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Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 1781

Karaoke Battle


-> RTS Page for Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 1781

I'm likely going to translate Kochikame chapters intermittently at random (I blame a few members of the Weekly Jump LJ community).

The usual rules apply - credit me (lynxian) if you use this translation or translate it into another language.



(top) Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen-mae Hashutsujo
Person: Ehh?!
Person: Karaoke's free of charge?!
(bubbles) Aki | moto | Osamu | Atelier Biidama

Person: See?
Person: Oooh!
(top row) olitics | Stocks | Business | Enterta
(center) Karaoke Box
(bottom right)
Challenge Stage (1 hour)
Over 95 points is free
Over 90 points is half off
(but if you can't make the achievement, you'll pay double)
Professionals not allowed

Ryotsu: If even one member of the group is a good singer, then you're set!
Man: Yes, exactly!
Man: So if we invite Nakagawa-san and Reiko-san...

(left) "Karaoke", possibly the leisure activity the Japanese love best!! If it's free, they'll jump at the chance...?!

(bottom) Karaoke Battle


(right, star) This year, he'll do his best without taking any breaks again!! You can only read Akimoto Osamu-sensei's serialization in Weekly Shounen Jump!!

Reiko: Huh? Can I come for karaoke today?

Reiko: Sure, if you'll have me!
Men: Alright!

Naka: Sounds good.
Naka: Let's go!
Ryotsu: Yess!

Ryotsu: With this, we'll be able to sing for free!
(above Ryotsu) Haha
Man: We're kinda being cheap about it, though...

Person: Uwaah, time's up.
(sfx) Beep beep
Person: Dammit!!


Woman: Since you went over the challenge time,
Woman: the "fee has been doubled" on your allotment until now.
Man: And I got an 87, too.
Man: Augh, we were so close!

Man: One more time! Let's take the challenge!
Woman: Then it will last for the next hour.
Man: Alright!

Woman: Welcome.
Man: We'll take the challenge!
Clerk: Alright, the challenge, is it.

Clerk: It's a huge success, manager!
(right of manager) Fufu...
Manager: Our plan is positively superb.


Manager: This area in front of the station is a hotspot of competition!
Manager: The difference between our shop and the others lies in the fee!
(gray box) Karaoke Shop B
(gray box) Karaoke Shop A
(dark gray box) Station
(gray box) Karaoke Shop D
(gray box) Karaoke Shop C

Manager: If you get a good score, then the session's free.
(top sign) Score over 95 and it's free!!
Manager: Making the fee cheaper than our competitors' is the key to success!

Manager: As for how it works...
Manager: We have lots of customers coming here who are confident in their singing.

Manager: It's the same as getting a dish of ramen for free if you can finish it!
(top sign) This month's champions

Manager: Even if two people get to sing for free,
(above top image) 7 people
Manager: if five have to pay double, then we'll make a profit.
(right image)
2 for free
(left image)
5 for 2x

Manager: Confident customers will keep repeating the challenge!
(girl, top) Almost there~
(girl, bottom) So close!!
Manager: These days, there are lots of customers who come alone!


Manager: We are once again at the top of the chain!!
(right of Manager) Fufu...
Clerk: You're so clever, manager!

(sfx) Rattle
Ryotsu: We're here!

Ryotsu: We're taking the challenge to sing for free!
Clerk: Very well!
Clerk: In that case, I'll put your names down here.

Manager: The two who look like models might be professionals... Go check.
Clerk: Right.

Ryotsu: Room 303!
Naka: That's this one.


Ryotsu: Ooh, there's a ton of space!
Ryotsu: And the monitor's huge, too!

Ryotsu: Nooow then, what'll we eat!
Reiko: Whaa? Before we sing?!

Ryotsu: Either way, it's gonna be free!
(left of Ryotsu) Hahaha
Man: You've got that right~

Ryotsu: 10 portions of chicken karaage!
Ryotsu: 10 portions of combination pizza.

Clerk: They're ordering in large amounts.
Clerk: They aren't on the list of professionals.


Reiko: I put on your favorite song, Ryou-chan.
Ryotsu: Alright!
(on screen) A Man's Departure By Sea
Ryotsu: I'll take point, so here I go!

Ryotsu: Ohhhh~~
Ryotsu: A maaan's~~~~

Ryotsu: There! Bring up a good score!
Ryotsu: Goooo!

Man: Ah!
Ryotsu: Dammit!

(sfx) Wheeen wheeen
Ryotsu: What the?!

Woman: This is for the one who received a score below 70!
Woman: Please drink this cayenne pepper juice as a "punishment" game.
Ryotsu: Whaa? Why?!


Woman: It's written right here.
(on card) Those who score below 70 are given a punishment game

(sfx) Gulp gulp gulp
Ryotsu: Ughh, it's strong...
Naka: They have a punishment game...?
Man: That's pretty harsh.

