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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Iron Knight 8

Remnants of a Defeated Army

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Feb 14, 2014 19:05 | Go to Iron Knight

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia/Psylocke Scans/MTO.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.



???: You idiot!!
???: Our orders were just to observe!!

(left): Cover fire!!

(below panel): "IRON KNIGHT"

Man: I can't help but get involved, okay!!
Man: That black one is protecting humans!!
???: It's just transporting people it kidnapped, isn't it!!
Man: This doesn't look that way at all!! Please, just cover them!!

Teppei: What's going on?!

Yuki: Teppei-kun!!

Yuki: I don't know who, but someone's sniping to give us cover!!
Yuki: Let's withdraw before it's too late!!


Woman: Over here!!
Woman: This way!!

Woman: We're with the national defense force!!
Woman: The door's over here, right?!
Woman: Please open up!!

Crowd: It's the national defense force...!
Crowd: They came to get us!!
Woman: I'll drive!!
Man: Er- right!

Crowd: Oh good, I thought something had happened...!
Crowd: We're safe now...

Crowd: ...We've made it this far, so we'll be fine...
Woman: Everyone, please get off the bus!
Woman: We'll be walking from here!


Crowd: This is pretty far from the base, though...
Crowd: This way...?

Crowd: Huh...?
Crowd: Here...?!
Crowd: The subway...?

(left): What is there to see in this place where the national defense force has led them...?

(below panel): Yagi Tomohiro

Chapter 8: Remnants of a Defeated Army
Crowd: What is this place...


Man: Who gave permission to bring them here...?
Pair: P...please forgive us!
Pair: We prioritized the refugees' safety!

Man: Er, well, it kinda wasn't us,
Man: since it was NCO Kikuta's call...!
(note: NCO = non-commissioned officer)
(Woman): Matsuno!
(Woman): That's unnecessary!

Man: They're already here, so there's nothing we can do about it now...
Man: We'll work out which of you is at fault later.
???: It's hard to believe, but we heard that individual isn't hostile toward us.

Matsuno: NCO Kikuta attested to that effect!
Matsuno: And that he was escorting the people riding inside the bus!
Man: You're referring to this kid?

Crowd: Tecchan is a hero!!
Crowd: We're living proof!!
Crowd: He saved us and brought us all the way here!!
Crowd: Anyway, just what is this place...?!


Man: ...Allow me to explain matters in a logical order.
Man: First of all,
Man: I am in charge of this unit and the people dwelling here.
Man: My name is Major Sakurayama Kenji, of the national defense force.

Saku: The heavily-armed goblins you encountered
Saku: originated with one individual from this area,
Saku: that equipment was stolen from us,
Saku: and the individual in question is most assuredly not a rogue member of the national defense force.

Crowd: They made off with your weapons and are using them against you?!
Saku: It is inexcusable.
Crowd: Wait, you mean they can use weapons?!

Saku: When that large group attacked, we lost the base.
Crowd: Huh?

Crowd: ...Whaa?!

Saku: At present, we are protecting the citizens as best we can while trying to ensure a temporary place of refuge...
Crowd: H-h-hold on!!
Crowd: What do you mean, you lost the base...?!
Crowd: That's the last place of refuge around here, isn't it?!


Saku: The Base at Yamatoyama collapsed.
Saku: We lost contact with the quasi-shelter that had been set up on the outskirts in case of emergencies,
Saku: and our evacuation plan was an utter failure.
Saku: That brings us to the current situation.

Crowd: You're kidding, right...?!
Crowd: Then...
Crowd: How are we supposed to live from now on...?!

Saku: Your understanding and cooperation are essential to our continued survival.
Saku: I request that you follow our instructions and act calmly.

Teppei: Wait a second...!
Teppei: What about the survivors...?!
Teppei: Are the people here the only ones...?!


Saku: We estimate there to be just under a thousand citizens remaining within the base, but
Saku: we can't rescue them.
Saku: It would be an impossible feat.

Woman: No way...!!
Woman: So the army is abandoning people?!

Saku: ...Even we believe it to be disastrously unfortunate,
Saku: and wish for their safety from the bottoms of our hearts.

Crowd: Shouldn't you still be fighting for them?! This sort of thing is what the army's for, isn't it?!
Saku: We are filled with regret over our lack of power.
Teppei: ...Then I'll fight!! I'll go save the people who're still in there!!

Saku: ...As I have said, that would be futile.
Saku: It is a situation where you cannot win.

Teppei: You don't know that unless you try!!
Teppei: There's no way I'm gonna just abandon people in danger!!


Saku: You fool. If it were possible for us to fight them, we would risk our lives to do so.

Saku: If the enemy were merely a large force of beasts, they would be no match for our human military.
Saku: However, such is not the case.
Saku: The power of that three-eyed army completely dwarfs our own.

Saku: Those eyeballs perfectly link all of them together.
Saku: Furthermore, no matter what injuries one of them sustains, it cannot be defeated until the eyeball attached to it is destroyed.

