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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

King Kid Oneshot

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 3, 2014 00:00 | Go to King Kid

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

I've had this sitting in my translations folder for a while and finally got around to finishing it. This was likely Furudate-sensei's first work, and won the 14th Jump Treasure Newcomers Award.



Rabbit: Oryaa! Bring out the cash!

Woman: Kyaaaa!!
Man: A robbery?!
Rabbit: Don't make any noise!

???: You've sure got some balls to be pulling a robbery on my turf.

???: Ain't that right?
???: Oi.


King Kid
Furudate Haruichi


Box: His name is Kid.
Box: He calls himself "the king of this town."
Crowd: A robbery.
Box: However, since a normal "town" wouldn't have a "king",
Box: just like in the rest of the world, the highest position is the mayor.
Crowd: They said it's a robbery.

Box: But the town is completely Kid's turf.
Rabbit: What was that, you bastaaaard.
Kid: Kekeke~
Kid: A burgling rabbit.
Box: He will absolutely never damage it.

Rabbit: Outta my way, you midget!!!
sfx bubble: Swoosh


Kid: Divine punishment!!!

Box: With his physical prowess,
Robber: Kahaa...

(right, near man) There's a robber, but, more importantly, Kid appeared!
(right, near woman) How scary.
Box: Kid is well-loved by the townspeople.
Kid: Saying "midget" is
Kid: Forbidden.☆
Man: That's enough...
(coming from robber's mouth) Waaaaaaah
(above second man) Stoooop!
(above third man) Wah!
(left, near woman) Eeeek!


(right, near girl) Yay, Kid~
Box: The incredibly strong King Kid
Kid: Tch.
Box: is also really popular with children.
(left, near boy) It's Kid!!

Boy: Yaaay
Boy: Ya-
Box: But Kid has a bad personality, so

Kid: Use some honorifics when you say my name, dammit.
(above eggs, arrow) Eggs
Box: if you get involved with him when he's in a bad mood, he's a really nasty guy.

???: Kid-saaan!!
???: Hey, Kid-san!!


Girl: Adventure!
Girl: I've got info on an adventure!
Kid: Tch.

Box: "Lily."
Box: Kid's number 1 follower.


Kid: Why are you
(left of Lily) Wh-what...
Kid: Always,
Kid: Always,

(right, under Lily's height): (+ heels)
Box: Lily has a casual way of speaking and is a self-proclaimed "beauty."
Lily: Ehhh?!
Lily: Th-that's God's doing.
Box: Kid is lazy, so she gathers information in his stead.

Kid: God, you say?! Like such a thing exists, you idiot.
Lily: A-anyway, I've got "news"! C'mon, listen up!

Lily: Today's is a real scoop!!
Lily: It's a story about a "secret phantom medicine"!!


Box: Once every thousand years, a "sky snake" is said to appear.
Box: Its scales can cure all kinds of illness,

Box: and eating them can restore a person's vitality.
(label) Sky snake's scales

Lily: And, it looks like this year's that one-in-a-thousand!
Kid: Don't look down on me.

Lily: But the real pain is that Mayor Cinnamon
(Lily): has got that sky snake in his sights...


Kid: Heh. Cinnamon, huh...
Kid: Even though he's the mayor, he's the biggest villain in town.

Kid: Alright, I'll get 2 or 30 or whatever scales from that sky snake guy.
(above Lily) Yeah!

Kid: And then I'll pawn them off to the rich.
Box: Kid isn't anything like a protagonist at all, as he's very greedy.

???: [ And so, Kid and Lily departed in search of the "sky snake". ]
???: [ Their first obstacle ] was... hmm, what should it be?
???: ...I know!

???: [ a worn-out suspension bridge that looked as if it would fall at any moment ] ...

(sfx) Slide
???: Koharuta-kuuun, time to take a blood sample~
(left of Koha) Gulp


Koha: It's not necessary!! I don't
Koha: need an injection!!
Nurse: Geez~ Koharuta-kun.

