net where the spiker would hit it with a quick spike.]
>> Over in a blink of an eye...
>> How do I say this...
>> Somehow that quick set just now seemed incredibly stable.
>> Or maybe I just got too used to seeing Hinata's clumsy spikes.
>> Humpf!
>> Yamamoto, nice serve!
[Scoreboard. Left (19): "Nekoma"; Right (16): "Karasuno"]


>> Oops! Sorry!
>> Cover! Cover!
[SFX 1st panel: "Bounce"]
>> I'm open!
[SFX 2nd panel: "Squeak! Squeak!"]
>> Asahi-san!
[SFX 3rd panel: (left) "Squeak! Squeak!" / (right) "Bounce"]
[SFX 4th panel: "Squeak! Squeak!"]
[SFX 5th panel: "Boom" well, it's the closest western SFX I could think of, but it's basically the sound of the spike.]


[SFX 1st panel: "Bounce"]
>> Yaku-san, nice receive!
>> It went right in front of the libero, huh...
>> Who'll attack next?
>> Another A-Quick?


>> Soryaa!! [Um...this is a kind of Japanese cheer sound to pump up oneself. This series has A LOT of it, and it's quite hard to translate them since they don't have English equivalents. So, I'll leave it as is.]
>> Kuro, what was that just now?
>> It's the "One-Man Delay"!
>> I saw it yesterday on a match shown on TV!
>> The player acts like he's gonna jump and then he freezes on the ground for a moment.
>> When the blockers get fooled by the feint, he jumps and instantly hits a spike!
>> What's that? I don't get it.
>> Can't you stop trying out new moves every time you watch a match on TV?
>> What are you saying?! From now on, we're gonna have to practice it a lot!
>> If others can't do it, we're gonna become the ones who can do it best!
>> For now, it might not be a useful technique
>> but if we practice hard on it
>> by the time we become highschoolers
>> it will surely


>> It will surely become one of our special attacks!
>> He wasn't gonna jump?
>> That was a feint!
>> That is...
>> the "One-man Delay"!


[SFX, 1st panel: "Zoom!"]
>> T-that attack just now...
>> The "One-man Delay"
>> The player goes all like "I'm gonna jump!" and then he freezes a moment before jumping.
[Small thinking bubble with letter A: "A!!"]
[BG text below bubble with letter A: "Player acts like he's about to jump, then freezes for a moment"]
>> When the blockers get fooled and jumps in response, that's the time the spiker really jumps, shaking off the blockers' timing.
>> That move's not so popular these days.
>> Since it's a technique that requires the spiker to fool blockers all by himself, it's not an attack that works all the time
>> But when our boys became wary of that A-Quick, no one was prepared to counter the delayed spike
>> That's just what I'd expect from Nekoma


>> Now Nekoma's got 20 points!
>> They score 5 more points and we're done
>> Seems like Karasuno's in danger
>> This isn't good... I've already used up all the 2 time-outs that we're given.
>> Fuhaha...
>> Still green aren't you, Ukai Jr.? Your anxiety is leaking out fast.
>> Oh shit!
>> It looks like he's smirking at me!
[SFX, 5th panel: "smirk smirk"]
>> What should we do? Ever since that #1 went up to vanguard
>> It seems like their attacks have a more..."experienced" feel to it.
>> "Experienced"... That's right...
>> Taking into account that about half our starting players are first years, and that our members had just recently been gathered,
>> Our "Team Level" is undoubtedly just around "Level 1"


>> Compared to that, Nekoma's team has about 10 to 20 more levels above ours
>> So, it's like the other side's a well-bred grown-up kitty, while we're still a newborn baby crow...is that it?
>> Yeah, it's just like that.
[BG text: "Had just grown baby hair"]
>> Be it defensive force or attack pattern variety, no matter how much of a fight we put up, we pretty much don't have a chance.
>> Well, at least
>> not YET
>> If that's the case...
>> We'll just have to recklessly chow 'em down!
>> Noya-san, nice receive!
>> Alright!


>> Just keep attacking with power and speed!!!
>> You mean to shut them with brute force, right!?
>> That sounds kinda evil...
>> I'm fine with being "evil"! [SFX along bubble: "Hahaha!"]
>> After all, "Crows" seem kinda "evil", you know!
>> Ukai-kun, you look scary!
>> Your quick-sets and receives may be clumsy
>> but with brute force, it'll somehow work out!
>> Your rough and shapeless plays
>> these are your current weapons!!!
>> Ah, dammit.
>> And here I thought that they already got swallowed by our momentum.


>> With all the weapons that you currently have
>> Attack!
>> Attack!
>> Attack like crazy!!!
[Scoreboard (left): Nekoma; (right) Karasuno]
[BG text beside last panel: "Chow 'em down!"]

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