Saku: They are several hundred heavily armed near-invulnerable monsters
Saku: who are attacking us
Saku: through directed movements which exceed humanity's own.


Saku: Most of the troops within the base were executed.
Saku: Several hundred creatures are able to share information among them. This place will undoubtedly be discovered soon, as well.
Saku: We don't have supplies here, nor the time needed to gather them.
Saku: The enemy has us beat
Saku: in power, equipment and strategy.

Saku: Thus, we can't make a rescue.
Saku: We are investing our remaining military might in the survival of the people here.

Saku: You can go fight, if you so choose.
Saku: But even if it makes you inhumane, so long as you have reason and a soul,

Saku: try thinking realistically about how you can protect people.
Saku: However strong you may be, what do you think you can accomplish on your own?


Kikuta: Then my squad will go with him.
Kikuta: We will force our way into the base and rescue the civilians inside.

Saku: Kikuta...
Matsuno: Wait, that means us too?!

Yuki: Teppei-kun,
Yuki: this is probably the person who sniped that goblin earlier.

Teppei: ...Thanks.

Saku: Don't go spouting off something you can't do, Kikuta.
Kikuta: We can do it.
Kikuta: With this kid on our side, we can win against that enemy.


Kikuta: When transformed, even machine guns were ineffective against him.
Kikuta: He can challenge that three-eyed army through brute force.

Saku: Once you've engaged them, they will take immediate countermeasures.
Saku: Knowing that, I don't see how you could win.

Kikuta: Hey, did you reinforce that bus yourself?
Kikuta: And what about that weapon you had?
Teppei: Huh? Yeah, that was me.

Kikuta: With his level of versatility, even our enemies won't be able to match him.
Kikuta: We can fight using our own countermeasures.


Kikuta: This kid's got the power we need to break out of our current dead-end situation.
Kikuta: If he's with us, I'm sure we can win!

Kikuta: Even if we fail,
Kikuta: the people here can escape while the enemies in the area are focused on us.

Kikuta: At any rate, we likely have nothing left to lose.
Kikuta: Please allow us to bet on him...!

Saku: ...That is quite the gamble.

Saku: ......In any case,


Saku: the goblins are certainly fixated on that boy.
Saku: As you have said, they view him as a potential threat.
Saku: We can no longer sit by and do nothing.

Kikuta: Then that means...!

Saku: We will formulate a strategy.
Saku: Our goals are rescuing as many of the citizens within the base as possible,
Saku: and crushing the "three-eyes."


Man: They're on the move...!
Man: Here they come!

Man: We have information from the surveillance squad!
Man: The target battalion has begun to move.
Man: They are approaching the main camp!


Matsuno: Alright.

Matsuno: You're all set!
Voice: Kzzzt
Voice: Can you hear me?
Teppei: Ah- yes.

Matsuno: Okay, preparations are complete!
Matsuno: Good luck out there!

Saku: We've received word from our scouts.
Saku: A large group of enemies are heading this way.
Saku: Are you ready?

Teppei: I'll fight in this area,
Teppei: drawing over as many enemies as possible,


Teppei: and that should make it easier for the infiltration squad to do their part, right?

Kikuta: Affirmative!
Kikuta: We of the Kikuta squad will get a good grasp of the situation inside the base and establish contact with the survivors.
Kikuta: If we judge that a removal is possible, we will call in the main force and carry out a large-scale rescue.

Kikuta: Additionally, Yuki-chan will search for the enemy's "real body"!
Kikuta: Once found, we will defeat it if possible!
Yuki: I'm heading out, Teppei-kun!


Saku: Based on the records so far, the enemies seem to be set up akin to "cloud computing."
Saku: There is likely a "server" controlling and synchronizing all of the goblins.
(right of goblins): Link!
(left of goblins): Server?
Saku: Or, that server is remotely controlling the goblins
Saku: and simply transmitting how to use the weapons to them.

Saku: Even some parts of the human armed forces are adopting the use of cloud systems with their soldiers, but
Saku: the server must be placed in a place with extremely strong defenses.
Saku: The enemy's real body is undoubtedly within the base itself.

Saku: If we can beat the real body and dispel the cloud,
Saku: there is a high probability that the rest will revert back to mere uncoordinated goblins.
Saku: Should that happen, we'll have a chance to win this fight.


Kikuta: Also!
Kikuta: Listen to this, Teppei!
Kikuta: It'll definitely boost your spirits!

Kikuta: Yesterday, one of our comrades, who's hiding inside the base,
Kikuta: secretly transmitted data to us containing the names of the citizens there.

Kikuta: Among them
Kikuta: was the name of the girl you were looking for!


Kikuta: Himegami Tsubasa!
(left): He's finally found her!! Next issue starts the Yamatoyama Base infiltration operation!! What manner of intrigue is hidden within this battle they can't afford to lose...?!
Kikuta: She's confirmed as being within the base!

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