(sfx) Cough cough
Ryotsu: Next! Reiko, go!

Reiko: I just want to avoid the punishment game.
Reiko: I have to sing carefully...
(on screen) Snow Fantasy

Ryotsu: C'mon, get it in the 90s!
Ryotsu: 90 points!

Ryotsu: Dammit!
???: So close!

Ryotsu: Next!
Ryotsu: Go for it, Honda!
Honda: Eep!

Honda: I'm scared!
Honda: I've gotta make sure I don't screw up...
(on screen) Rock 'n Roll Check it Out Baby


Honda: YEEK!

(sfx) Wheeen wheeen
Honda: YEEEK! I'm scared!

Woman: Those who score under 50 points get habanero juice.
Honda: EHHH?!

Ryotsu: Honda! Drinking it down in one gulp will be less spicy than taking it slowly.
Honda: Really?

sfx bubble: Cough
sfx bubble: Cough
sfx bubble: Hack
sfx bubble: Cough
Reiko: You shouldn't do it in one gulp!
Ryotsu: Oh, really?

Naka: Honda-san won't be able to sing for a while...
Ryotsu: Geez!

Ryotsu: Nakagawa! Get 95 points!
Naka: Ehh?!

(left) The "S.H.Figuarts figure of Ryotsu Kankichi" is selling with rave raviews!! And it has tons of accessories for those who are fussy when playing!!


Naka: Let's switch it to my strongest song.
Reiko: That's a good idea.

Naka: I am the young master~~
Naka: of Yamanote~~
(on screen) I am the Young Master of Yamanote
Reiko: What a great mood!

Naka: That was perfect!
Ryotsu: Bring on the score!

???: AUGHH!

Ryotsu: Damn, so close!!
Ryotsu: Nakagawa! Try it again!

Box: Ultimately, they weren't able to score in the 90s during the hour's time, and ended up paying twice as much.
Ryotsu: Kuh... so expensive...

Box: In order to get revenge, he gathered up some policewomen who loved karaoke and were good at singing, but...

Box: They weren't able to get even one step closer!
Ryotsu: Ah!
Ryotsu: Damn!


Manager: Thank you for your patronage.
Ryotsu: Shut it!
(above Ryotsu): Next time, I'll show you!

Clerk: He's already used two hundred thousand yen.
Manager: What a good pattern.

Manager: It's the same as gambling!
Manager: In order to gain back what they've lost, they only get dragged in deeper...

Ryotsu: Is there some sorta trick to those karaoke machines?
Honda: I don't think so.

Honda: The newer machines are really tough.
Ryotsu: Getting a high score is just plain impossible!

Honda: There is someone who's gotten 100 points, though.
Ryotsu: No way!

Honda: Hokaro Junsa.
Ryotsu: That Hokaro did?!


Hokaro: However many times I go, it always gives me 100 points.
Ryotsu: Are you serious?!
Honda: She's a pro at vocaloid songs.

Honda: Want to try singing at a machine from the same chain?
Ryotsu: Yeah!

Honda: Wow...
(left of Ryotsu) It's the real deal...
Ryotsu: Her voice is exactly like a vocaloid's...

Ryotsu: And... her score is...
(on screen) Now scoring...
(Ryotsu sfx) Gulp

Ryotsu: GAH!!
Ryotsu: It's true!!!!

Hokaro: The 1,000 vocaloid songs in my repertoire
Hokaro: are tunes with which I can reliably score 100 points.
Ryotsu: Th...that so...


Honda: You can always... get 100 points?
Hokaro: Yes... 100% of the time!
(right of Ryotsu) Her normal voice is just like a robot's, too.
Ryotsu: Just what you'd expect of a machine.

Ryotsu: Honda, with this, we'll be invincible!
Ryotsu: Let's go get revenge tomorrow!

Manager: How about... if you score 100 points,
(spiked sign) Super popular
Challenge Stage (1 hour)
95 or higher: 0 yen
90 or higher: half-off
(but if you can't make the achievement, you'll pay double)
Manager: you'll get back 10 times the fee?

Manager: You're taking the challenge, right, sir!
Manager: A payout multiplied ten times sounds good, doesn't it!
Ryotsu: Alright!

Manager: On the other hand, if you don't score 100 points, you will pay ten times as much.
Ryotsu: Sure.

Ryotsu: Okay, it's decided!
Ryotsu: Everybody in!


Ryotsu: We're renting a party room, of course.
Manager: I wish you the best of luck.

Clerk: Manager, we've got a problem!
Manager: What is it?

Clerk: I was curious, so I checked data from the other stores in the chain...
Clerk: There's a customer at the Kitasenju branch

Clerk: who has gotten 100 points.
Manager: Whaaat?!

Clerk: The same name is on here, so if it's that customer...
Manager: Is a perfect score even possible?!