Nurse: If you don't bear with it, you won't be able to get better.
Koha: My illness is incurable, isn't it?

Nurse: Eh...
Koha: Cinnamon... no, I mean, Shinamo-sensei said so.

Nurse: That isn't tr...

Nurse: Oh?


Nurse: You're writing another story?

Nurse: Hmm~ "The Grand Adventures of King Kid".
Nurse: A fantasy, right? This is quite a splendid book...
Koha: AH!
Koha: Give it back!

Koha: It's not a fantasy.
Koha: This, I mean.
(on cover, top right) Sakurano Koharuta
(on cover, bottom) The Grand Adventures of King Kid

Koha: It's
Koha: a book that my grandpa bought from a suspicious shop
Koha: down a back alley, when he traveled to a foreign country.
(left of nurse) Oh dear, it's already noon.

Koha: Inside, all the pages were blank.
Koha: So he was going to give it to me as a sketchbook, but...

Koha: I ended up making a discovery!!
(left of nurse) Hmm...

Koha: The things and people drawn in this book
Koha: spontaneously come to life!!


Koha: The characters in this book move as they please,
(right of Kid): Don't pick the wrong path, dammit!
Koha: talk as they please,
Koha: and live as they please.
(right of Lily): Gyaaa!
Koha: Kid is the protagonist of the story!!
Koha: He's a hero of justice who fights evil in the town!

Nurse: Oho, is that so.
Koha: You and your fat legs don't believe me at all!

(nurse sfx): Glint

Koha: GYAAA!

Kid: You and those fatass legs of yoouurs!!!

Kid: Don't drag me down with you, dammit!!!


Lily: Eeek! I'm sorryyyyy!
Kid: Just fall already!!
Kid: It'll make this easier!
Lily: NOOOO!!

Cin: Oh my, what a pitiful sight.
(sfx): Smirk
Cin: To think the "standoffish" Kid would be in tears.


Kid: Cinnamon!!
Cin: How very unsightly.

Cin (half-hidden): By the way, Kid-
Kid: Shut up! Can'tcha see I'm busy right now?!
(Lily sfx): Eeek!
(Kid sfx): RAAR!

Kid: Just so you know, I'm gonna be the one to get my hands on those snake scales first.

Cin: Pfft!! Oh dear.
Cin: You really think such a thing exists?

Lily: Then why'd you come all the way out here...?!


Cin: To deal...

Cin: with you two, of course.
(in Kid's mouth): Don't



Shin: Well, Koharuta-kun.
Shin: Drawing again today, I see?
(Koha): There he is, the cleft-chinned Shinamo!!

Shin: I wonder just how many months you have left.

Shin: It must be so hard on your mother,
Shin: doing things for you day in and day out...
Shin: With not a second
Shin: to devote to herself.


Shin: Poor thing.
Koha: --Hurh

Koha: Cough!

Koha: Cough hack
Koha: Cough
Koha: Cough
(on slippers): Koharuta

(Koha): Dammit...!

Koha: Huff
Koha: Huff
Woman: Koharuta?!
(Koha): Dammit!!

(Koha): Dammit...
sfx bubble: Cough
sfx bubble: Cough
black sfx bubble: Splash

Kid: Gurgh...
Kid: That bastard Cinnamon... I would've be a goner if this river weren't below us.

Kid: Crap.
Kid: Lily's gone...

Kid: Huh?!!


Kid: Wh-

Kid: What the...
Kid: There's nothing...

Kid: beyond here.


Kid: What's going on...?

Box: Hold on a sec!!!

Koha: All that's past there is "empty space."
Koha: You mustn't go any further!!
Koha: After all...

(Koha): The characters have gotten ahead of the story I'm drawing!!
Koha: I haven't...

Box: drawn anything beyond there yet!!


Kid: ...What?


Koha: H-
Koha: He looked this way?!

Kid: Who's there!!
Kid: Get out here!!

Kid: Who are you?!!

Koha: Erm.
Koha: Th...
(Koha): So he can't see me after all.

