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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Iron Knight 7

Three Eyes

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Feb 4, 2014 22:45 | Go to Iron Knight

-> RTS Page for Iron Knight 7

Translation reserved for Mangatopia/Psylocke Scans/MTO.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

My laptop's hard disk up and died recently, leaving me computerless for about 2 weeks - hence the delay (on both this series and my other weekly, HQ!!).



Teppei: ...What happened
Teppei: to your hair tie, Tsubasa-chan?

Tsubasa: Nothing.
Tsubasa: Sniffle
Tsubasa: Nothing happened, okay!

(below panel): IRON KNIGHT

Tsubasa: It's not like it was expensive or anything, so...
Teppei: But you liked it, didn't you?
Tsubasa: Just forget about it!!

(left): A girl's tears, back in the old days...

(sfx): Twirl
Boy: Hahaha!

Boy: Man, she's so annoying!
Boy: Acting like she's all that just 'cause she's a little good-looking and has good grades!
Boy: Haha~
Boy: And now she's on the student council, too. Seriously, what the heck!


Boy: ...Hm?

Boy: Oi!
Boy: What're you glaring at, twerp?!

Woman: Teppei-kun sure is late...
Woman: Any idea why, Tsubasa?
Tsubasa: I don't know.
Woman: Geez!

(sfx): Kerchack
Woman: Oh, there he is!

Woman: Teppei-kun, what happened to you!

Teppei: I'm back.
Tsubasa: Wh-
Tsubasa: what's with those injuries!!


Teppei: Here.

Tsubasa: That's... my hair tie...?!

Tsubasa: You went to get it back...?!
Tsubasa: Just how stupid are you...?!

(below panel): Yagi Tomohiro

(right): In order to protect those important to him...!!
Teppei: The next time something like this happens, you better tell me!

Teppei: 'Cause I'll protect you!
Chapter 7: Three Eyes


Yuki: Morning, Teppei-kun!

Teppei: Nng...

Yuki: C'mon, everyone's already gathered outside.
Teppei: Mrg...
Yuki: Time to get ready!

Woman: Oh!
Woman: Good morning.
Teppei: Mooornin'.

Crowd: Morning, Teppei-kun!
Crowd: Morning!
Crowd: Good morning!
Kazu: Morning, Tecchan!


Crowd: The bus is all set and ready to go!
Crowd: Well, you handled most of the outfittings, though.
Crowd: With this much plating, it'll be fine even if goblins come after it.

Teppei: Alright!
Teppei: Now we can all escape from here together.

Kura: I'm sure you'll find your father and the Himegamis at the base, once we get there.
Kazu: It won't be long now, so let's stay fired up and hit the road!!
Teppei: Yeah!

Crowd: I hope we can get there safely...
Crowd: I mean, we'll be passing through large groups of goblins...
Teppei: Don't worry about it! No matter what sort show their ugly mugs,


Teppei: I'll protect everyone!!

Crowd: Oooh!
(sfx): Click
(sfx): Flash
(sfx): Flash
Crowd: Look over here!
Woman: Can we just go already?!

Man: I'm sorry, Teppei-kun...
Man: You're doing all of this for us, when we treated you so badly at the start...
Teppei: That's all in the past! I wasn't exactly blameless either, so it's okay!

Teppei: Here we go!
Teppei: Our goal is the base at Yamatoyama!


Yuki: ...There aren't many around yet right now.

Yuki: We're good to go!
Teppei: Move out!

Man: Got it!

Teppei: Let's put the pedal to the metal!
sfx bubble: Crush
Teppei: They're probably gonna start coming soon!
sfx bubble: Creak

Yuki: ...Ah! That was quick!
Yuki: 3 goblins have noticed us and are coming this way!


sfx bubble: GEEAAA!!

Crowd: Here they come!!
Crowd: More importantly...

Crowd: they're all huge!!

Teppei: HAAH!!


Teppei: Hrgg!!

Crowd: Woaah!!

Teppei: Whaddya think of my new weapon,
Teppei: the "Demon Bone Crusher"!!


Kazu: Way to go, Tecchan!!
Crowd: Wait, we're the ones who came up with
Crowd: that name!
Crowd: And that's just an iron plate, to boot...

Man: So what about that "evil sorts being the only ones to retain their personalities upon becoming goblins" stuff?
Man: That was all just nonsense.

Man: Teppei-kun and Yuki-chan are clearly good kids!
Man: They're fighting for humanity's sake!

Man: We're able to return from this hellhole alive thanks to them.
Crowd: Still, what's gonna happen once we get to the base?

Crowd: I hear that living in a refuge shelter is tough, and I'm sure that rebuilding is gonna take time, too.
Crowd: Don't worry about it!
Crowd: That's nothing compared to how things have been so far!


Yuki: ...Something's off.

Yuki: Teppei-kun! There's something a little strange about the goblins' movements.
Yuki: I'm going to get closer and check it out.

Yuki: I won't be with you, so be careful!
Teppei: No prob!

Radio: ...Kzzt
Radio: Kzzt

Crowd: It's the radio..!!
Crowd: The radio's working!!
Crowd: Huh?!

Radio: Kzzzt
Radio: --All survivors kzzzt the area kzzzt...
Radio: Please assemble kzzzt Yamatoyama Base. Your safety and supplies are guaranteed kzzzt...


Crowd: That's...!!
Crowd: It's a transmission from the self-defense forces!
Crowd: It's called the national defense force these days, isn't it?

Crowd: It's coming in on every frequency!
Crowd: Let's follow what it says!
Crowd: Teppei-kun, over here!

(Yuki): Something's strange...!
(Yuki): What's with this group's movements...

(Yuki): Who or what is leading them?
(Yuki): It's almost as if there's a strategy behind their actions...

Yuki: Could this many... have retained their reason...?
Yuki: No...
Yuki: This is...!


Teppei: Wha?!

Teppei: What the?!
Teppei: A truck?!


Crowd: Could it be other survivors...?


Teppei: Wha?!
Teppei: Is that...
Teppei: gunfire?!

Crowd: Someone's shooting at us...?!
Crowd: N-no way!!
Crowd: Is it the national defense force?!

Teppei: No...!!
Teppei: It's something else...!!


Kazu: UWAAAH!!

Teppei: Thank god...! It didn't pierce through...!


Man: Crap...!! Even if the armor's strong, there's still the adhesive to worry about...!!

Man: If we take another hit, then...!!

Teppei: Like hell I'll let you!!

sfx bubble: Gachak

(Teppei): I won't make it in ti...


Goblin: Gii

Goblin: ii?

Teppei: What the...?!


sfx bubble: Gachak
Man: Whaaat the heck are you...!

(left): He sniped... the attacking goblin?!

Man: Haha!
Man: And protecting humans, to boot...!



[page 12]
Self-defense forces (自衛隊, jieitai) / national defense force (国防軍, kokubou-gun) - In 2012, the Liberal Democratic Party drafted an amendment to the constitution of Japan which, among other things, changed the guidelines for Japan's armed forces to allow them to become more offensive, as opposed to their previous nonagressive defense policy (aka only using weaponry considered to be defensive, and no striking first). Shinzo Abe, the current Prime Minister, stated that "the name 'self-defense force' gives the impression of selfish troops who only protect themselves."

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