Clerk: Apparently it is, with vocaloid songs.
Manager: With vocaloid songs?!

Clerk: There are a lot of difficult high-speed vocaloid songs without any breath stops.
(right diagram) Vocaloid song
(left diagram) Regular song
Clerk: But if there's one woman among those who came today who excels at vocaloid songs...


Clerk: and she sings 3 times, she will definitely get 100 points each time!
Clerk: She sings as accurately as a machine...
(left of clerk) She's practically a real-life vocaloid...

Man: Here's the premium sushi assortment you ordered.
Manager: What?!

Ryotsu: Bring it over here, to the party room.
Man: You got it!

Man: I have wine to deliver.
Ryotsu: Over here!

Ryotsu: Put everything on the karaoke bill!
(Ryotsu sfx) Hahaha
Man: Sure thing.

Clerk: Those vocaloid songs are bad news, manager!
Waitress: It's probably that slender woman.
Waitress: Her speaking voice was like a vocaloid's.

Group: Cheers!
Group: Cheers!


Ryotsu: We're having a party today, everyone!
Ryotsu: Drink and eat up!
Man: Seems like this is all Ryotsu's treat.
Man: Man, he's awesome!!

Ryotsu: Hey, don't go and sing!
(left of Ryotsu) C'mon, eat up!
Woman: Huh?
Woman: But we're here for karaoke, aren't we?

Ryotsu: I've got an agreement with the manager here.
Ryotsu: If we score a 100, then food, drinks, and everything else are all free!
Woman: Eh?

Man: 100 points is impossible though, isn't it?
(right of Ryotsu) Hahaha!
Ryotsu: We've got a secret weapon on our side!

Ryotsu: Hokaro here can do it!
Man: That's for sure!
Man: She's really good at vocaloid songs, after all.


Man: Unaju, serving for 30.
Ryotsu: Over here!

Ryotsu: I guess the bill's already ended up over 300,000 yen?
Clerk: It's 360,000 yen...

Ryotsu: If we score a 100, you'll return the cost tenfold, so!
Ryotsu: At this point, that would be 3.6 million, right!
(left of Ryotsu) Hoho~
Ryotsu: You'll keep your promise, right?

Clerk: Manager, that will put us really far into the red...
Clerk: It's all over for us if they sing a vocaloid song...

Man: Prime eel that costs 4,000 yen a serving!
Man: Woah, awesome!

Ryotsu: Delicious!!
Man: This is the first time in my life I've ever eaten unaju this expensive!
Man: Same here!

Ryotsu: This is also all thanks to Hokaro-sensei!
Men: We're in your debt!
(sfx) Clap clap clap

Honda: Senpai, there's just 10 minutes left until the time limit runs out.
(right of Ryotsu) Hahaha!
Ryotsu: Guess it's about time she sings, huh!


Ryotsu: Okay then, Hokaro-chan...
(left of Ryotsu) Sing a... huh?
Woman: What's the matter, Hokaro?

Woman: She's burning up.
Woman: This is bad!

Ryotsu: S-so... even Hokaro, who's cool as a machine, can overheat... huh...
Woman: She's burning up with fever!

Woman: It might... be influenza.
Woman: Let's get her to the hospital quickly!

Ryotsu: U-um, before you go to the hospital...
Ryotsu: Won't you... sing just one song?
(left of Ryotsu) A quick one.

Woman: What are you saying!
Woman: She can't, you moron!

Hokaro: I'm... sorry...
Ryotsu: Ah!
Ryotsu: ...it's okay...
Woman: C'mon, let's go!

Honda: "100 points" just... walked out...
(sfx) Slam
Ryotsu: She's as sensitive as a precise machine...


Man: Ryo-san, I think it's about time I head home.
Ryotsu: Huh?
Man: And I've got to get back to work.

Ryotsu: Wait, hold on a second, you guys!
Man: Thanks for the treat.
Man: I have things to take care of...
Man: Me too...
Man: Same...

Clerk: Manager, the vocaloid girl went home with a cold...
(left of manager) Yess!

Waitress: Manager!
Waitress: It seems the party room would like a time extension.
Manager: Give them as much as they want!
(right of manager) Fufu
Manager: That guy won't be able to get a score of 100...

Waitress: Sir, this is way past business hours.
(sfx) Bang bang bang
Waitress: Sir!
Ryotsu: How's Hokaro doing?
Ryotsu: It really was influenza...?! She can't go out for 5 days?
Ryotsu: Ah... I see...
Ryotsu: So it's going to take 5 days, huh...

Naka: Evidently, he's confining himself to the karaoke shop for 5 days...

Naka: to pay for a karaoke bill of 3.8 million yen.
(above Reiko) That's expensive!
Chief: He can just go die 2 or 3 times!

(left) A punishment for using other people for his own gain?! Through negotiation, maybe he can change the goal to half-off with 90 points...?!

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