Box: This is god.
Kid: God?!!
Box: Please stop making such an evil face.

Kid: Who the hell're you calling evil!
Kid: Damn you,
Kid: I'm a kiiiing!

Koha: Pfft!
Koha: A god's greater than a king, y'know.

Koha: Guh...


Box: Cough cough urgh...
Kid: What, you're sick?
Kid: Wait, can a god even get sick?
Box: ...Kid...

Box: Lily's been captured by Cinnamon.
Box: They're at the top of the cliff...

Kid: Tch. Those fatass legs are such a pain in the ass.
Box: Cough

Koha: Cough
Koha: Cough
Koha: Hack
Kid: Oi, you alright?
Nurse: Koharuta-kun?!

Kid: Hey, you okaaay?
Kid: Heeey, god!

(white sfx): Close


(on sign): Sakurano Koharuta

(Koha sfx): Blink

(mother sfx): Zzz...

(Shin): I feel bad for your mother, too.

Shin: He's only got a month or two, anyway!!
Shin: Saddling me with some brat who's got no chance of survival, the nerve!!


Shin: This is gonna affect my promotion, dammit.
Nurse: Doctor,
Nurse: saying such a thing about Koharuta-kun...

Shin: What?
Shin: Do you have a problem with me?

Shin: Hmph.


(Kid): I've gotta climb this thing...?

Cin: Now go on.
(Cin): Kid must be wounded...
Cin: Call Kid.

Cin: Cry and shout out
(Cin): And I have a hostage here...
Lily: ...Kh.
Cin: for him to save you.


(Cin): This time, I'll be able to finish him off!!
Cin: I told you to call him.
Lily: Urgh.

Box: Climbing the cliff was a near-impossible feat.

Box: His arms and legs were in pain,
Kid: Ow...
Box: and on top of that, he hadn't had any breakfast,

Box: so Kid
Kid: Augh, geez. I might just up and die here.
Box: thought along those lines.

Box: But King Kid is a gentleman, so
sfx bubble: Scrabble
Cin: Tch.
Lily: Eep!
Cin: What a stubborn girl.
Box: when a girl is in trouble,


Box: he will come to her rescue, without question.

Lily: K-
Lily: Kid-san...

Kid: Shishishi.
Kid: That hurt.

Cin: Wh-
Cin: When did you get here?!


Cin: Gh!

Cin: Yeek!

Kid: Why the long face?
Kid: You wanted to see me in all my greatness, didn't you?
Kid: Well?

Kid: Oi.
Cin: S-
Cin: S-
Cin: S-
Cin: Save me, please.
Cin: I'll do anything.

Cin: I'm begging you...

Kid: Tch.
Kid: I'm just way too kind.

Cin: Phew.
Kid: Be grateful.

Kid: There's probably a river down below.
(right text): Probably~
Cin: Whaa?!!


Kid: Kekeke.
(Cin sfx): EEEEP!
Kid: If your luck's good enough, you'll be saved.

Koha: Heheh...
Koha: Serves him right...

Kid: I don't wanna see your face ever again.
Box: And thus, Kid
sfx bubble: Crack

Kid: Huh?!!

(Koha): And thus, Kid punished Cinnamon.

sfx bubble: Drop

Kid: Blank space...
Box: I wonder what will happen to this story when I'm gone.


Kid: What's going on?! God!! God?!
Box: I guess the world I drew,
Kid: Huuh?! What'd you say?!

Box: and everything else,
Lily: Kid-sa...

Box: will disappear, too.

Kid: Lily?!!
Box: Sorry, Kid.

Box: I can't hold a pencil so well anymore.
Box: My vision isn't so hot, either.

Box: My illness is incurable.
Kid: The secret medicine...

Kid: I'll
Kid: get the sky snake's scales to you, so-


Koha: There isn't any sky snake.
Koha: You see,
Koha: I haven't drawn it.

Box: This is how the story ends...
Kid: Kh!
Box: Ultimately, the sky snake doesn't appear and Kid's adventure is merely an illusion.
Box: Just a daydream.

