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Iron Knight 11

VS. A Coat Built For a Hundred

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 30, 2014 21:24 | Go to Iron Knight

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia/Psylocke Scans/MTO.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.



Yuki: ...We're being monitored, so I'll make this short.

Yuki: The enemy has only a minimum number of guards keeping watch
Yuki: around the base and the warehouse containing the captive civilians.
Yuki: The rest of their forces are gathered around the target.

Yuki: The target is encamped on the central road leading to the base.
Yuki: He's luring you out from there.

(below panel): IRON KNIGHT

Teppei: More importantly,
Teppei: how's your injury?

(left): A head-to-head war...!!


Yuki: I'm alright.
Yuki: It's not fatal.

Yuki: Still, looks like I won't be able to fight alongside you this time...
Yuki: My body's resilience isn't much different than a normal human's.

Teppei: You rest up.
Teppei: I'll settle this.

Yuki: Sorry...
Yuki: But even without me there, you won't lose to anyone, the way you are now.
Yuki: The weight of what you wish to protect will become your strength...

Yuki: Good luck... Teppei-kun...


Kikuta: Good,
Kikuta: you came!

Chapter 11: VS. A Coat Built For a Hundred

(below panel): Yagi Tomohiro

Kikuta: You truly have my gratitude.
Kikuta: I was able to rile up Sakurayama-san thanks to you,
Kikuta: and ultimately, I get to really cut loose against an opponent.

(left): The iron knight, on the front lines!!


Teppei: Why would you do this...!
Teppei: Killing all those people,
Teppei: and now even Takemura-san and the others...!

Kikuta: Sakurayama-san already gave me a real tongue-lashing about that.
Kikuta: What's done is done, y'know?

Kikuta: And for a kid like you, things are easier when there's a clear-cut enemy, right?
Kikuta: Of course, if I come out victorious,
Kikuta: I'll kill all the civilians on both sides, including your childhood friend.

Kikuta: Well, that's about enough small talk.
Kikuta: Let's get to it!

Kikuta: You aren't going to win this one.
Kikuta: Your attacks won't work against me.


Kikuta: A sturdy, strong guy like you would definitely be my natural enemy.
Kikuta: In a fight, how suitable your strength is to the situation is an important factor.

Kikuta: Your first opponent, that bald tengu Karasuba,
Kikuta: would have slaughtered most opponents with his slicing winds.
Kikuta: However, he suffered a one-sided defeat without putting so much as a scratch on your iron body.

Kikuta: On the other hand, while you were ill-equipped against that Numazawa guy you fought some time later,
Kikuta: you created a weapon and defeated him.
Kikuta: In that case, strategy was more important than suitability.

Kikuta: This is what it means for humans to fight!
Kikuta: It's fun when you put the strategy you've thought up into practice, isn't it!

Kikuta: I feel like that too!

Kikuta: Right now, I'm having so much fun, I can't stand it!!


Kikuta: Humans are such a marvelous species!

Teppei: They combined...?!

Kikuta: Goblins combining isn't all that unusual, you know.
Kikuta: Someone who knows the topic well said that goblins were originally
Kikuta: one giant monster that somehow split into 7 billion pieces.

Kikuta: This is just putting them a little closer to how they used to be.
Kikuta: Well, more importantly,
Kikuta: by focusing my control on this guy,


Kikuta: it's able to move so well that the goblins earlier can't even begin to compare.

Teppei: Guh?!

Kikuta: Don't know how to get it back, do ya, kiddo!

Kikuta: Here, have a jolt to the jaw!!
Teppei: Uagh!!


Kikuta: Into a chokehold!!
Teppei: Kh!!
Teppei: Hrck!
Kikuta: Gotcha~

Kikuta: Goblins are bound to grow horns, but
Kikuta: yours are particularly large, huh.
Kikuta: And yet your neck is so slender!

Kikuta: Here's the weakness of that body of yours, which is practically impervious to armor-piercing bullets!
Kikuta: An unbalanced head and legs ill-suited to precise movements.
Kikuta: With a build like that, you can't move in close combat!

Kikuta: So how about this guy!
Kikuta: He's got a symmetrical body! And he doesn't have a neck or internal organs, which means no weak spots!
Kikuta: If a guy like this appeared in a martial arts match, he'd win in no time flat!

Teppei: He's... creepy!!


sfx bubble: Bubble

Kikuta: Heat isn't very effective, you know.
Kikuta: The damage it causes is superficial and takes a while.
Kikuta: That guy doesn't feel pain and won't falter.

Kikuta: Oho!
Kikuta: That's pretty strong.

Kikuta: In that case, how about we make use of some foul play, too!


Kikuta: Sorry for being so harsh on your physique, but

Kikuta: this guy can be any kind at all!!
Teppei: Guh...!!

Kikuta: And next up is this!

Kikuta: I wonder if you'll be able to hold out~?


Teppei: Urgh!!
Teppei: U...

sfx bubble: Crck
Teppei: UUAAAAH!!
sfx bubble: Slip
sfx bubble: Crck
sfx bubble: Crck

Kikuta: Ooh...
Kikuta: It's connecting...!!

Teppei: Ahh...!!
sfx bubble: Crck
sfx bubble: Crck
Teppei: Ahh....!!


Box: --This is fun.

Box: This is fun,
Box: this is fun!

Box: This is fun!!

(bottom): Fighting is truly fun.


Teppei: AAAAGGHHHH...!!
Teppei: Don't screw with me...!!
Teppei: You killed all those people...!!

Kikuta: So I can't take you over after all, huh...
Kikuta: Man, you sure are something...!

Teppei: You're the one person... I absolutely can't forgive...!!

Kikuta: Say,
Kikuta: what went through your mind, that day you saw the city burning?


Kikuta: For me,
Kikuta: it was the single most excitement I'd felt
Kikuta: in my entire life.

Kikuta: It was the same for everyone else, too...!
Teppei: All I...

Teppei: All I could think of, was that I needed to
Teppei: beat the crap out of every last piece of scum like you!!




Kikuta: Then you'll have to keep fighting forever!!

Kikuta: Well, that's enough of a warmup!!

sfx bubble: Clunk
sfx bubble: Grab


(top right): A heavyweight division showdown!!

Kikuta: Now we'll settle this with some real fireworks!!

Kikuta: Mr.
Kikuta: all show and no substance
Kikuta: iron knight!!

Kikuta: Let's do this!!



[page 3]
A coat built for a hundred - The original Japanese reads 百人羽織り (hyakuninbaori), which is a takeoff of a comedy routine called 二人羽織り (nininbaori). Basically, two people wear a large haori coat with one acting as the "face" while the other supplies the arms. For anyone who's seen the improv comedy show "Whose Line is it Anyway?", their "helping hands" game is very similar.

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