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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Iron Knight 10

The Mega-Eye

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 8, 2014 15:37 | Go to Iron Knight

-> RTS Page for Iron Knight 10

Translation reserved for Mangatopia/Psylocke Scans/MTO.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.



Woman: Wh...

(below panel): IRON KNIGHT

Kikuta: ...Hm? I'm sure I aimed for your vitals.
Kikuta: Did you react to the sound of the gun cocking dodge? Amazing...
Kikuta: To think there's really someone capable of that!

Woman: What the hell are you doing!!
Woman: Drop your weapon, Kikuta!!

(left): The young leader does a 180?! Is the rescue operation a failure?!


Kikuta: Haha!
Kikuta: When you say that sorta thing, you have to fire whether you want to or not, y'know!
Kikuta: But you guys just can't make a move when it really counts, huh.
(bottom right):
Chapter 10: The Mega-Eye

(right): With that smile, it's impossible to tell...!!

Matsuno: Eh...?
Matsuno: Wh...
Matsuno: Just what's...

(below panel): Yagi Tomohiro


Woman: Matsuno!!

Kikuta: If I concentrate on controlling them, I can make then carry out some pretty precise movements.
Kikuta: It's even enough for sniping.

Kikuta: Oh, this is supposed to be a secret, but apparently Matsuno likes you, Takemura.
Kikuta: I heard about it in last year's camp.
Kikuta: Well, you're the most beautiful woman in our unit, after all.

Take: Kh!!

Kikuta: Hahaha.
Kikuta: Like you're really gonna be able to escape.
Kikuta: I mean, just how many eyes do you think I have?


Take: Ah...

Kikuta: Hahahaha.
(sfx): Bang bang bang
Kikuta: That looks painful.

Kikuta: Ah!

Kikuta: Shit! She's too fast. I can't hit her!
Kikuta: I focused too much of my attention on Takemura!


Kikuta: If I'd been able to plant an eye on that kid, it would've been a real windfall, too...
Kikuta: Well, nothing I can do about it now.
Saku: Hey.

Saku: What have you done. I demand an explanation.

Kikuta: Sakurayama-san, you must have expected that I'm either
Kikuta: sending messages to the goblin soldiers via my ability or manipulating them directly.
Kikuta: You'd be correct on both accounts.

Kikuta: Just as you thought, when I want one to move, I take over its mind and manipulate it.
Kikuta: When I'm moving a group of them, I let them stay half-autonomous and send orders to their brains individually.
Kikuta: Occasionally, there are those who give me trouble by not listening.

Kikuta: The awkwardness of that behavior in the battles thus far was what tipped you off, huh.
Kikuta: As expected of our commander.
Kikuta: But there was just one thing you overlooked in your speculations.


Kikuta: Back then, the three-eyes' real body wasn't in the base.
Kikuta: It was right in front of you.

Saku: ...What reason did you have for killing thousands of civilians...
Saku: Just what were you thinking when you killed my troops one after another...

Kikuta: It was like my wish had been granted!
Kikuta: I chose this line of work because I wanted to get involved in warfare!


Kikuta: But in reality, there weren't any battles like that,
Kikuta: and all we did was train in a peaceful society...
Kikuta: That's why the world becoming like this made me so incredibly happy!

Kikuta: It was really fun, being able to fight against people like Sakurayama-san.
sfx bubble: Snap
Kikuta: I'm truly glad I became a goblin!

Kikuta: It's just, well...
Kikuta: this power gave me a bit too much of an edge when we're fighting on even ground.


Soldier: Commander!!
Soldier: A large force of goblins is coming this way!!
Soldier: They have us surrounded!!

Saku: All personnel, prepare for battle.
Saku: We're under siege. Fortify all entrances and exits.

Saku: ...You could have crushed this place at any time.
Saku: Did you leave it standing all because you wanted to play this game of war with me?

Kikuta: I'm not playing with you at all, Sakurayama-san.
Kikuta: You had nothing to defend yourselves against, so I've only given you something to fight.

Kikuta: And even though it's thanks to Teppei that you finally put things in motion this time,
Kikuta: with the operation a failure, you won't be evacuating this town anymore, now will you you?
Kikuta: Didn't turn out how you planned, did it! C'mon, let's have at it until only one man's left standing!


Saku: Stop screwing around, you damned lowlife!!

sfx bubble: Brrt

Kikuta: Uhaha!
Kikuta: I haven't gotten yelled at like that in a while!
Kikuta: That guy really is frigging scary!

Kikuta: Well, then.
sfx bubble: Spin
sfx bubble: Turn
Kikuta: Let's do this...!


Soldier: FIRE!!

Soldier: All civilians, get back!!
Soldier: Even if it's crowded, move further in!!

Kazu: Urg!!
Kazu: It's cramped!!


sfx bubble: Kachak

Goblin: Goh.

Kikuta: Ooh!
Kikuta: As expected of the commander!

Kikuta: Then I'll do it, too!
sfx bubble: Peek
sfx bubble: Twist


Saku: Agh!!

Saku: ...Kh!!

Soldiers: GUAAAH!!


Kikuta: Thanks for everything, Sakurayama-san.

Kikuta: Goodbye.

Kikuta: Ah!
Kikuta: Dammit, I was too focused on one thing again!
Kikuta: I completely forgot about that guy!


Saku: You're late...!
Saku: I told you to come back here immediately if anything should happen...

Teppei: Commander...

Soldier: Commander!! Your wound!!
Saku: Before worrying about me, get the civilians out of here as quickly as possible.
Saku: They'll all suffocate in this fire...


Saku: That damned brat...
Saku: If you're going to take me out, do it in one shot...

Saku: Well, kid?
Saku: Seeing this situation,
Saku: are you still gonna keep up that childish hero act?

Teppei: I will.
Teppei: I'll keep at it until the day I die.

Teppei: To all of you, it might look like a game of make-believe, but
Teppei: someday, I'll become the real deal and take back our town.
Teppei: Until then, I'll continue to fight.


Teppei: No matter how badly I'm beaten up,
Teppei: or how exhausted I get,
Teppei: I will protect everyone until my life burns out.

Saku: ...To hear such a thing from a kid...!
Saku: ...I think I'm going to be sick...
Saku: What a disgrace...

Saku: I'm loath to admit it, but
Saku: you are the only one who can do something with things as they are now.
Saku: There's nothing weaker than a brash fool, but
Saku: I don't think we can win against a foolish opponent who's out of his mind.


Saku: Only a fool can win against another fool...!!

Saku: The general of that sickening eyeball army is acting like a bigshot.
Saku: Beat the hell out of that piece of trash!!
Saku: That is the only thing you can do to ensure the survival of the civilians both here and in the base...!

Saku: That battle maniac is undoubtedly waiting for you.
Saku: Go and settle this...!!


Saku: ...In the army, units tasked with missions of defense often adhere to the chivalric code of "knights."
Saku: Since you're fighting to protect people,
Saku: that makes you a knight...!!

Saku: Go...!!
Saku: Iron knight...!!
(left): Codename: Iron Knight!! Ushizume Teppei takes to the front lines!!

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