Kid: Shut up, dumbass!

(Koha): Yeah, that's right.

(Koha): King Kid would say something like this.
Kid: If I'm "here" in all my greatness,


Kid: then it exists.

Box: I...

Box: I want to draw more.

Box: I want to see more.
Box: I want to hear more.

Box: More.
Box: More.

Box: I want to live more.
Kid: Show'em that willpower!!


Kid: The sky
Kid: snake.


Kid: You can do it if you try, huh.
Kid: God...!!

sfx bubble: Jump
Kid: Now!!!

Kid: Toward the "blank space"!!

Kid: Wait for me,
Kid: God!!!

(Koha): Sorry, Kid. Thank you.


Shin: Unfortunately,
Shin: there's nothing more we can do for him.

Mother: That can't be...
sfx bubble: Rattle

(Shin): Feh, persistent little...
Shin: It's truly regrettable, but-

Kid: WOAAH?!
sfx bubble: Flip


Kid: God at death's door found!!

Kid: Hang in there!

sfx bubble: Grab

sfx bubble: Pop


Kid: Here! Eat it!!
(white text): You can swallow it dry, right?! Can't you?!
???: H-hold on, what are you doing?!

Nurse: Where did you even come from?!
sfx bubble: Gulp
Nurse: Please get away from him!

Koha: They're bitter.
Koha: The sky snake's scales...

(Shin): WHAAA?!


Nurse: Unbelievable...
Nurse: His pulse
Nurse: and breathing! They're both normal!

Shin: Impossible...
Shin: As if something like that could hap...

(Shin): No, wait. I don't really get what's going on, but
Shin: Incredible...

(Shin): This is my accomplishment, isn't it?
Shin: Koharuta-kun's feelings of whating to live
(Shin): It's a miracle I brought about?!
(Shin): My... promotion!!!
Shin: have created a miracle.

Kid: You bastard,
Kid: Cinnamon.
(left of Shin): Cinnamon?

Kid: I told you I didn't wanna see your face
Kid: ever again, didn't I?

Shin: Huh?


Kid: Putting on a white coat and acting like you're a doctor, huh? You bastard!

(Koha): Er!!!

(Shin): But I...
(Shin): am a doctor...


Nurse: Kyaaa! Shinamo-sensei!!
Kid: Feh.

Koha: It's King Kid in the flesh...
Kid: Alright, you're back among the living, god.

Kid: So don't go dying anymore, got it?

Kid: And give me lots of stuff to do.
(Koha): So that's how he's doing it...
Kid: I'm heading back.

Kid: Oh, that's right.
Kid: I've got something to say to you, god.

(Koha sfx): Gulp


(left of Kid): At least taller than Lily.
Kid: It's about my height.
Kid: Make me a little taller, willya!

Koha: It's been bugging you?!
Koha: That you're short!
Kid: This god is getting on my nerves.

Koha: Sure, I'll think about it.
Koha: Also,
Kid: I'm taller than you are, bastaaard...

Koha: Thank you
Box: God spoke words of gratitude to the king, who was
Koha: so much
Koha: for saving me.
Box: of lesser standing than himself.


Box: And the king said
Kid: You're welcome.♡
Box: to god, who was the greater of the two.

(below panel): And then...

Lily: Ah, there you are!

Lily: Kid-saaan!!

Lily: Huh?
Lily: Nothing came flying at me...


Lily: You're in an unusually good mood today.
Kid: Shishishi.
Kid: I won't let you lord things over me anymore, Lily.
Lily: Whaa?!
Lily: I don't remember doing that at all.
Kid: I've made god my ally.

(Lily sfx): Hm?!
Citizen: Kyaa!
Citizen: Thieeef!

Kid: They've sure got balls
Box: King Kid,
Kid: to be thieving on my turf.


Box: in all of his 152 cm glory, heads out for another day!!

Koha: Shishishi.
Kid: Damn you!
Kid: You're just gonna ignore my request?!

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